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31 Oct 2018

Price in ICO1 FOUR = 0.10 EUR
preICO start12 May 2018
preICO end9 Jun 2018
ICO start14 Oct 2018
ICO end31 Oct 2018

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The 4th Pillar project is partly privately and partly crowdsale contribution funded blockchain human resources and finance connecting platform for individuals and organizations. Based on the Ethereum and private Ethereum-based fork the DAPP platform will utilize smart contracts, wallets and blockchain to solve day-to-day problems, which individuals and their employers experience. For example: (1) employee distributed professional database with validated automated non-discriminatory evaluation system; (2) expensive international bank payments, bonus transfers, and; (3) work-related peer to peer document distribution. The 4th Pillar platform will be a place where individuals can build verified professional identity, their personal decentralized savings and pension fond and at the same time organizations can optimize their financials and recruit their potential employees.


The 4th Pillar platform is a new blockchain concept where individuals can build a verified professional Identity and a decentralized crypto pension fund, and where organizations can optimize their finances, send work documentation and recruit their potential employees. When developing the 4th Pillar platform, every aspect was thought through. We will issue the FOUR token to fuel and handle all the 4th Pillar ecosystem private blockchain transactions and to serve as a system long-term cryptocurrency value.

The Secure digital blockchain ID will be a long-term solution equivalent to a present-day passport, which allows individuals to provide their professional information when switching jobs, or to store their work history securely for long periods of time. External users - recruiters - will also have the possibility to browse through the 4th Pillar blockchain ecosystem and discover individuals anonymously, based on their location, work expertise, years of experience and employment status. The system will provide an automatic, verified and non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation, based on imported, measurable data, making recruitment easier and more transparent.

We will allow organizations to award and transfer FOUR tokens directly to their employees without any intermediaries (e.g. banks), therefore saving time and costs. The 4th Pillar will give the individuals the possibility to save some part of the salary, yearly bonus or other income in their own personal 4th Pillar savings fund wallet. Another innovative 4th Pillar feature is the transfer of pay slips and work-related documents with the help of asymmetrical cryptography through the 4th Pillar blockchain network directly to an individual’s personal wallet, creating work-related history ledger for individuals and organizations.


Silvo Fortuna
Support team
Nataša Kutlača
Blockchain copywriter
Miša Podpečan
Digital marketing
Matic Kogovšek
Digital marketing
Gregor Medved
Digital marketing
Damjan Košec
Media and PR
Janez Skobe
Creative director
Jaka Gornik
Co-founder, CMO
Roman Dobrina
Co-founder, CFO
Dušan Lazar
Co-founder, COO
Tali Režun
Co-founder, CEO
Peter Kecek
SE Europe business developer
Jernej Belaj
Community manager
Natasa Kutlaca
Blockchain copywriter
Andrej Gorenjak
IT Specialist
Andrej Zorko
IT Specialist
Igor Zorko
IT & Legislation Specialist


  • /4THC/ - THE 4TH PILLAR concept

  • Legal, tax & Legislation

  • /4THB/ - ICO & BETA preparation

  • /4THB/ THE 4TH PILLAR BETA release
    - users wallets
    - multiple token distribution
    - FOUR token economy

  • /4THB/ - Platform beta PHP Laravel platform DAPP, Chrome ADD-on & Smart contracts

  • TGE & Public sale

  • FOUR token exchange listings

  • /4THP1/ THE 4TH PILLAR platform testing & P2P document distribution
    development (Integration of IPFS hypermedia protocol)

  • /4THP2/ Start of B-to-B sales (SE Europe), launch of P2P IPFS document distribution module

  • /4THP2/ Mobile wallet app launch (ANDROID APP)

  • /4THP2/ THE 4TH PILLAR organization financial audit 2018, 4th Pillar database module development

  • /4THP2/
    - mobile wallet app launch (IOS APP)
    - white-collar management assessment & research

  • /4THP3/ Evaluation database module launch

  • /4THP3/ SYNCHRO module development (Database synchronization module development), White-collar management algorithm development

  • THE 4TH PILLAR organization financial audit

  • /4THP3/ SYNCHRO module launch
    /4THP3/ White-collar management BETA

  • /4THP3/ White-collar management LAUNCH

  • THE 4TH PILLAR organization financial audit 2019

  • /4THP4/ Fully functional platform & global integration


Price in ICO1 FOUR = 0.10 EUR
Investment Info
AcceptingETH and FIAT
Tokens Distribution38% FOUR tokens are intended for public sale
38% FOUR tokens will form the 4th Pillar vault. The 4th Pillar vault will be a part of the 4th Pillar ecosystem, valuable and essential for system operation and also a source for B-to-B FOUR token sales. Due to easier and quicker platform adoption, 4th Pillar vault will sell FOUR tokens to organizations in EUROs, but never below market price.
12.5% FOUR tokens are held by the founders and the team, but VESTED for a period of 12 months and gradually released monthly according to the 12-month cliff plan
7.25% FOUR tokens are intended for the advisors
2.5% FOUR tokens go to the contributors, who helped with the project
1.75% FOUR tokens are reserved for the bounty. Bounty tokens will be distributed for community building and sales incentive for pre-sale contributors.

Soft cap2,000,000 EUR
Hard cap12,000,000 EUR


Legal entity

Registered Address: Ljubljana, Slovenia


Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project were found.

Product or its MVP

4TH Pillar Blockchain bussines model and token flow- done

The 4 th Pillar is a blockchain-based human resources platform
Working BETA 2. April 2018

By the way, no real MVP were found

Blockchain experience

Drazen Kapusta –

Alemsah Ozturk –  advisor at



No escrow information found


Update: 02.03.2018

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