MovieCoin 4.25/5 (1)

MovieCoin is a next-generation financial technology company focused on leveraging blockchain technology, proprietary applications and cryptographic tokens to become the leading entertainment transaction platform for businesses and consumers and the standard currency for funding motion pictures, television and other media. The Company has operations spanning content finance and production, business and consumer services and technology development and licensing.

ArtPro 2.75/5 (1)

The Art of Blockchain Buy. Sell. Trust. The process of valuing, authenticating and acquiring art is due a 21st-century reboot. ArtPro is the go-to marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists. It connects artists and buyers while dispensing with excessive fees and intermediaries.

FOI 1.25/5 (1)

A new way to share. Information publishers of any size can equally publish their information to the FOI message boards. It is unfeasible for entities to act/collude/ploy to censor said messages.


Blockkonnect is the worlds first blockchain technology and social network platform connecting crypto related people and uniting them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution ever which provides you with tonns of features you ever wanted on a single platform. You’ll find people with similar interests as yours,such as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

C3C.Network 3/5 (1)

C3C is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It will later be converted into its own blockchain, powering payments for connecting creators, publishers and advertisers.

DeStream 4/5 (1)

DeStream is the first decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers. The main aim of project DeStream is establishing a decentralized global platform for the streaming market that will allow maximizing the productivity of streamers, diversifying their activities and securing start-up capital. We are establishing an innovative platform that will act as an ecosystem for streamers. The use of blockchain technology will allow us to reduce transaction fees by more than twofold.