eByte 2.5/5 (1)

eSports is a big market – a global business, generating hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Despite the amazing market potential and growth eSports currently lacks in possibilities that are fundamental for its future development.
eByte combines two of the most growing markets to establish the global eSports infrastucture of the future – made in Germany.

Fan360 4/5 (1)

The Fan360 project is a blockchain-based platform for sports fans, that covers the complete fan experience. Fans get a holistic overview of everything that is happening with their favourite sports stars in real time. All the social media, news, scores and statistics are available on one site and fans can personalize what they want to follow. Besides that, fans get rewarded for their engagement through our tokenization system and get access to special fan experiences.

First Internet Football Association 1.75/5 (1)

First Internet Football Association is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization formed by football fans around the world. It is an all-new social platform that is built to operate seamlessly on the blockchain technology. As FIFA advocates for decentralization, anonymity and trustless consensus, it guarantees a more transparent and trustworthy operation.

Game Stars 4.25/5 (1)

Game Stars – blockchain platform that helps to monetize cyberathletes’ professional advancement. It is a multifunctional blockchain-based gaming platform, where players can raise funds for their professional development and sponsors are able to support the most promising cyber sportsmen.

Playtness 2.5/5 (1)

Playtness is the ultimate fitness experience that combines real workouts with engaging and interactive gamification, incentivized with offers of PT tokens that can be redeemed for fitness-related products and services. Playtness virtual innovation creates real value for the entire fitness ecosystem by monetizing user-generated data, by organically creating new platform users and by adding additional revenue streams to all members.

Zealeum 3.75/5 (1)

The Zealeum community ecosystem fueled by user-generated & controlled health and wellness data will enable the exchange of value and data through the introduction of Zealeum Tokens (ZEAL), which are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.