Golden Currency 2.5/5 (1)

Golden Currency is the first fully functional private currency for cash and non-cash payments (100% backed by gold), as well as a convenient modern infrastructure for its use based on blockchain. In other words, a legal, independent, modern analogue of existing Central Banks and their infrastructure is being created.

FTEC 4/5 (1)

FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets.
The idea of constructing a whole cryptocurrency ecosystem did not emerge out of the blue but was a logical conclusion from a broad experience gained during the development of cryptocurrency projects as well as trading services.
Our global mission is to reduce the number of unprofessional traders.

MillionCoin 2/5 (1)

MON is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. The platform that we are planning to develop thanks to the funds obtained, will be a comprehensive ecosystem, gathering in one place innovative and unused, until this moment, areas of the cryptocurrencies’ market.

Valuecash 2.5/5 (1)

ValueCash is a completely decentralized and self-governing Commerce entity. With ValueCash, Holders can make payments for goods and services while simultaneously creating new ValueCash through purchase and acceptance.

CoinMetro 4/5 (1)

CoinMetro is the tokenized exchange platform built by traders to simplify crypto. CoinMetro offers the most comprehensive bonus structure available in the token sale ecosphere. An exciting business opportunity should come with equally exciting rewards. Early adopters can earn up to a 500% bonus based on the final COIN value should we reach our 300,000,000 COIN hardcap during our planned Token Sale event.

Tiger BEC 1.5/5 (1)

TigerBEC platform is launching Tiger Token (TGK). The maximum issuance is 500 million tokens. TGK is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on the Ethereum mainchain using the ERC 20 token standard.