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WinMiner 4/5 (1) - Mining Platform

The WinMiner platform (alpha version with over 180,000 users) helps users monetise their computing power by mining the most profitable coin at any given moment with just 1-click with a wide list of easy payout methods (from Amazon gift cards to Crypto). A Hash Power marketplace, followed by a “beyond mining” computer resource marketplace, will complement the WinMiner offering, driving the highest income for its users.

Token sale ended

  • Token: BEE
  • Price: 1 BEE = $0.01
  • PreICO start: 9 Oct 2018
  • PreICO end: 30 Nov 2018
  • Country: United Kingdom
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Coins mining is the fundamental most important work required to facilitate the operation of a coin and the blockchain network powering it. Without miners there is no blockchain just like there is no hive without the working bees.
A successful and popular WinMiner platform could take decentralization of coins’ mining an order of magnitude higher. A level that was never achievable before. To succeed with this ambitious goal WinMiner needs to offer a solution to the fundamental barriers, that have prevented crypto from becoming mainstream so far
Complexity barrier and required know-how
For most people understanding the crypto coins concepts, how to mine and trade them as well as how to safely keep them is too techy, complex and perhaps even scary. It is therefore no surprise that coin mining is off limit activity for most people.
The WinMiner Solution:
Our team understands consumerization of applications. Our team members have jointly been responsible for delivering over 1 billion installs – from ICQ the pioneering instant messanger (www.icq.com) to Download Accelerator the first download manager (www.speedbit.com) serving generations of users all over the world.
WinMiner 1-click platform offering you the possibility to benefit from an efficient multi coin mining that turns unused computing power into income with no need for any prior knowledge of the crypto space is built to support successful adoption by wide audiences, professionals and novices as one. The organic adoption of the alpha version of WinMiner gives us all the right indications that it has what it takes to overcome the Crypto complexity barrier and the confidence we needed to decide we want to make a difference in the world with this project.
Lack of optimization barrier
There are dozens if not hundreds of mineable crypto coins on the market today, while numbers keep on growing. The profitability in mining of any specific coin, apart from the hardware cost, is dependent on three major metrics (1) the coin price; (2) the mining difficulty for that coin (both are extremely volatile); and (3) electricity consumption (which is coin dependent) and hardware cost.
Optimizing the mining process requires continuous monitoring of market prices and coins mining difficulties for a long list of coins. It further requires continuous economic modeling for each of the coins and then executing the strategy by switching the machine to work on the most profitable coin, anytime. This is a very exhaustive burden that needs to be carried out efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The WinMiner solution:
WinMiner is built to handle this ongoing decision process and strategy execution seamlessly and leverage crowd wisdom from other miners in the process. Where possible, it further automates the collection of mined coins into Bitcoins and then into fiat money.
Using WinMiner allows anyone, with just one click, to benefit from its optimized pro-miner solution overcoming the optimization barrier, which separates the pros from wide audiences.
No commodity/standard barrier
Different attempts are being made to monetize computing resources for a specific use case (e.g. mining, AI) or for generic use cases. To become successful, a unit of computing power has to be commoditized and easily accessible to buyers. Until this is accomplished, the full value of computing power cannot be fully floated.
Building the technology and standards to support this need are essential but only a first step in overcoming this challenge. The adoption of such standards and platform offering commoditized units of computing power is going to be the real challenge here as it requires building both the demand and supply sides simultaneously.
The WinMiner solution: WinMiner’s vision to reach this goal consists of three steps:
1. Aggregate wide audiences on the WinMiner super easy to use and accessible platform.
2. Adding hash power marketplace to the WinMiner platform allowing WinMiner users to choose between using the WinMiner’s solution or selling their hash power to a third party and at the same time offers third party or other WinMiner users to buy or boost their computing power.
The formation of hash power, commoditized units, per different coin algorithm, will be required to facilitate trade. Introducing more players and more economic options into the WinMiner ecosystem would boost activity and benefit all participants in the ecosystem.
3. Leverage the wide adoption of the platform and marketplace to add an additional technology layer that will allow diversification and introduction of “beyond mining related” earning opportunities and commoditized units e.g. artificial intelligence, or even other computing resources such as storage. WinMiner will aim to collaborate with other solutions and platforms to cover as broad market share as it can on both the demand and supply sides.
Leveraging the success of the first phase driving massive adoption for the WinMiner platform, followed by the introduction of the hash power commodity and the computing resources commodity will introduce standardization into a live, widely populated ecosystem and market thus enjoying high adoption probability.
Trust and reputation barrier
Cyber frauds have rightfully gained a fierce reputation emphasizing the trust factor as possibly the most important consideration for those already involved crypto and may be even more so for the hundreds of millions all around the world that have not yet entered this space.
It is therefore not enough to build sound technology to deal with the onboarding challenge. To really make it work the trust factor needs to be mitigated. Having a reputable and trust worthy team operating a sound platform is perhaps the most critical element for a success in this ambitious challenge.
The WinMiner Solution:
Our team experience with leading software products covering over 1 billion installs is instrumental in mitigating this barrier. These guys were on the commanding bridge of some of the most popular products on the web – from ICQ, the pioneering instant messaging and Download Accelerator, the first and most popular download manager.
For the last two years the team has been hard working on building the major platform components and supporting its users through thick and thin. By leasing the users’ computing powers, making timely payouts, addressing users’ needs and requests and at the same time facing off login hacking attacks. This was and continues to be a massive challenge that took blood, sweat, tears and a lot of self-funding to bring us to the point where we are confident this project has what it takes to really become the game changer we envisioned when we launched it.
The trust bestowed upon us by the great WinMiner users reconfirms that confidence.
Running the platform for over a year in a limited alpha version mode and coping with the traitorous market conditions, technical bugs, login hacking attempts and scaling issues was instrumental in laying the foundations needed to take WinMiner to the next level and take on wide audiences.
We continue reshaping procedures and structures to address the industry’s legacy and experience as many operators had were challenged by hackers, who sometimes even succeeded.
We are well aware that there are no bulletproof systems and there are no system that cannot be hacked, so while we continue adopting new lines of defense we also focus on trying to minimize the potential damage of a potential hack by reducing the potential loot. E.g. by introducing features that make it easy and cheap for users to continuously get paid for leasing their computing powers, based on the mining rewards generated from it, using cold storage etc.
Payment and volatility barrier
High price volatility and limited and cumbersome payout options are known grave enemies of mass adoption.
The sharp price movements of crypto coins undermines its store of value characteristic. This means it is harder for people to have a reliable sense as to their earnings from mining. Adding on top of that the complexity in trying to receive the mining earning in a fiat currency makes this enormous barrier crystal clear.
The WinMiner Solution: WinMiner already offers important and unique values that address this barrier, subject to applicable regulation in the various jurisdcitions:
• Wide selection of payout methods – in both crypto and Fiat (including PayPal, Amazon gift cards etc.).
• • Easy Payouts – coupled with very low minimum payout amounts (starting at $5) makes sure our users get paid and in time.
• USD balance – balance is quoted in USD and is thus does not fluctuate with the volatile Crypto price movements. That way our users’ balances can only go up. (An option to keep balance in Crypto, for those users who want it, will be added to WinMiner).
WinMiner is committed to enhancing and extending such tools to address the wishes of both novice and professional users alike.
The result is minimal knowledge, time and work that is required by our users to make earnings from leasing their computing powers and easily enjoy them.


Yossi Frances

Head Of Development

Amir Yahav

Director of Engineering

Liat Shaham

Director Of Finance And Operations

Irina Grinvich

Manager of Support and Cutomer Service



  • Q3 2018
    • Auto payout - completed • Amazon.co.uk gift card payout - added • Amazon.de gift card payout added • Steam gift card payout - added • Added coins -
  • Q4 2018
    • Mobile apps • Account balance in Bitcoin (as an alternative to USD) • Zero transaction fee for payouts into Coinbase accounts • Use WinMiner to participate in token sale • Additional features, coins, mining software, payout methods
  • Q1 2019
    • Linux version • WinMiner dedicated version for pilot tests with a consumer internet giant
  • Q2 2019
    • Open up WinMiner pools for non WinMiner software users • Support for dedicated machines (e.g. ASIC) • Additional features, coins, mining software, payout methods
  • Q3 2019
    • Mac version
  • Q4 2019
    • Hash power marketplace • Additional features, coins, mining software, payout methods


  • Platform: Separate Blockchain
  • Price: 1 BEE = $0.01
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, BCH, AION, LTC, fiat
  • Token distribution: 50% - Token sale: - Private & Public sale - WinMiner Token Sale Mode 30% - Team, Advisors & Founders funding 10% - Incentives. Supporting activities, partnerships and promotions for enhancing usage of the WinMiner token 10% - Reserve
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD

Proof Points

Prehistory of project

The ICO from a WinMiner platform team – https://www.winminer.com/

Product or its MVP


Blockchain experience

Jeff Pulver – Vice Chairman of http://alchemist.com/
Founder of https://www.monage.io/
Kesem Frank – Co-Founder of https://aion.network/


No escrow information was found.


Updated 25.11.2018


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