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Cryptocurrency based on natural resources 
Peblik is the only cryptocurrency that unlocks the value of proven mineral reserves whose value is recognized by both the mining industry and Canada’s chartered banks. This makes the Peblik token unique in the asset-backed crypto space.



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5 Jun 2018

Price in ICO1 Peblik= from 0.10 to 0.50 USD
preICO start22 May 2018
preICO end5 Jun 2018
ICO startTBD

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Peblik, on the other hand, is asset backed. It is the world’s only digital token that is supported by  natural resources that have an intrinsic value. Peblik currently has direct control via earn in option of an advanced-stage USD $4.8 billion mineral deposit in Canada. The Peblik token is asset-backed with
the real asset value of the proven in-ground reserves of this resource.

Our goal is to have a worldwide cryptocurrency backed by significant “in-the-ground” commodity  assets, and to become the standard medium to unlock value in undeveloped resource assets.    Over time, the Peblik token will also become backed by “out-of-the-ground” hard reserves such as  stockpiles of ores and metals. In this way, we believe Peblik may increase in value, becoming stronger  on a long-term basis as assets are added to the Peblik blockchain.

The Peblik token itself will be issued to acquire assets and future cash streams, as a way for owners  of underground resources to increase the liquidity of their holdings, and make them available through  the Peblik financial blockchain ecosystem.

This makes the Peblik token unique in the asset-backed crypto space, designed to have, maintain,  and increase the significant hard assets backing the token itself, thus providing value, stability, and  liquidity for token holders.

Peblik currently has direct control via earn in option of the Thierry Mine property in Northern Ontario, an advanced-stage USD $4.8 billion mineral deposit in Canada. This value was established according to  the conservative Canadian National Instrument NI 43-101 standard, as governed by the Canadian  Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum. In addition to the value established by NI 43-101, we  are confident that further simple development work will make the total in situ value of this property  substantially greater than USD $4.8 billion.

Thierry has been a past producer of copper and also nickel, palladium, platinum, silver and gold. It was  closed in 1982 due to a plunge in copper prices to $0.60 - $0.80 per pound. However, copper prices  have since recovered with 2017 prices at over $3.00 per pound. All other mineral prices found at
Thierry have also appreciated substantially since the mine closed.  Peblik will issue tokens against these assets, to unlock their value and provide token owners the  comfort of an asset-backed cryptocurrency. The valuation of Peblik tokens against asset reserves will  be transparent and based on commonly accepted standards.  As the Peblik token matures, the company will endeavour to acquire additional commodity assets at continuously more attractive terms for Peblik. As long as discounted “out-of-the-money” commodity  assets are available, and the world economy keeps growing, this becomes a sustainable model for a  true asset-backed currency.

For ongoing growth, Peblik has developed proprietary and unique algorithms to identify which  properties fit into our sweet spot in order to maximize the value of underlying resource assets.  This provides an opportunity for these assets to be acquired by Peblik and “banked” as asset backing  for the currency until such time that they are economic, even if that is far in the future. The very  mispricing of the assets themselves allow for the ownership of these assets to be democratized  under a blockchain-based cryptocurrency such as Peblik.  Our goal is to have a worldwide cryptocurrency backed by significant “in the ground” commodity  assets, and to become the standard medium to unlock value in undeveloped resource assets.


G. Matthew Rice, P.Eng.
Chief Technical Officer
Todd Egan
Project Manager
Kobhi Nanthakumaran
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Jag Basrai
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Isaias Medina III
Board of Advisors, Assisting on Legal, Compliance and General Corporate Counsel
Peter Holmes
Chief Marketing Officer
Andy Strote
Chief Communications Officer
Stephan Katmarian
Executive Director
Kevin Wright, P.Eng.
Executive Director
Suman P. Rajah
Executive Director
Christopher Pay
Executive Director
Piotr Zmudzki
Advisor, Banking and Payment Processing
David Hirschfeld
Advisor, Technical
Bill Lavin
Advisor, Technical
Rob Dixon
Advisor, Technical
Dr. Stewart Jackson, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Advisor, Mining and Commodities
Norman Brewster
Advisor, Mining and Commodities
Eric Thiesburger
Advisor, Mining and Commodities
Brendan Purdey, J.D.
Advisor, Legal Compliance and Corporate Governance
Gary Sugar
Advisor, Legal Asset Fund Structure and Security
Erin Taylor
Advisor, Compliance
Tim Goode
Advisor, Banking and Finance
Rakesh Desai
Advisor, Marketing
Roman Barnes
Advisor, Marketing
Antonio (Tony) Moustakas
Advisor, Marketing


  • Concept Development

  • Whitepeaper, Development, Asset & Partner Securitization

  • Founding Resourse Asset Acquisition

  • Private Investors

  • Private Investors End Date

  • Token Pre-Sale Whitelist Begins

  • Token Pre-Sale Start Date

  • Token Phase I Sale

  • Token Phase Il, lll, lV Sale

  • Deadline for Submitting KYC Form (Token Sale End Date)

  • Network Launch

  • Further Asset Acquisition


Price in ICO1 Peblik= from 0.10 to 0.50 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution40% - Resourse Investment Fund Token Distribution
25% - Public Token Distribution
15% - Company, employees, subject to vesting schedule
5% - Private Investors
5% - Initial Asset Acquisition
5% - Marketing, partnerships and bounty
5% - Founders and advisors, subject to vesting schedule
Hard cap91,000,000 USD


Legal entity

It is written that Peblik Limited registration address is: 1st Floor Limegrove Centre, Holetown, St. James, Barbados BB24016

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