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    Gigzi 3.5/5 (1)

    Gigzi is a financial system that addresses three principal challenges of cryptocurrency: hyper-volatility, account vulnerability and wealth diminishment.

    • Stability

    By harnessing the relative constancy of precious metals, Gigzi protects users against the unpredictability of market fluctuations. Introducing a reliable standard of measure, enabling commerce in tokenised precious metals.

    • Security

    Gigzi utilises impenetrable iris recognition technology for account access control, through an exclusive partnership with the world leading biometric security company. Gigzi will enable users to protect private keys and instead gain access with the unique configuration of their iris.

    • Wealth protection

    By backing crypto-assets with pure, unfabricated precious metals that are redeemable on demand. Metal is sourced exclusively from a world-renowned mint with all investments guaranteed under law. Gigzi prevents wealth diminishment.

    Gigzi is comprised of four crypto-assets that are both unique and complementary, they operate on a decentralised peer-to-peer network and are supported by three core applications: a Wallet, an Exchange and a Treasury. Together, they empower users to independently manage wealth.

    diamond | November 26, 2018 | 8:09 pm
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    INLOCK 3.5/5 (1)

    INLOCK is a lending platform that enables cryptocurrency holders to manage short-term liquidity problems by taking a loan, using their existing cryptocurrencies as collateral. The credit transactions are established between the two parties directly. INLOCK merely acts as intermediary to record the terms of the agreement.

    wedzminnv | August 26, 2018 | 12:54 pm
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    Cryptocean 3.5/5 (1)

    CryptOcean ecosystem is built around processing platform which unites financial and technological services based on work with cryptocurrencies, digital assets and traditional currencies (fiat). It provides suitable, quick and profitable payments, transfers and cryptocurrencies exchange by cryptocards.

    nikolay.sadonin | June 20, 2018 | 4:11 pm
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    Creditcoin 3.5/5 (1)

    Creditcoin network is composed of fundraisers and lenders. A fundraiser announces its offer to the Creditcoin network, an lender announces its offer to the Creditcoin network, too. When the two offers from a fundraiser and an lender matches, the Creditcoin network connects the two to complete the lending transaction.

    diamond | February 11, 2018 | 7:46 am

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