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Blockchain-based Business-to-Robots Operating Platform
SKYFchain team launches a token sale to distribute the nodes of the SKYFchain and to collect funds for the development and marketing of the SKYFchain Operating Platform worldwide. They issue the fixed amount of SKYFT tokens, which will be required for any transaction inside the SKYFchain. A user requests a transaction in SKYFchain and pays securely in fiat money through his smart contract. SKYFchain aquires SKYFT tokens at a crypto exchange to execute the transaction.



Price in ICO1 SKYFT = from 0,046 to 0,065 USD
preICO start1 Mar 2018
preICO end6 Mar 2018
ICO start10 Mar 2018
ICO end15 Aug 2018

  • TEAM

The SKYFchain Operating Platform will provide a disruptive solution for switching global logistics industries to unmanned systems. As an independent blockchain-based Operating Platform open to all industry participants it will contain critical information for each stage of lifecycle of a cargo robot.
The operations and access to clients of SKYF drone will be used to develop and test the SKYFchain. We aim to set the standards for the new industry in robotic delivery in areas such as financing, manufacturing, operations, maintenance, insurance, and authorization of drones and robots in the air, on the ground and at the sea.

SKYFchain Operating Platform (hereinafter SKYFchain OP) is thefirst B2R (business-to-robots) blockchain-based operatingplatform applicable globally inall sectors of a developing cargo roboticsindustry. It will be initially developed and tested by using the first industrial cargo airborne robot –SKYFdrone –which will also give SKYFchain instant access to its client base for development of unmanned business processes. Later all other unmanned cargo systems: in the air, on the ground and at the seawill be connectedto SKYFchain.

The first feedback from our customers in oil and gas industry confirms that if they switch from helicopters to cargo dronesthey can supply their on-shore rigs with 5 to 10 times less cost.

SKYFchain as a blockchain with built-insmart contracts will provide trusted source of data and reasonable control over unmanned assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance and leasing companies, banks, and authorities worldwide.

It will unveil new profitable business opportunities for all industry participants, transportation system with lower risk for the society, and increased overall affordability of goods and services due to substantial cost cutting in the global supply chain.

We expect that value of SKYFT may increase over time because of two main drivers:

  1. More and more companies, clients, financial institutions will be connected to SKYFchain which will drive the growth of transactionsin SKYFchain and demand onSKYFT.
  2. For every SKYFchain transaction whether it’s getting loan to buy unmanned vehicle, client payment or something else SKYFchain will charge some commission. 25%of commissions will go to SKYFT holders.

We understand that your backing of SKYFchainmay be associated with riskand we have takenseveral measures to mitigate those risks:

  • SKYFchain legal entity -Skyfdrones Services OU -is registered in Estonia which has one of most favorable regulationsin the worldfor blockchainrelated companies.
  • SKYFTtokens are compliantwith SEC of USA and available for US investors.
  • Hundreds of SKYF drones will use SKYFchain as an operating platform. SKYFchain developers will have direct access to all SKYF drone clients to test and polish SKYFchain system before inviting otherproducers of dronesto use the system.
  • SKYFchain is aspin-off of SKYFdronedevelopment project, which in addition to granting SKYFchain access to clients shall use 20% of revenues from sales of SKYF drones to purchase the SKYFT tokens from the market. We estimate that this may amount to$50M during the next 3-5 years after the ICO. And the SKYF drone is designed with full range of IP protection measures including patens and know-how. Thisshallprotect SKYFchain uniquenessfor the time of its initial development.
  • SKYFchain has very experienced and trusted team of engineers and business leaders with proven results–they have attracted $5M of VC money into the SKYF drone project.


Nickolay Kovshov
Lead IT Developer
Dmitry Arsentyev
Drone development
Marat Sabirov
Autopilot design
Tarlan Kornilov
Law partner
Nail Zinnurov
Drone design
Alena Narinyani
Head of SMM
Katya Bublik
Head of digital marketing
Sergey Shilin
Software Engineer
Alexander Malikov
Software Engineer
Alexey Arkhipov
Managing partner at QIWI Blockchain technologies

Michael Terpin
CEO, Advisor
Alexander Ivanov
Expert in global business development


  • Design and manufacturing of SKYF cargo drones attracted $5M; successful aerodynamic tests; fully autonomous flights Q4 2017

  • Development of the private blockchain; creation of the international legal structure; sales of first SKYF drones and expansion of the partner network to the regions without strict regulation of cargo drones flights (CIS, Asia, Africa)

  • Rapid growth of SKYF drone sales; inclusion of third-party drones data into SKYF-chain; lobbying for new regulations in developed markets

  • Connecting of ground and sea cargo robots into the system; passenger drones to follow


Price in ICO1 SKYFT = from 0,046 to 0,065 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution44% - Crowdsale
20% - Team
15% - Network Development Fund
10% - Community Development Fund
9.5% - Reserve
1.5% - Bounty Fund
Soft cap5,000,000 USD
Hard cap30,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Registered Address: Tallinn, Estonia

Prehistory of project

There is base SKYF website – team is developing drone tech for a few years

Product or its MVP

SKYF drone has already been developed, video of test flight attached

Blockchain experience

Advisor Igor Karavaev has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


Advisor Michael Terpin has a over 50 ICO advised, some projects are listed in his NewsBTCprofile and his LinkedIn profile


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Update: 15.03.2018

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