Red Lanterns 3/5 (1)

The RL Service is a platform for community support and development, whose goal is to increase the overall level of sexual literacy around the world. Anyone who has installed the RL mobile application and registered as a User will be able to find a proven Expert or training content here tailored to their own individual sexual preferences.

Meet Luna 3/5 (1)

Luna is a blockchain-built dating app where user incentives are aligned with platform incentives — Luna only generates revenue when users achieve their goals. Luna was founded in 2017 by cryptoveteran Andre Ornish together with team members and advisors from the Ethereum Project, MIT and Amazon. Our vision is to create a safer, smarter, more powerful dating platform by using machine learning algorithms in combination with user/platform incentive alignment.

AidCoin 3.25/5 (1)

AidCoin is a project conceived and developed by CharityStars, the auction platform for charitable fundraising. CharityStars has raised more than $10M supporting 500+ charities.