Anatole Gershman, PhD

AI and Machine Learning Advisor

Dr. Gershman’s entire professional career has been dedicated to the simple question: how can we use information technology to act more intelligently? In a commercial setting, he had to apply this question to business-minded activities such as productivity tools creation, products, and services. In the 1980s, Dr. Gershman led the designing and implementation of the first production-quality automated Natural Language Processing system, which handled international money transfer telexes for Citibank. When he joined Accenture in 1989, he created a lab that explored the use of multimedia for knowledge management and training. While as Accenture, he also helped build early, pre-web prototypes of interactive multimedia-based e-commerce applications. His professional career started in Natural Language processing at Yale University where he received his Computer Science Ph.D. in 1979. More recently, he has realized that the ubiquitous intelligent services will not be achieved without significant advances in Language Technologies. At the end of 2006, Dr. Gershman retired from his position as Global Director of Research and Chief Scientist at Accenture and joined the LTI faculty in April 2007.

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