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XSEARCH offers a unique system with no intermediaries. On the contrary, all interactions are facilitated by the network. Business will not have to pay to intermediary parties. Instead of that, it is possible to make personalized offers to consumers by using the decentralized application of XSEARCH. By using the ecosystem of XSEARCH, consumers can control over their data and choose whether to disclose their personal data or identity to retailers when their make their research.



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10 Jul 2018

Price in ICOICO: 1 ETH = 1,000 XSE
preICO start9 May 2018
preICO end9 Jun 2018
ICO start10 Jun 2018
ICO end10 Jul 2018

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XSEARCH can be used not only by students when searching for educational programs, but also job seekers. It can be used as a decentralized search platform to look for employers. On their turn, employers can find potential employees who comply with certain requirements. XSEARCH also offers a “reverse job search” option when job seekers can anonymously state about their job interests and preferences and essential skills, and employers can focus on certain job seekers that comply with their requirements. XSEARCH does not look like traditional job search boards.

XSEARCH can also be used by the local community when searching for low cost services, e.g. babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, and other services that are usually offered by students or teens within a certain local community. XSEARCH is an accessible and entirely free platform where young people can advertise and promote their services or even fulfill some services on demand. In this case not high skill jobs are focused on, but on peer-to-peer local community errand-like tasks.

Our XSEARCH platform is also useful for automotive sales. Like in a great number of other sectors, acquiring customers is a serious business component that requires rather many investments. As for the industry of car dealership, here this factor is essential for forming and operating a successful distribution network. Car dealers usually spend up to USD 200 per qualified lead. They have to compete with other dealers on several levels – national, regional, and local. Moreover, their competition is related to such services us insurance, leasing, and financing. In this case digital advertising is always combined with the traditional one including radio, billboards, sponsorship, and local broadcast. There is also support from regional dealers association that tries to achieve greater ad buying efficiency in a certain locality. It all makes up complicated, competitive and expensive environment. This environment moves in favor of supply rather than demand.

The XSEARCH platform facilitates direct customer-to-business engagement. This is a perfect solution for redirecting wasteful targeting expenses to customer relations. In the XSEARCH Ecosystem an automotive dealership will be able to show their promotions and ads directly to a potential buyer by applying accurate, data-driven targeting. At the same time, the dealership is guaranteed that legitimate buyers will view the relevant content. The dealership also can filter potential customers by various factors.

XSEARCH is founded in Norway as XSEARCH Pte. Ltd. Its headquarters are located in California, USA and operated as XSEARCH Inc. The headquarters of XSEARCH, its founders, and the majority of its development team are situated in the USA in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. In order to legally comply throughout the whole XSEARCH project and company structure, XSEARCH cooperates with the leaders of the law market, such as Schiff Hardin and Cooley.

The XSEARCH Activity Search Ecosystem combines the above components and acts as a platform to create customer-driven and motivated retail opportunity. The platform provider is XSEARCH. It mainly focuses on establishing the essential framework of the ecosystem where l developers can create services and apps. To some extent, the XSEARCH platform is for the retail ecosystem the same as what Facebook is for the social networking. The essential offering of XSEARCH on supporting the B2C ecosystem (as well as B2B) will include an essential application (app and browser based) and a set of APIs, libraries, and SDKs. All of them will allow external developers to build on theplatform top (similar to the Facebook Graph API). Being an open platform without established intermediary, XSEARCH offers analogous services and gets revenue in the same manner as any third-party developer within the ecosystem. Applications of XSEARCH get benefits from the first-mover advantage as well as tight integration with providers of services across the ecosystem.


Valnea Skansi
Business Owner, Cryptocurrency XSEARCH
Philippe Pierre
Quality Assurance Analyst AELF
Ines Bokan
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Specialist, Co-Founder
Mahesh Dahal
Software Developer, Crypto Investor, Editor in Chief, 2D Animator
Mihaela Vuksic
ICO Adviser, Publisher, Writer, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Educator
Siniša Varga
Business Intelligence Analyst RHOVIT
Sanja Hrvojević Beganović
Information Technology Analyst Cappasity Inc.


  • Xsearch idea creation

  • Service concept formation

  • ICO team making and XSE blockchain technology development

  • Xsearch first prototype

  • Potential service users negotiation

  • Official website development for ERC-20 tokensale

  • Live ICO! Tokensale

  • HitBtc and Bancor trade launch

  • Main project development

  • iOS and Android applications development

  • Token price growth and new exchanges launch
    Firefox and chrome extensions ready

  • Security audit, vulnerabilities analysis

  • Marketing, customers count growth


Price in ICOICO: 1 ETH = 1,000 XSE
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution83% - ICO Sale
5% - Founders
4% - Management costs
3% - Bounties
3% - Distribution cost
Hard cap17,500 ETH


Legal entity

It is written that Xsearch company Address is: Norway, Skysstasjon 12, Postboks 2 1372 Asker

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Prehistory of project

Prehistory was not found, first project activities started at April 2017

Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap, Main project development is planned after ICO at Q4 2018

Blockchain experience

No blockchain experience were found


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Update: 26.05.2018

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