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Red Lanterns

Blockchain Platform for Sex Education
The RL Service is a platform for community support and development, whose goal is to increase the overall level of sexual literacy around the world. Anyone who has installed the RL mobile application and registered as a User will be able to find a proven Expert or training content here tailored to their own individual sexual preferences.



Price in ICO1 REDL = 1USD
ICO start14 Feb 2018
ICO end15 Apr 2018

  • TEAM

Red Lanterns (RL service) is an actively developing online service that helps people fill the gaps in their sex education. Our product is a free mobile application for finding sexual literacy experts, available for download in the App Store and Google Play Market from anywhere in the world.
During the year of work spent on the RL service development, our team has identified a number of problems and difficulties related to raising the level of an individual’s sex education: difficulties with finding qualified experts low level of confidentiality when using existing online services high commissions, lack of guarantees and transparency in mutual settlements lack of clear service provision rules Developing the ways to increase the level of sex education with the help of advanced technologies, the RL team came to the conclusion that application of blockchain technology in the existing RL service and introduction of the REDL crypto token as a payment unit would be the perfect tool for solving a whole range of problems. To implement this idea, the RL team decided to bring the product to an ICO in order to attract crypto enthusiasts, Experts, and new application users for further RL service development and community formation.

The RL project team believes that the issues of increasing the sexual literacy of a person require an individual approach and an effective solution can only be offered by an experienced Expert. An Expert is a specialist who has not only knowledge in the field of sexology and psychology of relations, but also familiar with the physiology of a human being and how to turn theory into practice without negative consequences. We provide an opportunity to get expert opinions or advice to every person in the world. As part of the RL project, we are developing a platform to support the Community of Experts and those who need qualified coaching and answers to questions in the field of sexual literacy. Through its mission, the RL Team considers comprehensive promotion of the fourth item of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) program, which is formulated as follows: «Ensure universal access to comprehensive sexual information and education». The only effective way to implement a mission is to develop and popularize the RL service to eliminate a number of causes of sexual illiteracy: lack of opportunity to get anonymous basic sex education and skills silence, social censure and social control of topics related to sexual development the absence of a frank dialogue about individual characteristics and preferences without criticism, condemnation or ridicule low level of sex education among the authors of educational content in the media and the Internet distortion of the topic of sex education through the prism of the Internet and media content difficulties in finding knowledgeable Experts, with skills and abilities in bottlenecks of sex education.
The RL team takes into consideration the difficulties in solving all the complex problems of modern society associated with the causes of low levels of sex education in the world. For this reason, at the first stage of activity the RL team will unite the efforts of the community to eliminate two main problems:

the low level of quality of human life:
the inability to bond creates feelings of insecurity and self-doubt in a person, which leads to underestimation of self-esteem. Low self-esteem affects the performance of a person in all spheres of life, leads to the development of complexes, apathy and rejection of oneself as a fully-fledged personality. Lack of confidence in one’s own authentication leads a person into a deep depression and can cause fatal consequences for him and others: suicide among young people or sexual aggression in adulthood.

weak families:
sexual life is one of the foundations of family and harmonious relationships. Sexual illiteracy of even one of the spouses threatens the strongest feelings and marriages. The low level of emotional returns in the couple entails increased irritation, loss of mutual respect and sexual aggression, which as a result leads to the disintegration of the family. About 37% of modern couples are not ready to have a family in the context of sexual literacy and experience.

Red Lanterns is the result of uniting the efforts of the Team, Consultants, Partners and Experts in
order to build something more than another mobile platform for those who care about raising their own level of sexual literacy. The goal of the RL Team is to create a self-developing communication digital platform and community for such a complex topic as raising the level of sexual literacy.
The RL team considers the key to success as the combination of openness, anonymity, high quality information and giving each member of the community the opportunity to determine the direction of development of the RL Service.
The RL team does not act as the owner of the community, but as being on a par with everyone and brings the interests of community members to the first place, which is the path to decentralization. The implementation of Ethereum blockchain and the REDL crypto-token as a unit of payment is the beginning of the gradual transformation of the RL Service towards full decentralization and the transition of voting rights to each member of the RL community. The RL service is transforming itself precisely so that everyone gets the opportunity to talk about their sexual characteristics and preferences, find congenial people and establish relationships without the fear of becoming the object of close attention and condemnation on the part of society.


Nikolay Zirchyk
Yuriy Lozinskiy
Dirk Hooper
Angelica Gabrell
Stan Tratsevsky
Artem Afian
Ksenya Praym
Alexander Lysikov
Blockchain expert
Kristina Birk
Creative advisor
Andrey Dryga
Anti-Scam expert
Valentin Saitarli
Marketing and promotion
Madame Caramel
Dominatrix Mentor
Cynthia Turcotte
Content and Outreach Advisor
Franklin Forbes
Diversity advisor
Leyla Martinez
Diversity and Female Outreach advisor


  • Concept development

    Market and branch insights research .
    Making a decision on the project launching.
    Business strategy development

  • Product development

    Private investments.
    Start of development of the platform for Red Lanterns mobile app

  • Product tests

    Mobile app Red Lanterns beta-version launching.
    Engaging of the first community members

  • Attraction of investments from Fintech Foundation fund. Mobile app Red Lanterns beta-version 2.1 launching

  • White Paper development. Smart-contract creation. Attraction of projects consultants, legal services. Marketing. Mobile app Red Lanterns beta-version 2.2 launching

  • Going to ICO
    Pre-sale, ICO

  • Integration of Ethereum blockchain and REDL tokens in RL platform and mobile app

  • Integration with crypto-exchanges

  • Launching the web version of the application. Marketplace launching for sale of users’ educational content

  • Implementation of augmented reality to increase the level of confidentiality and service attractiveness (interactive elements)

  • Chat-bot platform launching, creation of personal assistances, start artificial intelligence training

  • Launching of artificial intelligence platform


Price in ICO1 REDL = 1USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution80% - Token Sale
10% - Team
5% - Bonus Program
5% - Reserve Fund
Soft cap1,500,000 USD
Hard cap10,000,000 USD


Legal entity

No legal entity were found.

Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, start of development of the platform for Red Lanterns mobile app was in June, 2016.
First Mobile app Red Lanterns beta-version launching was in August 2016.

Product or its MVP

Blockchain experience
Engineering Project Manager – Ambisafe



No escrow information were found.


Updated 06.03.2018

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