Oleg Zlotnyk


Oleg is a high-end software engineer with extensive experience in banking projects at the National Bank of Ukraine. Under his leadership, have been implemented such projects as: authorization terminal of the National System of Mass Electronic Payments NSMEP with cryptographic protection of communication channels and generation of session keys using payment smart cards, Internet terminal for the national payment system PROSTIR with support for EMV-CPA cards for OpenWAY (Way4) using ISO 8583, the system for evaluating key performance indicators KPI in terms of planning and evaluating goals, evaluating competencies and individual development programs. On the account of Oleg a lot of successfully implemented projects on the development and implementation of automated banking systems and information security of the banking system. Oleg considers it his duty to apply his rich experience of building technological processes for the realization of the Cryptoloans platform and introduce the highest standards of computer security in it.

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