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Resto platform based on blockchain
Resto Platform is a highly anticipated revolution in foodservice. A universally beneficial opportunity realized by blockchain implementation.



Ends in
56 days
14 Dec 2018

Price in ICO1 ETH = 10,000 RESTO
CountryUnited Kingdom
preICO start25 Sep 2018
preICO end9 Oct 2018
ICO start10 Oct 2018
ICO end14 Dec 2018

  • TEAM

Resto for investors — is a one-off opportunity for investment into universal Resto currency performing at an ongoing growth rate through the engagement of each foodservice operator and the capture of each new country market. It is a crucial chance for guaranteed passive income and the opportunity to become a co-founder of the Global Foodservice Loyalty Space. Resto for participants — is a unique and complete kit that resolves major foodservice operator problems. It is a free and powerful competitive advantage, offering a set of highly-effective marketing and promotion services within a Worldwide Loyalty Space of infinite possibilities. Resto for consumers — is a general currency for visiting any foodservice establishment anywhere in the world with cashback guarantee. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save money and earn money simultaneously, to get the best prices and the most attractive offers without geo boundaries as a very special participant of the International Foodservice Community

Why Resto?

  • Resto is a single and complete solution to the major problems experienced in the foodservice industry by consumers and operators alike;
  • Resto generates a worldwide integrated loyalty space with crypto-cashback, the most competitive prices, attractive offers and a real extra income option for consumers without any geo boundaries;
  •  Resto empowers an operator with exclusive marketing resources such as a current consumer database and revolutionary targeting options focused around the most essential customer specifics;
  •  Resto can guarantee transaction security and transparency since transactions are verified by the Ethereum platform.


What problems does Resto solve?

For Business Owners: lack of human resources marketing experts, IT specialists, etc. ; low average bill lack of tools for increase; need for new consumers lack of tools for attraction ; lack of CRM system no business efficiency control ; huge marketing budget for questionable results ; nontransparent review services paid out and fake reviews.

For Consumers: abundance of loyalty cards with varying degrees of quality ; little perceived savings in most program offers; irrelevant offers don’t match personal tastes ; lack of review systems and restaurant ratings.

For Marketing Specialists: expensive researches lack of budget ; ill-defined customer targeting lack of resources ; nontransparent feedback services paid out and fake reviews ; loyalty program complexity problems of development ; ad campaigns control complexity of monitoring ; extra staff training for ad campaigns.


Biraj Bhandari
Mobile architect, blockchain
Alexander Bender
IT Infrastructure Solution Architect
Dilip Kumar
Senior Web Developer

Chai Shepherd
Co-Founder / Technology + Development
Ade Molajo
Kris Zysk


  • Idea inception and development;
    Research of needs of small business foodservice operators;
    Performance analysis for foodservice offline and online ad campaigns.

  • Project architecture development;
    Brand development;
    Marketing infrastructure development.

  • Prototype development (concept design);
    Business model development;
    Foodservice market analysis.

  • ICO project development;
    Private & Public PreSale;
    Investor recruitment.

  • ICO

  • RestoLP Beta-release;
    Resto CRM Beta-release;
    RestoLP Marketing Pack Beta-release.

  • Integration with major CRM platforms of ASIA PACIFIC region;
    Launch of ASIA PACIFIC branches;
    Resto Wallet App Beta-release (Android, iOS).

  • RestoLP Release;
    Resto CRM Release;
    Resto Wallet App Release;
    Retail and chain foodservice outlets onboarding (ASIA PACIFIC).

  • Digital Ad Promotion Resto Wallet;
    Digital Ad Promotion Resto CRM;
    Digital Ad Promotion RestoLP;
    RestoLP PR campaign;
    5% of retail foodservice outlets in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC capitals accept Resto Token.

  • Resto Wallet MAU total is about 200K+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC;
    5K+ retail foodservice outlets accept Resto Token in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC;
    Integration with the major CRM platforms in EUROPE.

  • Resto Reviews Beta-release;
    Resto Wallet MAU total is about 800K+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC;
    20K+ retail foodservice outlets accept RestoToken in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC.

  • Launch of sales offices in 3 largest cities of India, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea;
    Resto Wallet MAU total is about 3M+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC;
    80K+ retail foodservice outlets accept RestoToken in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC;
    Breakeven Point.

  • Resto Wallet MAU total is about 14M+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC;
    350K+ retail foodservice outlets accept RestoToken in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC;
    Launch of ad campaigns by foodservice outlet owners.


Price in ICO1 ETH = 10,000 RESTO
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution41% - ICO
18% - Team and Advisors
18% - Marketing and Bonus
9% - Retailers and customers acquisition
8% - Reserve
5% - Pre-sale
1% - Bounty
Soft cap12,500 ETH
Hard cap50,000 ETH


Legal entity

Registration Address: METROPOLE VENTURES LP, Company number LP018193, 60 Larchmont Road, Leicester, England, LE4 0BE

Prehistory of project

In WP there’s a big part dedicated to the market research that has been done before starting the campaign.The company is registered in 2017 which is another evidence of the prehistory of the project.


Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap, start of the RestoLP , Resto CRM, Resto Wallet App  release is planned for Q3 2019. No MVP were found at the moment

Blockchain experience

CBDO Richard Scott – MD | Commercial Director at BlockNine
CTO Alan Palmer – Chief Technology Officer at GoldCub

Mobile architect, blockchain Biraj Bhandari – Innovation Scientist at AltBlock


Advisor Naviin Kapoor has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


Advisor Chai Shepherd – Co-Founder / Technology + Development at PLAAK


Advisor Julien Trottier – Advisor at IDACB , DigitBit

President at Cryptoloirevalley


No Escrow information were found


Update 12/10/2018


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