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Cold transmutation of elements
Synthestech is the world's first independent laboratory designed for the technology development for production of platinum and valuable isotopes through Cold Fusion. This is a real disruptive technology in chemistry. The time of great changes has come, but not in the blockchain protocols (those good days are gone), rather in Cold Fusion. If this word is new to you, then you should keep it in mind, since the whole world will be talking about it soon.



Price in ICO1 STT = 1 USD
preICO start1 Jan 2018
preICO end26 Feb 2018
ICO start18 Mar 2018
ICO end31 May 2018

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Under the term LENR-reaction is understood a whole bulk of research and experiments. In fact, this phenomenon is found almost everywhere and the point is that different researchers find anomalous heat release and traces of nuclear transmutation in those reactions where, according to the modern conceptions of physics of the microworld, they should not exist. There is something that science cannot yet explain, but numerous experiments and observations prove that it exists. Modern physics in this situation does not seek to answer the question - how it occurs, but tries to totally ignore this topic wherever it is possible. But there are enthusiasts who understand the promising outlook and continue to study LENRreactions.

The goal of further research by “Synthestech” is to adjust the technology and develop precise techniques for Cold Transmutation of chemical elements;
techniques that will be commercially profitable and industrially scalable. The work is based on previously obtained data as a result of our own research and on the study results of other scientists engaged in LENR reactions. Three main areas of work are planned:

• Transmutation of low-value starting elements into valuable elements in order to obtain such elements as rhenium, osmium, iridium, platinum,
ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and, perhaps, gold;
• Transmutation of low-value starting elements in order to obtain nonstandard isotope mixtures and individual isotopes of stable elements;
• Transmutation of various starting elements in order to obtain bioactive elements for medical purposes with properties, recorded in the sources of ancient Chinese and ancient Indian medicine, as well as in works of the medieval European scientist and doctor Paracelsus.

Researchers are facing the following tasks:

1. Analyze in detail the processes occurring in reactions, previously discovered by “Synthestech” group;
2. Using the obtained data, select the most technologically and commercially promising methods of transformation of some elements into others, in order to conduct a detailed analysis of the specific Cold Transmutation of chemical elements;
3. Develop optimal conditions for a specific LENR-transmutation reaction;
4. Create and test different modifications of reactors for Cold Transmutation of chemical elements; elaborate equipment constructions, materials, tools and so on; select optimal ratios of components of reagents mixture;
5. Produce a pilot batch of artificially obtained elements.


Vladislav Karabanov
Head and Founder of the Project
Dmitry Pushkarev
Manager of Engineering Work
Roman Karabanov
Head of Laboratory "Synthestech"
Nadezhda Fedyakina
Community manager
Yuri Bazhutov
PhD in Physics and Mathematics
Vladimir Krivitsky
PhD in geology and mineralogy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU)
Denis Kozulin
PhD in Chemistry
Krishna Ghezza Matter
Financial advisor
Sergiy Oliynyk
Doctor of Biological ScienceDoctor of Biological Science


  • Start Private Sale and Pre-ICO

  • Start ICO

  • Construction Kick-start

    Construction of a separately located laboratory building
    with area of 1000 m2

  • Mastering the Technology

    Mastering the technology of Cold Transmutation for commercial use.

  • Implementation of the commercial phase

    Commercialization of the achieved results

  • Receiving dividends from investments

    Profit distribution using crypto currency or fiat money


Price in ICO1 STT = 1 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC, USD, EUR
Tokens Distribution79,17% - Crowd Sale (ICO)
16,67% - Early investors exchange fund
3,33% - Pre-Sale
0,83% - Bounty campaign
Hard cap14,000,000 USD


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ICO purpose is to collect funds for modern lab building to continue their work at elements transmutation. MVP was not found

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Update: 31.03.2018


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