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Community-owned Crypto Exchange
Tokeneo is the first cryptocurrency exchange on the market ever to offer a revenue sharing model. We also provide a range of simple yet powerful tools to help the investors track and analyze their asset performance. Our investors finally have a voice of their own and they can significantly influence the development of the exchange platform.



Starts in
13 days
8 Oct 2018

ICO start8 Oct 2018
ICO end30 Dec 2018

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We came up with the very idea of launching the Tokeneo project at the beginning of 2018, when we were beginning to raise capital for the purposes of the open cryptocurrency fund Cryptoinvestia. In the course of working on the investment basket at one point we had no option but to select the appropriate assets with low risk and high potential of adoption and yield. Currently only a few projects can offer to their investors more than a sheer promise of the peaking exchange rate in the future. Aiming at protecting in the bestpossible manner the interests of the individuals wishing to entrust their capital to us, we have decided to allocate some part of the accumulated funds for the construction of a trading platform whose shareholders would participate in the distribution of profits generated by it. It is common knowledge that irrespective of the current trends dominating in the cryptocurrency markets, their exchange markets keep taking pride in increasingly higher gains and the turnover in the token markets is constantly on the increase. Seeing the market gap, we adopted a decision to develop the Tokeneo platform – a cryptocurrency exchange that pays outs regular dividends to its investors, the holders of TEO tokens.

What is Tokeneo?

The underlying idea behind Tokeneo is creating a cryptocurrency trading platform, where everyone could participate on an equal footing in its development, influence its shape and fully contribute to its success on a partner basis that so far have been typical for the reality of big business. We decided that the solutions applied on the market are excessively superficial and insufficient in order to achieve this objective, that is why we have developed our own model in accordance with which investors by way of their participation in the public offering would gain substantial power over the developed project and they would be attached to it for a longer period of time and not only for speculative purposes. Tokeneo aims at being the very first exchange which you can really own. The planned sales of Tokeneo tokens is supposed to serve as the means to achieving the state in which the project success will translate in a tangible manner into the results generated by our assets – Tokeneo tokens – and, therefore, a satisfactory return rate for our investors. With a view to translating the highest base value into our tokens, we decided to implement the dividend-based model, in which the token owner not only speculates as for its real valuation, but also has the right to participate in the distribution of real gains that are generated on an ongoing basis by the developing platform. In our estimation, such a solution not only protects the interests of investors and safeguards them against any excessive risk, but also guarantees that together with the development of our product the demand for shares expressed in the form of Tokeneo tokens will constantly rise. There is a legitimate company behind the exchange project. Its registered office has been hand-picked by us meticulously, when monitoring the development of cryptocurrency markets and the regulatory actions of local governments in individual countries. What we noticed was the high adoption dynamics and openness to advanced technologies on the Asian markets and thanks to this, we focused our search efforts on that location. Once we analyzed the situation, we decided to register our company in Hong-Kong as Tokeneo Ltd. We keep monitoring the situation and we keep looking for the best places to conduct this type of business activity, since given such a dynamically changing environment decent information is critical to success. We remain fully aware of our responsibility in respect of our investors, therefore we keep following all the communications pertaining to cryptocurrency market regulations so that we keep a tight rein on all the changes that could potentially adversely affect our growth opportunities. Hong-Kong, which is renowned for being business-friendly is currently the best option.



Tomasz Rozmus
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Cyryl Dudek
CSO (Chief Strategy Officer & Product Manager
Adam Tatarynowicz
CCO/CLO (Chief Compliance/Legal Officer)
Lukasz Janowski
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Nikhil Sethi
Marketing Director
Jakub Staron
PRO (Public Relations Officer)
Bartłomiej Kamionka
Social Media & Support
Paweł Bylica
CTO, Back-end Developer
Stanisław Kiciński
Front-end Developer, Graphic Designer


  • TOKENEO version beta
    Public ICO
    TOKENEO version 1.0

  • Fiat integration
    Min. 50 crypto markets
    TOKENEO version 2.0

  • Margin trading
    TOKENEO mobile
    payment system



Investment Info
Tokens Distribution80% - Sale
10% - Development
8% - Stategic partners
2% - Bounty
Soft cap3,000,000 USD
Hard cap16,000,000 USD


Prehistory of project

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Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap, start of the MVP release is planned for Q4 2018. No MVP were found at the moment

Blockchain experience

Marketing Director Nikhil Sethi – VP for Engagement at Forest

Advisor at eByte eSports



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Update 28/08/2018

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