CyBit 2.5/5 (1)

The CyBit solution empowers ICO developers to visit the platform, submit their funding requirements, and use CyBit channels to get evaluated by potential Investors. Upon successful evaluation, the Investors will invest in their projects using CyBit Tokens. The entire process is secured using smart contracts. The platform protects the rights of each stakeholder.

ThaneCoin 2.25/5 (1)

DeCentralised Property Market. Our aim is to take the property. We have many schemes to relieve the stress of owning. Our system will be cheaper and better than the system. We will in our own way help solve the homelessness issue.

AB-CHAIN 3.25/5 (1)

AB-CHAINs mission is to deliver the service to companies with cryptocurrency budgets allowing an easy and time-saving way to publish ads on the Internet without converting cryptocurrency into fiat and allowing high returns from advertising budgets.
AB-CHAIN’s vision is to become the most technologically advanced advertising network by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Crowdvilla 3.25/5 (1)

Crowdvilla will change the paradigm in using real estate assets as a community. Using blockchain technology to create an open and transparent way of recording digital assets, Crowdvilla will revolutionise the time-sharing model in real estate. As a community, we will have access to shared holiday homes that WE can own and enjoy.