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SPINDLE is the official utility token to be used on the blockchain-based investment / asset management platform SPINDLE, a comprehensive space which aims to act as a gateway creating access to various investment options at a high level of transparency. SPINDLE believes that establishing a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is the best way to remove investors’ vague sense of unease about investment and encourage involvement in proactive asset management.



Price in ICO1 SPD = 0.129 USD
CountryUnited Kingdom
ICO start9 May 2018
ICO end15 May 2018

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The SPINDLE project aims to educate people, without much investment experience, that investment and asset management is an enjoyable way to enrich their life and mind through SPINDLE.

Recent years have seen global credit crises like the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the Greek financial crisis. These are but few of the examples of financial collapse from conventional centralized countries and their central banks. On the other hand, Bitcoin and other digital currencies have emerged, rapidly developing decentralized markets where individuals can judge and improve currency values. SPINDLE believes that, in these potentially expansive decentralized markets, people engage in investment and asset management on an equal basis for the purpose of not only increasing their assets, but to enjoy the process and bring about an enriched daily life and to live independent lives.
SPINDLE is the first ever investment/asset management platform where the centralized authority is removed and more people can enjoy investing or managing their assets on an equal footing.
The SPINDLE project aims to enable more people to enjoy enriched lives through investment and asset management, and to become free from the conventional exploitative social structure that is based on centralized authority.


SPINDLE is an investment/asset management platform with unalterable, highly transparent information based on blockchain and smart contract technologies.
It records the operator's plans, history and performance with cryptocurrency using blockchain technology, so customers can judge investment options based on information that cannot be falsified. Also, customers make direct investments using the SPINDLE currency, so that no third party can intervene in the investment process. Such investment is immediately recorded in the blockchain using smart contract technology so that the relationship between investors and asset managers is created on equal terms without the need for conventional banks or securities companies to act as middlemen.

SPINDLE believes that establishing a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is the best way to remove investors' vague sense of unease about investment/asset management, and the underlying transparency and reliability of information will serve as a catalyst for more people to become involved in proactive investment/asset management.
Currently, the investment options in Spindle are to invest in global digital currency managers, but in the future, promising startups seeking funds and crowdfunding will be added to the list of investment options. SPINDLE believes that everyone makes investments in diverse investment options with clear intentions and purposes so that they can not only obtain conventional value in terms of profit, but also to enjoy a self-sufficient life, and experience a richness of life and mind through their investments and their contributions.


Masamitsu Hirai
President & CEO
Tsunehisa Kasai
Executive Vice President & COO
Takashi Koga
Executive Director
Lina Seiche
PR Manager/Evangelist
Dariusz Chrzastowski
Supreme Strategic Advisor
Gackt Oshiro
Asia Strategic Advisor
Junichiro Kawato
General Counsel
Seiji Yoshizaki
Strategic Advisor
Cher Chen Lung
Global Alliance Advisor
Fumihiko Sano
Context / Architectual Advisor
Julia Della Scala
Crypto-world PR Advisor
Masayoshi Hashimoto
Creative Technologist / Technology Evangelist
Technology Advisor


  • Start of Private Presales

  • Publishing of website and White paper

  • End of Private pre sales (Domestic)

  • Begin cloud sale for the global markets

  • Issuance of SPD Tokens and distribution to buyer wallets
    Launch of the Beta version of the SPINDLE Service Application (SPA)
    Listing on the cryptocurrency exchange (ICO)


Price in ICO1 SPD = 0.129 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution40% - Main Sale
25% - Private Presale
15% - Team Token
10% - M&A Buyback & Options
5% - Institutional Investors
5% - Regal & Advisary
Hard cap10,000,000,000 SPD


Legal entity

Registered Address: London, UK


Prehistory of project

SPINDLE is the project of BLACK STAR GROUP. By the way, no completed portfolio were found at that website.

Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap, beta launch is planned for May 2018. No other MVP were found at the moment

Blockchain experience

No blockchain experience were found by team and advisors


No escrow information were found


Update: 08.04.2018


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