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Mira is an easy and convenient way to buy, store and send cryptocurrency. The team wants to make this process so simple that even the most inexperienced user starts using it in a few minutes. The key element of the service is MiraBox - an encrypted container that store tokens or files. Now any user can buy and save cryptocurrency, it will become as simple as downloading and sending a file. Never before has the use of cryptocurrency been so easy.



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97 days
31 Dec 2018

Price in ICO4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.7 4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.8 4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.9 7,200,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $1.0
preICO start20 Apr 2018
preICO end20 May 2018
ICO start1 Sep 2018
ICO end31 Dec 2018

  • TEAM

MiraLab was conceived as a P2P cryptocurrency exchanger with a simple and straightforward interface. The development of the idea was financed using our resources and investments from crypto enthusiasts. This year, the capitalization of cryptocurrency went up sharply, and the stock market volumes grew after it. The media picked up the topics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It has become clear that development needs to be accelerated in order to take a foothold in the market.

Meanwhile the idea has been evolving and it has been transformed from a P2P exchanger to the full-fledged Mira software suite. Mira is a simple and reliable way to exchange, transfer and store cryptocurrency. We want to make the process of interacting with cryptocurrencies understandable for any user. Now you can simply send a file to purchase cryptocurrency.

Mira allows you to safely store and transfer cryptocurrency as well as buy it and sell it. Is it possible to compare Mira with wallets and exchanges? Because of the smart contract features the answer is no; but first things first.

The MIRA token is an infrastructure token that will be used to pay MIRA fees for transactions using MultiBox and SmartBox. Between 25% and 35% of the tokens that are accepted as payment will be burnt. Most of the remaining tokens will accumulate on the Mira account and will not be sold on the market. Some Mira services will be paid for in fiat currency; this will allow us to fund the operational costs of the platform. Thus, with the growth of the platform's turnover, the total demand for the MIRA token will always be greater than the sum of the supply.


Nadia Shcherba
Business developer
Eugene Radchenko
Blockchain Technical Advisor
Taras Emelyanenko
System and DApp Architect
Alexander Ivanov
Blockchain Advisor
Misha No
Art Director
Eugene Babichenko
Chief DApp Engineer at 482.solutions


  • Pre-ICO

  • ICO

  • Launch of MiraWallet.alpha without smart contracts

  • Launch of MiraWallet and MiraLab

  • Connecting Smart Contract visual designer,
    running a test version of a mobile application

  • Full completion of the work cycle for the first version
    of Mira

  • Launch of a user service. Version 2

  • Smart contract laboratory. Launch of a test version
    of the developer platform

  • Release of the Version 3

  • Launch of the warranty service


Price in ICO4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.7 4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.8 4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.9 7,200,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $1.0
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, LTC, ETH, DASH
Tokens Distribution78% - Investors
15% - Team and advisors
6% - Reserve fund
1% - Bounty
Hard cap20,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Registered address: MiraLab PTE LTD, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Level 11, 8 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018981.


Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project.

Product or its MVP

ICO provides securitive MiraBox application for investors, after registration and investment with save password (Whitepaper page 19).

ICO provides future design for their applications:

  • MiraLab.io

  • MiraWallet

  • MiraNet

Blockchain experience

Chief DApp Engineer Eugene Babichenko has experience as Software Developer at http://482.solutions/ and https://remme.io

System and DApp Architector Taras Emelyanenko has experience as System Arhitect in https://www.remme.io/

Blockchain Engineer Advisor Eugene Radchenko has experience:
as Project manager in https://mito.ipci.io/ ;
as Program manager in https://dao.casino/


No escrow information


Update 02.03.2018

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