Charles Highsmith

Adviser, Computer Network Integrity and Cyber Security Assurance

Mr. Highsmith has over 20 years of data and network security experience. He is a top expert in Information Warfare, Cyber Security, and Advanced Attack methodologies. Mr. Highsmith attended UCLA majoring in Computer Science. He has held titles such as Security Research Specialist and Senior Security Research/Product Architect at AT&T, High Tower Software, Foundstone/McAfee, Charter Communications, and OneSecure. He has also served as a board member of the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and a member of the Network Security Research Institute (NSRI). Mr. Highsmith has published several security related white papers and has done research and development in advanced attack patterns and detection. Mr. Highsmith has a pending patent jointly launched in collaboration with AT&T Labs. Presently he is the CEO of Edward Anderson Corporation, and A Martin Inc. He is also staffed as a Red Team Principal for a Fortune 500 company.

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