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The PORNX token was created as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain Unlike today's payment solutions for crypto currency, PORNX will not be used in the usual Ethereum environment, where commissioners charge commission for confirmation of transactions. PORNX will be implemented in the Lightning Network, which will reduce the commission for the transaction and make the payment lightning-fast, comparable to Visa / MasterCard, while remaining anonymous and secure.



Ends in
39 days
30 Jun 2018

Price in ICO1 PORNX = 0.6$ - 1,5$
preICO start11 Feb 2018
preICO end25 Feb 2018
ICO start1 May 2018
ICO end30 Jun 2018

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PORNX is created as a decentralized ERC20 token on Ethereum, which will be used to pay pornographic content around the world using Lightning Network technology.

Unlike today's payment solutions for the cryptocurrency, PORNX will not be used in the usual Ethereum environment, where commissioners charge the commission for confirmation of transactions. PORNX - will be implemented in the Lightning Network, which will reduce the commission for the transaction and make a payment lightning-fast, comparable to Visa / MasterCard, while remaining anonymous and secure.

Clever contracts PORNX and Lightning Network are designed to make payments secure and anonymous, via the mobile X-Wall Wallet device and using QRcode. Now you can pay porn content without fear of stealing your personal data because now you have PORNX. The first cases of using PORNX will be 120 popular pornographic resources around the world, to popularize PORNX and get acquainted with a new cryptocurrency  for a wide audience, but PORNX will go far beyond the boundaries of popular porn sites.

PORNX is designed so that any existing porn site can implement a technical solution (API) on its site and take PORNX as payment. In addition to the fact that PORNX creates new revenue streams for porn site owners, it also helps the community to develop the cryptocurrency, it also allows you to increase the cost of PORNX due to the limited supply of coins. There is a reason why the porn industry will always be popular. You understand it perfectly, we do not need to explain it. And we, in turn, decided to create a payment solution for payment of porn was possible with the help of cryptocurrency. We will transfer payment by cryptocurrency to a new level using PORNX.

The original offer of coins is 340 million. X-Wall Ltd. - an organization with limited liability, operating under Singaporean jurisdiction. The organization is registered at Singapore, 50 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower (the "Developer"). The developer intends to offer the exchange up to 255 million tokens based on Ethereum. These tokens have the name PORNX ("PORNX"). PORNX for a limited period ("offer period") from February 11 to February 25, 2018, Pre-Sale. From March 1 to March 31, 2018, Token- Sale. Hereinafter "original offer of coins", "Pre-Sale", "crowd scale", "token-sell"). Pre-Sale will have a tight restriction on attracting investments of 5,000 ETH. Token-Sale will have a strict restriction on attracting investments in 70,000 ETH. PORNX are not securities and do not carry any rights that can usually be associated with securities. PORNX are tokens based on the Ethereum platform, designed for online payment of pornographic content.

If you decide to participate in the original offer of coins as an investor, the Developer directly warns you that investments in PORNX involve a high degree of risk. For a description of the related risks, see the chapter "RISK FACTORS" in the document on the offering of coins.


Martin Benson
CEO, CTO, Co-Founder
Damian Lerner
COO, CFO, Co-Founder
Chulwoo Hong
Blockchain Developer
Colleen Rees
Core Developer
Edward Salisburry
Product Manager
David Goldfein
Mobile Developer
Yoshihiro Sugimoto
Blockchain Developer
Jisun Lee
Elijah Arroyo
Product Manager
Julian Fulton
Mobile Developer
Lee Hyun-Soo
Blockchain Advisor
Hakob Arshakyan
Legal Advisor
Ethan Hutcheson
Strategy Advisor
Marcello Milteer
Community Advisor
Crypto David
Lightning Network Advisor
Max Munk
Marketing Advisor


  • April, 2017
    The beginning of the project

    May, 2017
    Meeting of developers and team selection

    June, 2017
    Formation of the concept and search for technical solutions

  • July, 2017
    Closed meeting with investors to finance the project

    July-September, 2017
    Signing an agreement with partners to develop a payment system to pay for pornographic content

    July-September, 2017
    Development of the alpha version of the mobile application X-Wall

  • November, December, 2017
    Creation and technical support of the PORNX token based on ERC20

    November 2017 - March 2018
    Active advertising company PORNX Project

    November, December 2017
    MVP - the design of a decentralized blockchain solution for conducting snap elections.
    Design of an automated exchange system between ERC20-tokens PORNX based on Ethereum and internal tokens

  • January 22, 2018
    Start Bounty Program for technical solution PORNX Project

    February 11, 2018
    Pre-SALE - raising money for an advertising company and continuing the development of a payment system based on the payment of porn content PORNX Project

    March, 1, 2018
    Token Sale ICO - collection of money for the creation of a payment system based on Lightning Network for the payment of porn content PORNX Project

  • April, 2018
    Exit to 2 exchanges for active trading PORNX

    May, 2018
    Exit X-Wall Wallet mobile app on Google Market and Apple Store

    June, 2018
    Development of the technical part of the payment system based on the Lightning network. Realised of a protocol based on off-chain solutions. Continuation of technical innovation actions for the development nodes running on mainnet of the X-Q payment system, in the Lightning Network

    Signing an agreement with the Japanese banking holding to confirm transactions in the international legal field.

  • July - September, 2018
    Launching in the mobile application the possibility of exchanging fiat currencies on PORNX

    Development of the concept of the user interface of the payment system, A | B testing of compositional and stylistic solutions, development of adaptability for the most used devices, inclusion of design for visually impaired and people with disabilities.

    Issuance of the alpha version of the payment system, testing of the performance under different load on the data transfer protocols. Creating a self-test, identifying problems with cross-platform, code refactoring.

    Public audit of the project. Presentation at public conferences to promote the project.

  • October - December, 2018
    Integration with partners and the introduction at the first stage of 8 popular sites for the sale of porn. Namely: the integration of a secure protocol of bilateral exchange, the development of the interface for a specific website, the final testing of the release version and the final introduction to the production version. Work on improving the user part, cross-testing, stress testing and statistics collection for further tasks to improve the project X-Q Pay. (Technical Team 1)

    Regular implementation of X-Q Pay service on other porn sites of partners. Publication of the API for configuring the components of the software solution in public networks and forming a set for for such package management systems as npm and pip (Technical Team 2)

    Run on 3 webcam services. Verification of operation, carrying out of transactions, load testing and work with users and autotests, for improvement of stability of work and convenience of the interface. (Technical Team 1)

  • January - March, 2019
    Further launch on the web-site partners web sites is about 65. (Technical team 2)
    The introduction of online porn games on 2 services. Verification of operation, conducting transactions, testing and working with users, to improve the convenience of the payment interface. (Technical Team 1)
    The implementation of the remaining services of porn games, estimated to be more than 3000. (Technical team 2)
    Introducing in the stores selling goods for adults and other thematic sites for the sale of intimate goods.
    Introduction to other projects on porn topics.


Price in ICO1 PORNX = 0.6$ - 1,5$
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution70% - ICO
10% - Founders
5% - Pre-sale
3% - Investors
3% - Partners
2% - Bounty
2% - Advisors
Soft cap7,500 ETH
Hard cap30000 ETH


Legal entity

Company X-Wall Ltd is written to be registered in Singapore

By the way, no legal entity were found

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of the project were found

Product or its MVP

Alpha-version of the mobile application is being prepared for release as a presentation of project but it has still not developed yet

Source code can be found here

Blockchain experience

Advisor Marcello Milteer – Director of Marketing at Algebraix and The Bitcoin Podcast
Advisor at Bubbled


PORNX have their own internal escrow system for users called X-Q Pay.

No information of escrow by external companies were found


Update: 04.03.2018

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