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Fintech Platform for the Entertainment Industry
MovieCoin is a next-generation financial technology company focused on leveraging blockchain technology, proprietary applications and cryptographic tokens to become the leading entertainment transaction platform for businesses and consumers and the standard currency for funding motion pictures, television and other media. The Company has operations spanning content finance and production, business and consumer services and technology development and licensing.



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31 Oct 2018

Price in ICO1 BTC = 60,000 MOV
CountryUnited States
preICO start18 Sep 2018
preICO end31 Oct 2018
ICO start31 Oct 2018
ICO end30 Nov 2018

  • TEAM

MovieCoin Holdings Inc. (the “Company”) is a next-generation financial technology company that has been formed to improve and enhance participation in the entertainment sector among businesses, consumers and financiers by leveraging blockchain technology and the Company’s proprietary applications. The Company’s objective is for the MovieCoin-branded platform to become the preferred portal for entertainment investment and for its cryptographic tokens to become the standard currency in a new Hollywood economy strengthened by the advantages of digital assets, blockchain-based asset management and cryptocurrency.

The Company operates in three primary business segments: content production and financing, business and consumer services, and technology development and licensing. The content production and financing business offers ownership of filmed entertainment assets to financial investors seeking institutionalized, programmatic access to financing of premium content. The Company’s financing and digital asset platform uses cryptographic tokens to provide businesses with solutions designed to mitigate risk and streamline operations and entertainment enthusiasts with more engaging ways to participate in the movie and entertainment experience.

The Company has been established as a Canadian corporation (British Columbia) and conducts business activities through its four primary operating subsidiaries: MovieCoin Entertainment (Delaware, United States), MovieCoin Capital (British Columbia, Canada), MovieCoin Services (George Town, Cayman Islands), and MovieCoin Technologies. MovieCoin Services and MovieCoin Capital are the issuing entities for separate issuances of Moviecoin Tokens (described below) and MSF Tokens (described below), respectively.


MovieCoin Entertainment serves as a production supervisor and financing manager on behalf of the Company’s content financing entity, MovieCoin Capital. MovieCoin Entertainment is staffed with seasoned Hollywood media executives primarily to originate and qualify commercial, theatrical feature film financing and investment, and also to identify attractive non-film content acquisitions or investments such as television or other entertainment assets.

MovieCoin Capital has been formed as an organizing entity to facilitate all film and television content investment through discrete financing vehicles managed by MovieCoin Capital, and originated and qualified by MovieCoin Entertainment through a producer services agreement. The Company intends to execute programmatic financing of multiple film and television projects. Film and television content is to be produced, financed and managed throughout its lifecycle the issuance of cryptographic tokens (described below). Financing of content acquisitions is to be completed through a combination of co-financings with third parties, private securities transactions structured as security token sales and/or credit facilities to be established with banks or other
institutional lenders.

MovieCoin Services has been formed to direct the benefits associated with the MovieCoin platform and Moviecoin Tokens to active participants in the entertainment business (e.g., talent or production companies and various service providers) and consumers who seek to engage and participate in entertainment in new ways offered through the Company’s platform capabilities. Financing of the build out of the services platform is to be executed through the issuance of Moviecoin Tokens that business clients can use to access trade finance and the MovieCoin platform, and consumer clients can use to purchase movie tickets or other entertainment offerings.

MovieCoin Technologies will hold all of the Company’s technology assets, including licensed intellectual property or technology developed by or for the Company itself. MovieCoin Technologies also exists to manage all technology applications, use of licensed technology from affiliates or third parties and development of tech-based intellectual property for use in connection with the MovieCoin platform. This subsidiary maintains exchange-based tech solutions to facilitate token surveillance, ownership, reporting and trading application. In addition, MovieCoin Technologies will own and operate consumer-facing interactive media applications, including, the trademarks and patents, if any, associated with the platform, and the applications to
enhance the build out of consumer engagement initiatives. To fulfill its technology requirements, the Company has aligned with BANKEX through a comprehensive license agreement, development agreement and servicing transition arrangement, pursuant to which BANKEX licenses its technology built on Ethereum and agrees to develop additional functionality required to manage and operate the MovieCoin platform.


Christopher Woodrow
Chairman and CEO
Jeff Ivers
Chief Operating Officer
Blaine Johnston
EVP of Global Strategy
Wendy Rutland
Head of Business Development
Elexa Ruth
SVP of Corporate Affairs
Marcello Mari
Head of Marketing and Public Relations
Igor Khmel
Founder and CEO of BANKEX
Syed Hussain
Chief Commercial Officer of BANKEX
Andrei Gunin
Chief Financial Officer of BANKEX


  • Company Launch
    MovieCoin was founded by Christopher Woodrow in partnership with BANKEX, a leading fintech company with expertise in developing blockchain solutions
    MovieCoin closes Series A funding with BANKEX

  • Platform Design
    BANKEX begins to tailor its existing proprietary applications for the needs of the filmed entertainment business.
    Moviecoin Tokens are designed as an entertainment industry cryptocurrency, supported by smart contracts, representing the value for goods and services in the MovieCoin ecosystem.

    Team Building
    MovieCoin appoints former COO at Participant Media, Jeff Ivers, as Chief Operating Officer
    Marty Pompadur is appointed to the Board of Directors
    MovieCoin announces the formation of an Advisory Board; members have diverse backgrounds in film production, studio management, investment banking, technology and venture capital

  • Community Building
    MovieCoin attends blockchain events around the world and the Cannes Film Festival
    MovieCoin begins to receive media exposure and seeks strategic partnerships with a consortium of progressive companies to develop and proliferate blockchain technology

  • MovieCoin Smart Fund & MovieCoin Exchange
    MovieCoin Smart Fund (MSF) is structured to be enhanced by smart contracts that automate the document flow typical for a movie fund, introducing new efficiency and transparency for investors
    Technology building to support the MovieCoin exchange is initiated. The groundbreaking MovieCoin Exchange Terminal is designed to create a robust secondary market for film investment

  • Capital Raising & Token Sales
    MovieCoin to close Series B and Series C funding following roadshows seeking participation from a global base of institutional investors
    MovieCoin launches sale for Moviecoin Tokens and MovieCoin Smart Fund Tokens

  • MovieCoin Smart Fund Launches
    The MovieCoin Smart Fund is launched as a program to finance and own a portfolio of wide-release, feature-length major motion pictures. Investments are to be funded from proceeds of equity securities, security-backed tokens and from borrowings under a credit facility

    Content Financing Activities Commence
    MovieCoin finances its initial films via the MovieCoin Smart Fund
    MovieCoin provides production financing through MSF Tokens as proof-of-concept

  • Consumer Portal Launched is launched as an innovative, online, mobile-friendly portal designed to create more engaging experiences for film fans using Moviecoin Tokens

    Platform Validation
    MovieCoin continues to develop and build the MovieCoin platform, wallet and exchange that will unlock access, liquidity and transparency for entertainment investors and businesses

  • Essential Platform Modules Complete
    Key functionalities of the platform are finalized based on data and feedback collected by users

    MovieCoin Exchange Terminal Activated
    Fund investors can begin to access secondary market liquidity for content investments (subject to applicable securities regulations)

  • MovieCoin Licenses and Monetizes Platform
    Fund investors can begin to access secondary market liquidity for content investments (subject to applicable securities regulations).

    MovieCoin Films Released Theatrically
    Initial films financed by the MovieCoin Smart Fund are released theatrically worldwide

  • MovieCoin Expansion
    Serialized funds launched (MovieCoin Smart Fund II, MovieCoin Asia Film Fund)
    MovieCoin JVs in China and India
    MovieCoin enters new content (Television)


Price in ICO1 BTC = 60,000 MOV
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC, BKX, USD
Tokens Distribution30% - Initial sale
30% - Follow-on Sale
12.5% - Team
12.5 - Options pool
10% - Advisors
2.5% - Bounty
2.5% - Foundation
Hard cap10,000 BTC


Legal entity

Registraton Address: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Prehistory of project

No prehistory information were found

Product or its MVP

All development is planned for Q2 2019. No other MVP were found

Blockchain experience

Zlata Baldekova – CMO / Co-Founder at Jaroona

Advisor Scott Walker – Managing Partner at Wavemaker Genesis



Igor Khmel, Syed Hussain, Andrei Gunin – managers at BANKEX


No escrow information were found


Update: 16.10.2018

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