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decentralized advertising exchange
Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange where companies advertise effectively, while publishers profitably tokenize ad slots on their resources. At the heart of Ubex’s advertising purchasing algorithms, lie neural networks that process information about each visitor to the member networks’ websites. The neural networks evaluate the interests of users, calculate the likelihood of targeted actions for all advertiser offers, and choose the most suitable advertisement.



Price in ICO1 ETH = 100,000 UBEX
ICO start21 May 2018
ICO end30 Sep 2018

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Ubex: Service for Advertisers

Advertisers can set up and run an ad campaign in a few clicks. Tasks that required an entire team of digital marketers can now be taken over by Ubex algorithms. An advertising campaign is created through a personal account in four simple steps:

(1) Create an offer and specify the commercial terms. The user specifies the cost of advertising, or a percentage of the sale, as well as deferred payment (for advertisers with a high rating). Also, the advertiser chooses the targeted actions they are willing to pay publishers for.

(2) Select a widget or create your own. Widgets can be personalized by the advertiser and can also be provided by the exchange (for example, the payday loan, a form for obtaining microcredits). In the case of personalized widgets, it is enough to upload a banner or video and install and configure all the necessary forms through a handy designer available in the personal account. For more complex settings, widgets can be written in a customized
Java script-code.

(3) Select the interests of the target audience, the time of displays, geography and other criteria. After setting up the widget, the advertiser sets the rules for displaying the ads so that advertising is as relevant to the target audience as possible. In parallel with the settings, the neural network provides forecasts of the effectiveness of the customized advertising campaign.

(4) Launch an advertising campaign and monitor the results. With the help of a personal account in the Ubex system, the advertiser can monitor in real time all the key metrics for the created advertising campaign. These metrics include the targeted actions that were taken, their time, the publishers on whose platforms advertising was displayed, the activity of these publishers in the advertising campaigns. The neural network also provides updated reports on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Payment is made only upon the completion of targeted actions specified in the offer. Funds are credited from the amount held in the escrow system of the Ubex crypto financial platform, or from the advertiser’s account at the time indicated in the smart contract (in case of factoring payments for advertisers with high ratings).


Ubex: Service for Publishers

Publishers can quickly and conveniently connect their advertising slot to the Ubex advertising platform and start earning as soon as the tracking add-on accumulates enough data about site traffic for further analysis by the neural networks. Connection to the Ubex system takes place in four simple steps:

(1) Register an advertising slot. The publisher allocates slots for ad units on a website, marks them with a special identifier and places the Java script code of the exchange. Any owner of internet resources with regular user traffic of sufficient volume as per the requirements of the advertisers can receive approval for registration. After reviewing the application, the publisher receives a notification email.

(2) Adjust advertising topic restrictions. In the Ubex interface, the publisher chooses the topics that they allow for placement on their websites. For instance, the owner of an internet resource on contributions can narrow down the topics for advertising exclusively to financial services. The publisher can add new restrictions in the future, when they see the first results of ad displays chosen by the neural networks as the most relevant for their

(3) Specify geolocation, audience interests and social parameters To facilitate the indexing of their resource in the general site directory, the publisher can specify additional data for accounting when searching for advertisers. These parameters will be considered by the neural networks in the event the publisher refuses to set traffic tracking on their website (the algorithm will prioritize only those publishers that have installed tracking on their resources).

(4) Set restrictions on widgets and advertisers. Publishers can view existing widgets for each topic and disable the ones they choose. For example, the owner of a resource with articles on contributing in precious metals may want to turn off a widget used to purchase cryptocurrencies without leaving the resource. Also, the publisher can create a “black list” of specific advertisers whose widgets they do not wish to see on their resource.

Payment is made only upon the completion of targeted actions specified in the offer. Funds are credited from the amount held in the escrow system of the Ubex crypto financial platform, or from the advertiser’s account at the time indicated in the smart contract (in case of factoring payments for advertisers with high ratings).


The Ubex Platform

The Ubex platform will provide ample opportunities not only to publishers and advertisers, but also to companies that need regression analysis of user data. The system’s neural core, which is responsible for making decisions at all stages of the life cycle of the advertising material, will have an API, access to which can be provided to partner companies.

The behavioral decision-making blockchain allows one to evaluate user data and make a judgment about the perceived interests of the user. This regression estimate can be used not only to display advertising materials, but for other purposes as well. The API will provide an opportunity to retrieve a list of expected categories with an estimate for each based on a query with user data.

Training the system core to obtain relevant and accurate forecasts is a laborious process. In this regard, the platform will provide the ability of adding statistical data to the site user’s actions, which can be used as a training sample for the system’s core. The site owners who provided data will receive a reward proportional to the contribution of the data provided for training the system core. These actions are similar to mining, when users are rewarded for labor-intensive work (providing statistical data for the formation of a training sample).


The Ubex Wallet

The UBEX Token will act as a payment unit on the Ubex platform. The need for a Token is based on the need to credit funds from advertisers’ accounts for the displays of advertising materials that they have bought. Basic cryptocurrencies do not allow the crediting of funds from third party accounts even if one has permission from the third parties. The Token allows for setting quotas (allowances) to a specific address within which the owner of the address can use the funds available on the account. Crediting is possible only on condition that the account holder has established the size of the quota and only from the address to which the quota is issued, otherwise the funds cannot be credited.

In addition, as mentioned in the previous section, the Ubex platform will enable the owners of websites, who are providing statistical data for training of the system core, to receive UBEX Tokens as a reward for their actions (similar to mining). 5% of the income from all Ubex transactions will be distributed to the data providers. Using a proprietary Token allows a smart contract, that allows such actions, to be written. The use of cryptocurrency does not directly provide such opportunities. We call this function Ubex Data Mining (UDM).

The Ubex platform will allow the input of Tokens into the system and their output for a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies. The exchange rates will be determined by the needs of the market and based on the trade data of the UBEX Token.


Artem Chestnov
CEO and Co-founder
Daniel Biesuz
Head of Legal and Co-founder
Kathrin Anthony
Head of Global Sales
Cooz Komei Tokita
Head of Community Relations
Alberto Maiorana
Strategic Partnerships
Iyke Aru
Community director Africa
Alex Korobkov
IR director
Igor Selivanov
Senior Full-Stack & Blockchain Engineer
Alex Zhmurin
Senior Javascript Engineer
Eugeny Matveev
Full-Stack Engineer
Igor Vatamaniuc
Javascript Front-end Engineer
Sandris Murins
AI Tokenization expert
Michael Gord
Technical Advisor
Ismail Malik
Marketing Advisor
Arie Orlovsky
Advisor Israel


  • Creation of an advertising platform for promoting Payday Loans

  • Development of integration tools to link marketing campaigns with publishers’ websites

  • Introduction of an API interface for use by publishers to register advertising space

  • Addition of new types of advertising tools and customization of widgets

  • Introduction of advertiser auctions

  • Development of the exchange smart contract prototype for the storage of basic information

  • Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Advertiser application

  • Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Publisher application

  • Development of the system’s neural core prototype and initial training of the neural networks

  • Introduction of smart contracts capable of storing neural network adjacent coefficients in the blockchain

  • Introduction of an API prototype for sharing training data in exchange for rewards (data mining)

  • Launch of the Beta versions of Advertiser and Publisher applications

  • Release of the initial versions of operational applications and smart contracts


Price in ICO1 ETH = 100,000 UBEX
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC
Tokens Distribution72% - Crowdsale
15% - Team&Advisors
10% - Reserve
3% - Bounty
Soft cap4,000 ETH
Hard cap28,000 ETH


Legal entity

Registered Address: Zug, Switzerland


Prehistory of project

No prehistory were found

Product or its MVP

Beta version laungh is planned for 2019. No other MVP were found

Blockchain experience

Artem Chestnov – Managing Director of LATOKEN

Daniel Biesuz – Advisor at LAPO
CEO / LEGAL CONTROL at Blacklion Crypto Asset Management
General Legal Counsel at InsurePal
Blockchain Consultant at Global Blockchain Technology Fonds

Iyke Aru – Author at Cointelegraph, Advisor at EtherSportz


Andrew Rippon – Co-Founder of Fiduxa


Advisor Cecilia Mueller Chen – Advisor at TrustVerse


Advisor Michael Gord – CEO of MLG Blockchain Consulting


Advisor Ismail Malik – Editor In Chief at ICO CROWD, CEO of BlockchainLab

Blockchain, Smart Contracts and SmartLedger, Advisor at CoinJanitorPersonal Data Democracy and Blok


There are only in-system escrow described. No external escrow companies were found


Update: 19.05.2018

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