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Piracy is a huge problem for content creators. Typerium plans to change that, forever. We're building a decentralised content-creation platform, social media network, and marketplace, that's geared towards the more than 2.4 billion content consumers worldwide.



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23 Jul 2018

Price in ICOPre-ICO: 1000 TYPE Tokens = 0.0133 ETH ; ICO: 1000 TYPE Tokens = 0.0788 ETH
CountryUnited Kingdom
preICO start21 May 2018
preICO end25 Jun 2018
ICO start26 Jun 2018
ICO end23 Jul 2018

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Typerium’s blockchain-based systems will work exactly the same, whether it is for content creators and buyers, or for third party merchants and their clients. The trust and reputation system, mobile payments and smart contract wallet all record data to the blockchain whenever a transaction is made, increasing transparency, automating processes, reducing fraud and much more.

The Universal Trust & Reputation System
The trust and reputation system will allow clients and merchants to file and solve claims, rate each other and more. The smart contract will automatically change the trust level of each party after a transaction is made; as well as whenever a claim is registered, solved or unsolved; or when a review is written. Default trust ratings will be set up for both merchants and clients that are using the Typerium ecosystem for the first time. A trust rating will be assigned to a specific wallet address.

The Merchant Trust Rating
Once a merchant starts accepting Ethereum-based currency payments through Typerium, a default trust-rating will be created. Smart contracts will automatically change the trust-rating based on the actions of the merchant. These include:

  • whether the merchant reacts to claims from clients
  • if they react quickly to claims
  • how clients rate the merchant for delivering products as promised. Were they on time, as advertised and in good quality?
  • whether the merchant has good reviews from clients

Each factor will have a different weighting, and the overall trust-rating will be clearly visible in either the footer of the merchant’s website, or the mobile app. The only way the merchant can increase the trust-rating is by providing products or services as advertised and in good condition.

The Client Trust-Rating
The client trust-rating will help to reduce the likelihood of fraud. Once a client buys something from a merchant using Typerium for the first time, the default trust-rating will be automatically created and linked to their wallet address. The client trust-rating will then be updated automatically by the smart contract, based on how they behave. Different weights will be assigned to different actions. For example:

  • Does the client have a history of claims?
  • How many claims have they made? Have they been resolved?
  • Purchase history: behaviour, frequency, etc.

The trust-rating of the client will be available on the blockchain, in a user-friendly interface that merchants can see once the purchase is made, and also in Typerium’s mobile app. In the rare case that a client acts inappropriately, this allows the merchant to rate them negatively, warning future merchants to be wary of doing business with them.

Claims, Reviews & Conflict Management
Typerium’s system will save every transaction on the blockchain, along with all of the important data. The following information will be available:

  1. The merchant will have records of transaction times, the receiving and sending wallet addresses, warranty conditions, delivery times and more. Data will be kept for every past transaction in their profile on Typerium’s system.
  2. The client will be able to see all of their purchases, as well as the details mentioned above. The information will only be available in their profile on the Typerium mobile app.

Based on this information, parties will have the opportunity to file and resolve claims, as well as review and rate each other. Smart contracts will automatically decrease or increase the trust-rating based on the actions of each user. Conflict resolution through smart contracts will help each party to deal with situations faster, easier and with lower expenses (merchants won’t have to pay chargeback fees).

Use Case: Claims
Once a client makes a purchase, all of the necessary information is saved to the blockchain, which the client can view in the Typerium app. When the client logs in, they
see all of the purchases they have made with their wallet address over the Typerium payment gateway. If there is an issue with a particular purchase, the client can select it and initiate a claim by providing the details and circumstances for the claim. For example, if they have received a product that isn’t as it was advertised, the client can file a claim, which will immediately decrease the merchant’s trust-rating. This incentivises the merchant to solve the problem as quickly as possible. The merchant will receive a notification about the claim and they can contact the client off-chain. The client and merchant can then come up with a solution, after which, one of the parties will initiate a resolution by pressing the “Claim resolved” button in the mobile
app or the merchant system. Details of how the situation was resolved (if the product was changed, the money was returned, etc.) must also be provided, and they are saved to the blockchain. The other party will get the notification, read through the details and can then agree by pressing “Claim resolved”. Once the claim is resolved, the trust rating is instantly increased for both parties.

Use Case: Reviews
Clients and merchants will be able to write reviews about each other. Written reviews will carry more weight on trust-ratings than transactions without reviews. Clients will be able to see the merchant’s past reviews in the mobile app, while merchants will see the reviews that clients have written about them in their system. All reviews will automatically affect the trust-rating of the client and the merchant.


Alexander Haigh
Chief Executive Officer
Shahpour Abbasvand
VP of Design & Development
Ali Kurtze
Blockchain Team Leader
Rick Banks
Brand Design Lead
Dean Robinson
Community Manager
Jonathan Davoine
PR & Investor Relations
Vitally Marinchenko
Senior Blockchain Developer
Preston Collins
Forex Consultant
Michael Murphy
Liquidity Consultant
Frank Martinez Esq
General Counsel
Ming Ooi
Growth Advisor


  • Website Design & Development
    Design and develop the website in a format that is attractive, concise, and clear for potential investors.
    Brand Design & Development
    Create a core visual identity for Typerium that can work across multiple platforms, becoming fluid, adaptive, and identifiable.

  • Whitepaper Completion
    Launch the completed website ready for the Pre-Sale and ICO rounds. Create a variation of the Whitepaper for the Chinese investor market.

  • Website Launch
    Launch the completed website ready for the Pre-Sale and ICO rounds, with an integrated CMS system so users can view in the site any language.

  • Typerium Token Pre-Sale & ICO
    Launch Pre-Sale & ICO funding rounds.

  • TYPE Protocol Development
    Initial development stages of TYPE Protocol Eco System to work within the decentralized application on iOS and Android platforms.

  • IA/UE Development for TYPE Protocol
    Develop Information Architecture, and User Experience mapping for implementation of TYPE Protocol into the Typerium platform.
    Design & Creative for iOS/Android
    Front End Design of the Typerium platform, including all core key functionality.

  • Development for iOS/Android
    Stage 1 development of the Typerium decentralized application.

  • Official Typerium ALPHA Release
    Release an Alpha version of Typerium with TYPE Protocol integrated for user testing and refinements before the the BETA release.

  • Official Typerium BETA Release
    Release BETA version of Typerium after initial ALPHA testing, improvements, and refinements have been made.
    Typerium iOS / Android Roll Out
    Roll out the BETA release for FREE to 200,000 initial contacts from existing businesses. Launch a high quality marketing campaign to acquire new users.

  • Brand Awareness
    High level marketing is a priority from day one, with initial partnerships having already been established. Further efforts will be focused to acquire a significant amount of new users.

  • Multi-Platform Development
    Development for cross-platform integration. Mac OSX and Windows initial developments for Desktop based platform, with direct social media integration after.

  • Typerium Global Creative Currency
    Acquire multiple large corporate vendors to directly integrate TYPERIUM as a primary payment method, for multiple global content creation platforms.


Price in ICOPre-ICO: 1000 TYPE Tokens = 0.0133 ETH ; ICO: 1000 TYPE Tokens = 0.0788 ETH
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution50% - Sale
20% - Reserve
15% - Team
0.9% - Ecosystem
0.3% - Foundation
0.2% - Bounty
0.1% - Advisors
Soft cap2,000,000 USD
Hard cap40,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Registration adress: 11318360, Typerium Limited.130 Old Street, London EC1V 9BD, United Kingdom


Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, first activities for project were at Q4 2017.No prehistory of the project were found

Product or its MVP

No MVP were found at the moment

Blockchain experience

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