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Plaza Systems

A next-generation blockchain commerce (bCommerce) infrastructure
Plaza's MerchantChain™ fuels Total bCommerce — next-gen commerce on the blockchain — with transaction speeds that eclipse current distributed ledger technologies. It is faster and lighter than any of its competitors and allows businesses large and small to build their own decentralised applications or choose from a range of cost-effective solutions.



Price in ICO1 ETH = 5,000 PLAZA
preICO start15 Mar 2018
preICO endTBD
ICO startTBD

  • TEAM

Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology. We are a systems integration company focused on commerce on the blockchain:

Sellers & Businesses
We offer a next-generation blockchain commerce (bCommerce) infrastructure — the fastest on Earth.

Buyers & Consumers
We offer an escape from high prices and “big data”.

It’s a Total bCommerce solution integrating:
The fast and future-proof MerchantChain™
The Freedom Lifestyle™ suite of search & payment tools

Total bCommerce = MerchantChain + Freedom Lifestyle
Total bCommerce! is a simplified, secure, and cost-effective means for both buyers & sellers to transact in the crypto/blockchain era.


Plaza aims to occupy the intersection oi lifestyle and technology. Plaza will strip away the confusion and complexity of new technology to make savings, security, privacy, and consumer freedom accessible to everyone.

Plaza brings emerging technologies to life by focusing on everyday utility, convenience, efficiency, and security — Plaza Vision Statement

With a lifestyle-first focus, we concentrate on the needs and concerns at people accustomed to convenience and security and who are cognizant of the creeping invasion of corporations and
governments into their digital lives. To balance these concerns, we are the first to integrate a range or emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). We strive to deliver the privacy, security, and savings of blockchain, the convenience of AI, and the whole world or consumer choice and freedom or movement in one seamless lifestyle solution.

At the center oа our solution is an AI-assisted metasearch engine that will scour the world wide web tor the best options on goods and services, including those altered by sellers marketing directly on our own blockchain-based ecommerce platform. The algorithm will never bias products offered in our marketplace. It won't have to. In terms of price, products offered on our marketplace are likely to be highly competitive because, unlike paying with fiat (e.g. US$) on established ecommerce sites, there are virtually zero transaction costs when paying with PlazaDollars (PL$), our transaction coin. It’s our way or keeping the marketplace honest!

Whether at home in on the move, our customers will be empowered by a world of choice. We offer multiple secure touch points, including PlazaCard, a debit card for everyday payments in shops and restaurants; a user-friendly mobile application for online shopping on the move; and a discreet. home- or office-based smart speaker PlazaConcierge, which serves as a personal assistant, cryptocurrency hardware wallet, AND 'mining' rig. Unlike Amazon's and Apple's and Google‘s smart speakers, which mine customers' personal information and buying habits in service or the corporations who sell these devices, our smart speaker will work for our customers; maintaining their privacy, safeguarding their private keys, and giving them the opportunity to earn a passive income from mining the MerchantChain.

Home to Plaza`s aspirational consumer lifestyle product, the Plaza ecosystem is created through the intelligent integration of established and emerging technologies.

Dual cryptocurrencies fuel the ecosystem
One at the side effects of using limited-supply tokens, such as the PLAZA token, for marketplace transactions is the potential for price volatility as realised by even hardened cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Thus, to synchronise the Plaza Ecosystem globally, stabilise prices, and create cross-market e—commerce compatibility, Plaza will issue a stable.
fiat—backed cryptocoin, the PlazaDollar (PL$), to be used exclusively for Plaza marketplace transactions.

The 'master‘ PLAZA token will serve as the driver of the PlazaEcosystem. It is a reusable ERC20 token that is freely transferable on the Ethereum blockchain and can be held within the Plaza integrated wallet or any ERC20 compatible wallet, at the discretion of the user.
PLAZA can be purchased directly on the platform or from external markets and exchanges.

As Plaza’s transaction coin, the PlazaDollar (PL$) is already informally referred to as ”Please", which sets the tone for a polite and friendly marketplace environment.
PL$ allows for frictionless e-commerce throughout the Plaza Ecosystem as buyers and sellers freely conduct their business without the additional worry of large movements in the value of
their medium of exchange.

PL$ coins are priced, issued, and redeemed in USD and are fully hacked by reserve deposits.
New coins are minted as needed and burned as they are redeemed.


Kevin Johnson
CEO / Chief Architect
Tracey Allan Powell
Interim Chief Operating Officer
Ronald Aai
Technology Director
Michael Sinclair
Chief Marketing Officer
David Gillbanks
Chief Communications Officer
David Colton
Chief Commercial Officer
Dr. Jason Corbett
Chief Legal Advisor
Bob Blower
Banking & Regulations Advisor
Matthew Brussel
InfoSec Advisor
Per Lind
Business Development Advisor
Mike Morritt
Community Advisor


  • PlazaMarket and PlazaCard integrated concept created.

  • Plaza Concierge concept created. Founders started discussing with other experts to validate demand for concepts.

  • White paper produced and validated. Prototypes developed to refine product offerings.

  • Plaza to conduct a Token Generation Event. Alpha testing of MerchantChain and PlazaConcierge.

  • Develop Plaza platform. Issue PlazaCards.

  • Platform live trials. MerchantChain and Plaza Concierge beta testing.

  • Platform launch. Plaza Concierge production. MerchantChain live trials.

  • Ship PlazaConcierge. Launch MerchantChain.

  • Geographical expansion and growing the platform and MerchantChain protocol.


Price in ICO1 ETH = 5,000 PLAZA
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution65% - Public Sale
15% - Team and Founders
15% - Reserves
4% - Advisors and Investors
1% - Bounties
Hard cap100,000 ETH


Legal entity

No proofs of legal entity were found.

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project were found.

Product or its MVP

According on the roadmap, the launch of PlazaPlatform is planned on Q1 2019.
Currently working products are not represented.

Blockchain experience

Kevin Johnson – Advisor at – FRESCO

Ronald Aai – Director of Information Technology at – SQ2 Fintech Pte Ltd.

David Gillbanks – Advisor at – FRESCO

Jason Corbett – Chairman at – Silk Krypto
– Chief Strategy Officer at – LEXIT
– Blockchain Legal Consultant at – IBC Group

Per Lind – Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at – Project Shivom
– Co-Founder at – IOTA Foundation


No escrow information were found.


Updated 22.04.2018

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