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Raido Financial 3.5/5 (1) - Platform to build on Blockchain

Global fintech ecosystem combined of multicurrency wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, ICO processing and other solutions for all B2B and B2C crypto market players.

Token sale ended

  • Token: RF
  • Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 RF
  • PreICO start: 15 Nov 2018
  • PreICO end: 15 Dec 2018
  • ICO start: 15 Jan 2019
  • ICO end: 15 Feb 2019
  • Country: Belize
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Raido Financial is a global fintech ecosystem that combines a set of universal crypto tools for trading, exchange, financial and investment operations for all B2B and B2C crypto market players through the single platform. Our mission is to provide all the market stakeholders with the most efficient, comprehensive and secure tools for carrying out all needed crypto activities. Thus, our main goal is to run and improve the ecosystem, whereby any participant of the crypto market can easily obtain and use highly efficient and profitable tools with any experience level in Blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies.

Raido Financial allows you to:

  • Perform all types of trading operations efficiently with highly technological features. The technical architecture of Raido Financial is capable to provide users with the maximum data processing speed due to the high performance and load-processing system. In addition, Raido Financial will be integrated with the maximum number of protocols, including the most popular ones: FIX API, WebSockets, REST. The collocation zone allows to process high-frequency queries and effectively use algorithmic and Machine Learning modules.
  • Launch and effectively manage new ICOs. A tokenized smart-processing system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects will be a part of the Raido Financial ecosystem. This system provides a set of “all in one” tools needed to implement a successful launch of Token Sales – including all marketing, legal and technical aspects.
  • Anonymously, securely and profitably carry out trading, exchange, investment operations with crypto assets from a single multicurrency wallet. The Raido Wallet will be integrated with the most popular payment methods and currency exchanging tools: plastic cards processing, money and electronic payout systems – with low fees for ecosystem users.
  • Proceed trading operations with large volumes of crypto assets. Raido Financial ecosystem will use liquidity aggregators to ensure an integration with the largest trading platforms, crypto exchanges, brokers and other financial institutions on the same website.


Yassin Walid Yunis

Currency Analyst

Alfredo Hernandez Suarez

Senior Financial Analyst

Marian Di Valentino

Business Analyst

Pedram Raufi

Senior Trading Specialist

Dmitry Kucher

Head of the Analyst Team, Head Of Fibo Group Academy

Katherine Romaniuk

PR Director / Project Manager

Yevhen Vityuk

Airdrop & Bounty Manager

Karina Kostenko

Community Manager

Ekaterina Naimushina

Community Manager

Denis Gerasimov

Software developer

Alexander Arinin

Chief Techical Officer


Quentin Herbrecht

Country Manager France

Bogdan Fiedur

Full Stack Developer


Entrepreneur, Strategist, ICO Advisor, Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast


  • November 2017 – January 2018
    Launch of the project. Creating general Raido Financial concept, as well as the positioning of each product in ecosystem: o Multicurrency Raido Wallet; o Smart-processing system of TGE/ICO/ITO projects: investors personal account, smart contract deploy system based on Ethereum; o System of scoring cryptocurrency assets (by reliability and profitability criteria); o Raido Exchange trading platform. o Approval of the action plan in frames of the agreed concept. Hiring of the Frontend Backend - development teams Market and competitors’ analysis. o Branding, draft positioning concept, UI
  • February 2018
    Raido Wallet (basic): o Formation of the Raido Wallet technical requirements for Backend development team; o Raido Wallet server architecture development.
  • March 2018
    Raido Exchange: o Formation of the Raido Exchange technical requirements for Backend and frontend development team; o Basic server architecture development of Raido Exchange; Raido Wallet: o Formation of the Raido Wallet technical requirements for the frontend development team; o Start of the hard-core development (processing and controlling Raido Wallet cryptocurrency transactions (2 months).
  • April 2018
    Raido Exchange: o Concept design of the trading platform and Raido Exchange personal account; o Start of the development of Raido Exchange Order Core (the core of accounting trading orders), the formation of related databases and connectors (2 months) Raido Wallet: o Completion of the development and testing of the Raido Wallet Core (primary version) o Deployment of the first blockchain - Bitcoin nodes, integration with Raido Wallet Core, test transactions.
  • May 2018
    Raido Exchange: o Development of the Raido Exchange personal account (1st version) o Completion of the development and testing of Raido Exchange order code (2 months) Raido Wallet: o Raido Wallet Windows-app development o Testing and debugging Raido Wallet Windowsapp o Deployment of additional blockchain nodes: Ethereum, Litecoin
  • June 2018
    Raido Exchange: o Deployment of the 1st blockchain - Bitcoin node, setting up integration with Order Core o Start of the development of the Web-version of the Raido Exchange trading platform o Testing and finalizing the Raido Exchange personal account, integration of deposit / withdrawal methods for crypto assets inside the personal account, testing the ticket system, editing personal data, the security system (1st version); Raido Wallet: o Deployment of additional blockchain nodes: Ethereum, Litecoin o Raido Wallet production testing, debugging and fail-tolerance system monitoring.
  • July 2018
    Raido Exchange: o Testing and debugging Raido Exchange trading platform (Web-version) o Start of the development of the personal graphics library Raido Wallet: o Raido Wallet production testing, debugging and fail-tolerance system monitoring
  • August 2018
    Raido Exchange: o Creation of the first CRM-system version for interaction between Raido Exchange support team with the users o Adding the Raido Exchange private account function to the Trade History o Full-featured testing of Raido Exchange, debugging and fault tolerance system monitoring o Deployment of additional nodes: Ethereum, Litecoin o Testing and debugging chart library (graphics) system. Raido Wallet: o Raido Wallet production testing, debugging and fail-tolerance system monitoring Raido Financial (marketing): o Marketing analysis, drafting and approval of the marketing plan in terms of the Token Sale
  • September 2018
    Raido Exchange: o Release of the demo version without the possibility of registration and trading (a demo view of the Trading Platform is available) o Start of the liquidity module development. Raido Wallet: o Release of v.0.1 Raido Wallet in a production mode for cold storage and transfers (receiving, local storage and sending) BTC, ETH, LTC. BackUP function and Sign words (16 words) Raido Wallet Coin (RF) creation based on the ERC-20 standard (Ethereum). Raido Financial (marketing): o Traffic testing for collection of the initial database of ecosystem’s users; o Design of the ICO product packaging and sales funnel; o A, B, C traffic testing; o White Paper drafting, as well as legal documents for the Token Sale; o Launch of the initial communication campaign in the Raido Financial social networks.


  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 RF
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Token distribution: 36% - Developing 21% - Marketing costs 10% - Company 10% - Developers 9% - Legal expenses 6% - Advisors 3% - Administrative expenses 3% - Bounty 2% - Airdrop
  • Soft cap: 7,500 ETH
  • Hard cap: 52,7625 ETH

Proof Points

Legal entity



Prehistory of project

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Product or its MVP

Raido exchange

Blockchain experience

Advisor Boris Otonicar has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


Advisor Quentin Herbrecht – Advisor at Golden Currency


Advisor Bogdan Fiedur – Architecture Lead Blockchain at SocialX, Advisor at CinDX


Advisor Roman Karimov – Advisor at Fund , Xera Technologies , Adult X , LynkedWorld


No Escrow information were found


Update 17/11/2018


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