Catherine (Xueli) LI


Firstly introduced blockchain to DMI and has deep understanding of the industry application of blockchain. Five years’ experience in Canadian International Research Council, where she was in charge of large cooperation projects of leading universities in Europe and America. Ten years of management and sales experience at IMS Health. Catherine is experienced in Big Data technology, medical informatics and multinational corporations as a cross-domain talent. M.Sc. majored in Computer Science at McGill University in Canada, granted with the Canadian national scholarship and Quebec provincial scholarship at the same time.

As the Chairwomen and CEO of the Project, Catherine is responsible for policymaking and implementation of the Project. Her major achievements are as follows,

  • Founder of Dynamic Multi-dimension Identification technology. First in the world to provide IDV service on internet which has been well accepted by government, banks, statutory and private insurance, mobile healthcare services as well as world leading smart payment companies.
  • Team Leader; successful completion of the Data Acquisition Program of the Project covering identification related data of 210 million people in 66 cities from varioues government departments, financial institutions as well as utility companies.
  • Team Leader; six national laborites in the relevant scientific areas with government, insurance companies and universities.
  • Team Leader; Champion and Bronze Prize Winner, China Social Security Data Application Championship, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, 2017,
  • The Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneur in China, All-China Women’s Federation, 2017.
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