Bernard Lang


Bernard Lang has been working for the last 12 years with EFGN & SW and comes with a rich experience of banking and securities trading, fund management and investment Banking in his global consulting roles after 40 plus years in the industry. Bernard specialized in real estate banking and finance and has and maintains presently his role as Director Asia desk fund management since 2005. Bernard has advised and helped dozens of startups in creation, funding or acquisition stages of their life cycle and is an integral part of the early fund-raising a well as the ICO process of D’Coin™ (DCO) and will continue to lead the financial aspects of the platform’s development and business planning as well advise on KYC and AML and also European jurisdictional regulatory requirements as they evolve. Being an entrepreneur and investment banker with over 40 years experience he will be sharing his business acumen with D’Fintec Global Pte Ltd providing a deep level of international financial experience rare in the cryptoeconomy currently.

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