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tokenizing the world of fitness
Playtness is the ultimate fitness experience that combines real workouts with engaging and interactive gamification, incentivized with offers of PT tokens that can be redeemed for fitness-related products and services. Playtness virtual innovation creates real value for the entire fitness ecosystem by monetizing user-generated data, by organically creating new platform users and by adding additional revenue streams to all members.



Price in ICO1 PT = 0.045 USD
preICO startTBD
preICO endTBD
ICO startTBD

  • TEAM

Playtness is tokenizing the world of fitness by creating an ecosystem for its members, powered by smart contracts. Using the Playtness platform and its built-in reward mechanisms, the fitness industry is able to interact and transact in a way that creates incentives for its users through the use of PT tokens.


  • Organically introduces Blockchain to the mass market
  • Adaptively learns from sharing data to improve the fitness ecosystem.
  • A unique, automated reward system based on smart contracts creates a Win-Win situations for all the ecosystem members.
  • Uses blockchain technology to tokenize the fitness industry, one workout at a time.
  • Applies motivational gamification, backed by behavioral models and personal trainers.
  • A personalized and engaging adaptive training regime that runs on fitness equipment.
  • A combined team with vast entrepreneurship experience in relevant industries

Playtness offers the user a fitness platform that includes gamified fitness regimes, complete with the Playtness Alliance Platform and access to top personal trainers from around the world. Platform transactions take place through a secure payment gateway, using a smart wallet to exchange virtual tokens for real products and services. The Playtness Alliance Platform will offer a tailored, affordable, engaging and fully-supported fitness experience.

Playtness’ Alliance Platform syncs with select fitness equipment at the gym during the trainee's workouts. Technology within each machine tracks and monitors trainees' workouts, while the machines’ API allows our platform to use the data in real time and to save it so that trainees do not need to count their own sets, repetitions, or decide which weight they need.


  • Playtness established as Doing Business As - IWAY
    Start of development of first-ever gamified training solution for VR
    Funded by friends and family

  • IWAY (POC) - Working prototype for an interactive VR gaming fitness program
    First seed round from angel investment to reach MVP

  • Launched IWAY MVP at events & GYMs for user testing
    First partnership with Yossi Laor

  • IWAY reaches over 10K unique user data generated through GYMS, fitness centers and events around the world
    Affirming our motivation gaming module WORKS!

  • Start of development of the Playtness Alliance Platform

  • Playtness Stigo POC invesors' demonstration leads to our second seed round from angel investment

  • Playtness Alliance Platform POC (without Blockchain solution)
    Working on integration with powerlifting machine
    Exclusive private pre-sale launch

  • Public pre-sale
    Playtness crowdsale event

  • Initial integration of Playtness within fitness and personal technology
    Starting the integration with cardio machine & smart devices
    PT Token accepted as currency for Playtness exchanges

  • Partnership to be formed with fitness eqipment manufacturers
    Our first ecosystem is on its way

  • Playtness Platform, Stigo game and Playtness Mobile App hit the GYM in the US
    Blockchain integrated with smart contracts
    Launch of Playtness Alliance Platform - beta version

  • Launch of Personal Trainer Management System
    Launch of Gym Tournaments Managment System

  • Generation of revenues from advertising
    Data-based monetization based on rev-share with stakeholders

  • 3rd party developer SDK
    Introducing the Playtness Alliance Platform and all Playtness Products globally
    Location-based AR game for outdoor activites


Price in ICO1 PT = 0.045 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution40% - Crowdsale
32% - Playtness Fund
10% - Team and Founders
8% - Advisors and Partners
8% - R&D
2% - Bounty
Soft cap2,000 ETH
Hard cap40,000 ETH


Legal entity

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Prehistory of project

Playtness established as Doing Business As – IWAY Start of development of first-ever gamified training solution for VR Funded by friends and family

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Product or its MVP

Stigo, Playtness’ interactive avatar game, is designed to increase trainee motivation by keeping all eyes on the device’s screen, while adding a fun, engaging and addictive element to getting in shape.


For the first time in the history of virtual currency, Playtness has concealed a secret puzzle within the PT token’s design — a riddle, whose first solver will win 1,000,000 PT tokens.


Blockchain experience

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Update: 31.05.2018

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