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App based on blockchain
Turning dealerships into innovative mobility providers while offering customers a commitment-free, all-inclusive and affordable solution.



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31 Oct 2018

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We have seen a significant change in the behavior of consumers in the last decade. Modern customers prefer convenient, simple and flexible solutions rather than being locked into long-term contracts or having to spend time on a purchase that is plagued with uncertainty. The way we buy vehicles today doesn’t allow for flexibility and is rather a large fixed expense with risks. In a rapidly evolving technological world, our needs, desires and tastes change, not every 4-6 years but from month to month or even week to week. This changing behavior of customers combined with the technological landscape are making new solutions mandatory, however according to a recent study only 1% of the total driven distance today is covered by new mobility concepts – the current available solutions therefore only cover a very small portion of the market, creating a massively unique opportunity. Currently, if you want to have the benefits of having a vehicle without any of the hassles of purchasing and owning one and without being locked into a long-term contract or paying exorbitant prices, your options are limited. There are Taxis for short-term and short-distance usage. We have seen some disruption in this space from companies like Uber and Lyft but these options still remain very expensive and are only practical for occasional usage. In the rental space traditional companies like Enterprise and Sixt are dominating the market and there has been some movement from more disruptive companies like Car2Go, Zipcar and Drivenow. These are usually still very expensive, charge by the minute and are only available in some major cities. P2P Car Sharing is a new alternative if you need a vehicle for a few days and if you don‘t mind the condition of the vehicle. On these platforms you usually only find old vehicles from private individuals which may be unreliable. The real issues are potential discomfort in picking up the vehicle from a stranger and the prospect for a negative interaction regarding vehicle condition upon return of the vehicle.


Affordable, all-inclusive and commitment-free! After extensive engagements and discussions with car dealers over the last three years, the use-case and road map became increasingly clear – we can solve their structural issues while creating and developing an all new opportunity for consumers to enjoy the benefits of having a vehicle without owning one. A solution that is not only flexible and reliable but also affordable and solving the allimportant convenience factor compared to any other alternative. We are introducing a new way of vehicle ownership. Choose the vehicle of your preference, drive it as long as you want and return or swap anytime. You drive, we take care of the rest. With our digital end-to-end solution customers can choose any vehicle they want from the available inventory of all participating car dealers within the TrustedCars Flex network, sign for it in the app, pick up the vehicle at their local dealership and start driving. No long-term contracts yet still incredibly fair pricing, with everything included except for fuel. Every vehicle includes warranty, roadside assistance, maintenance, insurance, taxes and registration. The decentralized Blockchain use-case means that there are ZERO set-up fees or any other hidden costs – our primary goal is 100% transparency. Customers make a low weekly payment for as long as they keep the vehicle. An all-inclusive, flexible and affordable solution for everyone who needs a vehicle but doesn’t want to buy – and then have to deal with the risks and uncertainties of a purchase or be locked into long-term contracts or pay exorbitant prices for car sharing and rental.

With TrustedCars Flex you decide when and for how long you need a vehicle and only pay for the time you actually use one. The use cases for our product are unlimited, to name a few:

  • You haven‘t saved enough to buy your dream vehicle or you just started a new job and you don’t want the fi nancial liability of a purchase.
  • You need a vehicle on a daily basis but you don’t want to own a car or worry about maintenance, repairs etc.
  • You only need a vehicle from time to time, for example in the winter when you can’t ride your bike to work.
  • Or you just like changing vehicles and driving a new one every now and then…

No problem with TrustedCars Flex. Pick an Audi A5 for 6 weeks, return it and take a BMW X3 for 10 weeks. You always wanted to drive a convertible for a few months, a few taps on your phone and you are ready to go. You register with TrustedCars once and from then on you can drive any vehicle you want from the available inventory of participating car dealers in the TrustedCars network as long as you want. We provide this solution not only for private customers but for companies as well. With TrustedCars Flex companies are not forced to sign a long-term leasing contract or pay exorbitant prices for rental cars anymore. Every employee can easily get a vehicle and change it as often as they like – and the company turns the large fi xed expense of employee vehicles into a variable and fl exible expense of vehicle accessibility


Simon Toprak
Founder, CEO
Hendrik Erl
Head of Sales & Operations
Eugen Kasjanov
Head of Development
Denny Vieweg
Head of Front-End Development
Paul Scott
Business Development

Ian Scarffe
Blockchain Advisor / Consultant / Strategist / Investor
Ilya Anikin
Thomas Hierl
Sami Toprak


  • TrustedCars founded – with the vision of bringing online-shopping as a major part of modern society on to the automotive industry.

  • February: Seed financing
    June: Launch of
    Establishment of various partnerships: with TUV for the inspection of used cars, with the largest bank for car-financing, with renowned car dealerships and with insurance & warranty companies.

  • March: Relaunch of - with very high level of automation for the quick upload of cars through the implementation of a dealership-interface and the DAT database.
    Series A Financing

    September: Participation at IAA as an Exhibitor – the largest Fair for mobility and the automotive industry in the world.
    More than 30,000 cars listed on TrustedCars in 2017, with more than 100 car dealerships participating.

  • May & September: TrustedCars FLEX Token Sale

    2nd half: Development and integration of blockchain and smart contract technology. Token listed on Exchanges. Beta Launch with our existing car dealership-network in Germany.

  • 1st half: Official product launch in Germany. Release of iOS and Android App enabling customers to get a car with a few klicks on their phone. Launch of payment system enabling users to receive and make payments in TrustedCars FLEX Tokens. Translation of website into various languages.
    2nd half: Concrete plans set and ready to expand to UK, France, Italy and Spain. Including Multi-Language support.

  • 1st half: Expansion to the rest of Europe. Extension of FLEX Tokens for payment of various automotive services, like carwash, parking and other vehicle related services.

    2nd half and beyond: Expansion to USA and key cities worldwide. Onboard advertisers and retailers to promote products using FLEX Tokens (Further value increase of Tokens).


Price in ICO1 FLEX = 0.07 EUR
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution65% - Crowdsale
15% - Dev & Expansion
13% - Founders & Team
5% - Advisory & Legal
2% - Bounty
Soft cap20,000,000 FLEX
Hard cap520,000,000 FLEX


Legal entity

TrustedCars GmbH Kaiserstraße 39 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Prehistory of project

Launch of

Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap, start of IOS and Android App release is planned for H1 2019. No MVP were found at the moment

Blockchain experience

Advisor Paul Scott – Vice President of Business Development at Bravocoin


Advisor Ian Scarffe has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


Advisor Ilya Anikin – Director, Partner in SHCapital.

Advisor at TrustedCarsWorldPolyElementhPhotochainEmmares, DATAEUM






No Escrow information were found


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