ENDO Protocol 3.5/5 (1)

ENDO is a Blockchain Protocol designed for verification, storage and exchange of data.
We provide a ready-made solution for organizations – the ability to deploy their own private Blockchain for data storage, verification and transfering it from paper to digital form.
It’s a new protocol with unique decentralized infrastructure combined with all advantages of the Blockchain technology.

CryptoLux 2.25/5 (1)

CryptoLux is a financial payment self-standing network, specifically created for the independent users, offering fast and secure transactions. CryptoLux offers a unique decentralized, self-regulated and blockchain based cryptocurrency.

Handelion 3.25/5 (1)

Change the world of the wholesale trade!
Handelion is an open blockchain ecosystem for co-funded trade. Smart cooperation algorithms enclosed indigital contract functionality allow any business to benefit from it.
Handelion is developing an ecosystem striving to reach the integrity of an international trade.
Handelion is using proven business models, selects the most comprehensive blockchain framework and cooperates with technical and legal advisers around the World.

ArchiCoin 2.5/5 (1)

ArchiCoin is a distributed storage that using the stable cryptography. Instead of a centralized server, the file system is formed by an unlimited number of servers in the Internet. Anyone can provide his or her disk space to participate in the unified world system of the protected data storage.