Zuenchain 2/5 (1)

ZUEN Chain redefines the total wellness industry by cryptonizing the platform with a global cryptographic token “ZUE”, powered by the Blockchain Technology. We aspire to be the world’s number one alliance platform of choice for partners who wish to bring their companies to the next level on a global scale.

dClinic 2.75/5 (1)

dClinic is the World’s 1st TokenSale to combine Real-World Property Assets (Clinics and Hospitals) and a revolutionary digital healthcare platform driven by positive healthcare outcomes for consumers. dClinic Health Coins (ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain) drive all the transactions in the dClinic ecosystem.

dona 2.5/5 (1)

Platform “dona” that shares the successful experience of donation. Blockchain technology solves the uncertainty and low reliability of the donation market. With this technology, the flow of donated money is open to the public and can’t be tampered. “Recipient” creates support project on our platform, and “Supporter” selects that and donates with dona coin. By connecting them directly, we will build a community that they can share the successful experience of donation.


International decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with support in development and scaling by ministries of health, public and private medical centers and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

Medipedia 2.75/5 (1)

Medipedia is a medical service and medical tourism ecosystem platform that uses blockchain technology. Currently, patients face medical information asymmetry, which generates price non-transparency between patients and medical institutes. We can provide solutions by using blockchain technology to make the most transparent and decentralized medical information system in the medical tourism industry.