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Augmented Reality cryptocurrency portfolio and management and content software platform
Vivid is disrupting the way people interact, understand, and communicate their crypto portfolio. From advanced technical indicators, to viewing your holdings in a whole new dimension, to collaborating with others on advanced trading concepts, our aim is to advance the possibilities for both seasoned traders and enthusiastic newcomers alike.



Price in ICO1ETH = 12,000 VIVID
preICO start9 Mar 2018
preICO end16 Mar 2018
ICO start16 Mar 2018
ICO end13 Apr 2018

  • TEAM

It is our vision to take whatis the exciting and adventurous market of cryptocurrency and build not only a platform that can enable newcomers and veterans alike to be more than they thoughtthey could, but also to build a medium that pushes the boundaries of what spatial computing can offer the world.
One could compare what we understand as computing today with the passion of what a caveman once perceived of his wall masterpiece. On the other hand, a classical master, painting the Sistine Chapel might reflect on the extent this creative medium has evolved over the years.
However, we are now living in a truly unprecedented era where much of what it means to exist in this world, derived from our ancestors who have walked for thousands of years, is moments away from a total transformation. As spatial computing becomes a major driver in reshaping our meaning in life, we hope to bring some of that illuminating possibility to you and deliver equality through a transformative digital
currency inside the Vivid Platform.

The cryptocurrency investor upon investigation utilizes several key tools and resources in their day to day strategy. Obviously, the exchanges where trades themselves occur are a centerpiece to the process. However, there are a number of tools that aid one in maintaining a healthy and thriving portfolio.
For many, the use of a mobile based portfolio tracking application is of vital importance. Direct integration with a smartphone or tablet allows users, for example, to set alerts on a specific coin which are sent as push notifications where they can easily be seen and reacted to.
However, the world of cryptocurrency is a multi-faceted and thoroughly involved space, where trading charts and market data is far from two dimensional in nature.
With the advent of contemporary smartphones and high quality inside out positional tracking, it has become possible to build a set of services to guide investors through their portfolio in a depth and understanding not possible on 2D devices.
This exciting technological crossroads and our own passion for trading as well as the latest in Augmented and Mixed Reality has led us to create Vivid.

Vivid’s overall strategy set forth is architecting a software platform and business model that allows for a sustainable and scalable feature set that meets these pain points, and creates a long term solution giving users the data and insights they need, when they need it, and in an innovative manner.
Firstly, when discussing the core architecture of Vivid’s platform, we are developing a system that allows for high user growth, and maintaining consistency in uptime during high traffic periods.
Secondly, our overall business model is designed for long-term growth and sustainability. Core to maintaining and continuously improving the core product is our advertising focused model to generate consistent cash flow for general operations.


Ian Nott
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Harrison D. Lee
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Sascha Neumann
Chief Product Officer
BJ Wahl
Director Of System Architecture
Benton Medlock
Director Of Technical Analysis
Haoshu Peng
IP ans International Advisor
Amanda Ying Guo
Chinese Market Cloud Computing Advisor
Justin Mathews
Digital Creative Advisor
Marketing Partner


  • Sister Company Formed
    Rooted in human-centered design, we formed a venture in 2014 to explore the augmented and virtual reality space as the paradigm was shifting from planar imaging to volumetric display.

  • Begun XR Exploration
    Pushing the limits of visual engagement, we delved into 3D reconstruction knowing full well the proliferation of AR/VR consumption devices would soon catch up.

  • Thrive Telepresence Launched
    Built on a world-class architecture, our enterprise level SaaS platform redefines human interaction by connecting people and information in immersive environments.

  • Private Sale Oversubscribed
    After the new year, a sneak peek of Vivid's early designs were seeded online in closed forums. With interest immediate and overwhelming, we opened a private sale round to invited participants and reached our goal within a few days.

  • Public Sale Launched
    A token sale is being held to accelerate productization and commercialization of the Vivid mobile apps and platform ecosystem. The raise allows us to bring to market a unique set of features and experience designed for crypto consumers.

  • Private Mobile Beta
    Our mobile app will enter private beta release in the coming months. Applications will soon be accepted for qualified beta testers with priority going to contributors.

  • AR Advertising Platform Beta
    As we understand our audience's interests and behaviors, we give brands the opportunity to launch experiential marketing campaigns and unobtrusive sponsorship placements to engage with consumers which matter most to them.

  • Desktop Application Beta
    To expand accessibility and usability, we serve additional form factors by offering a desktop application. This becomes especially important to developers and power users as we introduce more advanced tools to satisfy their requirements.

  • Publishing Platform Beta
    Vivid is fostering a community of content creators to share with, learn from and teach one another. Users will have the chance to influence and earn rewards through user generated content that is rated by peer review.

  • API Services
    Next year, Vivid will give developers access to its platform through integration points so businesses may begin developing meaningful 3rd-party applications which extend the Vivid brand and reach.

  • 3rd Party Applications
    Partners on Vivid's platform will enhance the power of its product through revenue-generating engagement and analytics applications designed for business productivity and consumer convenience.


Price in ICO1ETH = 12,000 VIVID
Investment Info
Tokens DistributionTotal Tokensale ​- 76.2% - 106,700,000 VIVID
Founders & Team ​- 7.1% - 10,000,000 VIVID
Partnerships ​- 10% - 14,000,000 VIVID
Development​- 3.2% - 4,500,000 VIVID
Advisors ​- 1.7% - 2,400,000 VIVID
Bounty Pool ​- 1.0% - 1,400,000 VIVID
Token Hunt​- 0.7% - 1,000,000 VIVID


Legal entity

Vivid Pte. Ltd.
71 Robinson Road
Singapore 068895

Prehistory of project

According on the roadmap – Sister Company was formed in 2014.

Product or its MVP

According on the roadmap private mobile beta application test is planned in 2018.

Blockchain experience

No blockchain experience were found.


No escrow information were found.


Updated 12.04.2018

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