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Platform created for soccer fans and team managements worldwide
UnitedFans is a Platform created for soccer fans and team managements worldwide. Our vision is to provide fans and team managements the ability to interact, vote or raise capital through a platform that will increase the collaboration and strengthen the community. The collaboration among fans-team managements-players will help team managements achieve better decisions using crowd wisdom, increase the number of fans and enjoy the crowd support.



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1 Dec 2018

Price in ICO1 ETH = 4000 GOAL
preICO start1 Dec 2018
preICO end15 Dec 2018
ICO start31 Dec 2018
ICO end31 Jan 2019

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What Are We Going To Solve?
On the one hand, football fans do not have a platform through which they can be involved in decision making, support or ownership of their team. The frustration among fans many times leads to riots & violence.
On the other hand, a lot of football clubs fail to meet their annual budget obligations and feel like their professional and financial efforts are not being appreciated.

The Solution
What if we can help out both, fans and team managements, by allowing fans to vote on issues while raising money for those causes? Football fans will be able to decide on issues such as a player transfer or a coach recruitment, while backing that decision financially.

Team managements will be able to improve decision making, using crowd wisdom.

We believe that transparency in decision making will lead to enhanced crowd support and rising number of fans. The teams who will embrace the technology will improve the dialog between fans and team managements, as well as enhance the results of their teams and increase profits.

Thanks to blockchain technology it is even possible for fans to own and manage their team, by themselves, in an easy way. By creating a voting platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, fans can vote on important issues, raise capital for a variety of purposes, or buy tickets and merchandise and even reward their favorite player after a great game.
This collaboration, among fans, club management and players will
a) help management make better decisions, using crowd wisdom,
b) increase the number of fans,
c) increase support.
We believe that teams that embrace the technology will improve their results, and increase their prots - by allowing them to easily communicate and raise funds from their fans.
By bringing football teams, players and fans closer, United Fans will both create and enhance communication and interaction and create value that can be easily exchanged through our proprietary app platform.

Today, football fans do not have an efficient platform through which they can be involved in decision-making, providing support or having ownership of their teams. The frustration among fans can lead to riots and violence.
On the other hand, a lot of club boards are frustrated that their professional and financial efforts are not appreciated by fans.
Most clubs have concentrated ownership (where a club is owned by an individual or a small group), which has implications for accountability by clubs’ stakeholders.
While many clubs seek to run themselves in a business-like manner, few seek to maximize a financial return for shareholders. Clubs engage in a wide range of community activities.
The majority of clubs consider themselves to be social or community institutions and there is widespread acceptance of this. For example, extensive media coverage which accompanies any football club financial crisis is predicated not on the financial consequences, but the sporting and social consequences. Clubs face challenging circumstances due to industry changes, poor financial management and decision-making. Many clubs have been forced into administration or liquidation.
Governance in football clubs has been criticized in several reports, including a failure to involve fans in club governance.

The problem of fans
Are fans involved in decision making today?
Even in the ‘German model’, fans are not really involved in decision making.
There are a number of examples in which fans are involved in decision-making today, but is it real democracy? Not quite!
The most famous examples are those of Real Madrid and Barcelona where the fans own 100% of the team.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid has about 100,000 members who pay 123€ (annually) for members’ privileges.
Once every 4 years, the fans elect directors who vote on issues regarding the club. These directors elect the President of the club. The President hires the professional staff that runs the club.
In Real Madrid, Florentino Perez is doing a very good job, although fans are not really involved in decision-making.
There is wide support for the ‘German model’ of ownership and governance. Since the 1990s, some German clubs have become joint stock companies, as long as the sporting association (verein) retains 50% plus one voting rights. The purpose is to ensure that members retain control and prevent individuals or organizations controlling more than one club.

The crucial role of fans
Fans have a great appetite to be involved in their clubs and to hold clubs to account. From the clubs’ perspective, increased fan involvement may be desirable. First, in helping to demonstrate that clubs are social institutions, with responsibilities and obligations that extend beyond the financial. Second, that closer involvement of fans will assist clubs to benefit further from fans’ financial, human and social contributions, leading to more sustainable organizations and enhanced social outcomes.
Fans are central to the social and financial vibrancy of any club. A fundamental difference between football clubs and many other organizations is the strength of relationships between fans and clubs and the enduring nature of those relationships.

Football is a cooperative activity that relies on the coming together of financial capital, human capital and social capital. More than any other group, fans make long term capital commitments to their club. Enhanced supporter involvement provides an opportunity for clubs to maximize the potential returns (financial, human and social) from fans.
Greater fan involvement provides the potential for a club to better understand its fans and to better leverage those relationships in furtherance of its financial, social and community objectives. It will provide an opportunity for clubs to demonstrate their fan involvement activities, and their social and community contribution.
The nature of clubs – economic in basis, but social in nature – encourages more inclusive governance; in which emphasis is afforded to the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders.
More inclusive governance would not only align more closely with the nature of clubs but would provide a structure through which improving relationships between clubs and fans could be prioritized.

The problem of team owners/management
Owners want to solve the number one problem they face - budget control.
A typical scenario: the end of the British transfer deadline is getting closer (January 31st), and the team is in bad shape. The crowd starts to lose its patience and all the newspapers, TV shows and websites are criticizing the owner, demanding he replace the coach or recruit players.
One of the main reasons owners buy football teams is publicity, and in many cases they find themselves in a very unpleasant situation; as a result they will spend more capital than planned. The pressure is too high, even for the toughest business professional.

The solution
A decentralized solution:
Thanks to the United Fans Platform, fans will be able to own and manage their team in an easy way. By creating a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, fans will be able to:
* Have meaningful dialog
* Vote on important issues
* Run a democratic process & elect representatives from the fans to execute their decisions (and not the directors decisions.)
* Donate GOAL coins for poor but talented children that play for the club’s academy.
* Raise capital for the purpose of player transfers & coach recruiting
* Purchase game tickets and merchandise
* Reward their favorite players after a football game
Team managements will be able to improve decision-making, using crowd wisdom.
We believe that transparency in decision-making will lead to enhanced crowd support and an increase in the number of fans.
The clubs that embrace the technology will improve the dialogue between fans and team managements, as well as enhance the results of their teams and increase profits.
If you were a football fan, try to imagine, how would it feel if you had the opportunity to influence decisions, such as recruiting your favorite player or coach to your team?
With the United Fans Platform, fans will have the option to apply to be a member.
Once the club approves the fan, he will then have the privilege of voting.
After voting is closed and the crowd has made a decision, it is time for the team management to execute. Team managements will fulfil the decisions voted for by the crowd. In order to enforce that, management will have to use the club’s budget and a smart contract will release the GOAL coins, only after the specific task is completed.
United Fans platform can improve the structure of clubs by fans. Instead of fans electing representatives that decide for them, fans will be able to vote directly on issues.
Football clubs’ decisions involve raising money. So, the innovative solution the United Fans platform oers, through the United Fans DAPP, means that football fans will now have the ability to insert their tokens into a smart contract and ensure that they will be sent only after a decision is executed.


Niv Tal
Co-founder & CEO
Daniel Spyralatos
Senior Vice President
Amit Elbaz
Blockchain Developer
Janna Palankin
Graphic Designer
Bar Yehudai
Smart Contract Developer
Ernest Chuang
Assistant marketing manager
Victor Hernandez
Business Development
Jeremie Rykner
Blockchain entrepreneur since 2012
Alona Mileshko
Web developer and Designer
Ori Ben-Ezra
Assistant Marketing Manager
Michael Petch
Assistant marketing manager
Roger Crook
Ran Daniel
Leon Pein


  • Concept and research

  • Whitepaper, website, Dapp design and building the team

  • Presale launch

  • ICO

  • MVP release

  • Dapp implementation on the first football team

  • Delivery of working Dapp to football teams worldwide


Price in ICO1 ETH = 4000 GOAL
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution65% - Token Sale
20% - Reserve
10% - Team
3% - Bounty
2% - Advisors
Soft cap300,000 USD
Hard cap6,000,000 USD


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Prehistory of project

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Product or its MVP

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Application model and screenshots were shown in whitepaper

Blockchain experience

Ernest Chuang – Executive Consultant at ICOEXPO – http://icoexpo.io/
– Content Writer at Nimbus Token – https://nimbustoken.com/

Jeremie Rykner – Founder at TradeBlockPro – https://www.tradeblock.pro/

Roger Crook – Advisor at Change Finance – http://www.getchange.com/
– Advisor/Chief Strategy Officer at ShipChain – http://www.getchange.com/
– Advisor at VINChain – http://vinchain.io/
– Advisor at Zero Edge Bet – http://tokensale.zeroedge.bet/
– Advisor at Whyral – http://www.whyral.io/
– Advisor at Sentigraph.io – https://www.sentigraph.io/
– Advisor for ICO at Crypterium – https://crypterium.com/

Andrey Bugaevski – ICO Delivery manager at Cryptonomos – https://cryptonomos.com/

Leon Pein – ICO Expert and marketing consultant at KEY Difference Media – http://www.keydifferencemedia.com/


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