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Medipedia 2.75/5 (1) - Medical service and medical tourism ecosystem platform

The medical tourism / service field is currently troubled by agent problems and no platform is available to solve them. There are currently four major agent problems. 1. The question of brokerage expenses: An agent exists to ensure reliability between the consumer and provider of health care. But it soon led to complicated processes and inevitably led to higher brokerage expenses. 2. Central agency incompetence and corruption: Medical tourism consumers and medical institutions must comply because the agent has control of information and currency transactions. In the end, if an agent is incompetent or corrupt, it hurts all participants. 3. Target of hacking: Since all information and...

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  • Token: MEP
  • Price: 0.01 USD
  • PreICO start: 20 Aug 2018
  • PreICO end: 16 Sep 2018
  • ICO start: 12 Nov 2018
  • ICO end: 9 Dec 2018
  • Country: Singapore
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The medical tourism / service field is currently troubled by agent problems and no platform is available to solve them. There are currently four major agent problems.
1. The question of brokerage expenses: An agent exists to ensure reliability between the consumer and provider of health care. But it soon led to complicated processes and inevitably led to higher brokerage expenses.
2. Central agency incompetence and corruption: Medical tourism consumers and medical institutions must comply because the agent has control of information and currency transactions. In the end, if an agent is incompetent or corrupt, it hurts all participants.
3. Target of hacking: Since all information and books are concentrated in one place, it is easy to become target of hacking.
4. Trust issue: Medical institutions and consumers lack the space to build trust, which in turn leads to a lack of trust with each other.
Using the block chain technology, Medipedia will provide a platform to solve problems above at once to resolve the challenges facing medical tourism and service participants. It also will create a new ecosystem of medical tourism and services by providing diverse differentiated services to enable the platform, providing innovative total solutions in the field of medical tourism and services in the future.
“To improve the accessibility and quality of medical services and to achieve decentralization of medical tourism services, which are appropriate to the needs and health conditions of medical consumers”

Our Medipedia team is based on expertise and understanding of the medical ecosystem. Based on this, the goal is to decentralize the medical tourism services by joining the medical tourism market and combining the blockchain technology, which is a technology to be applied to all the markets of the world in the future. Medipedia is moving away from unilateral medical service information and delivery system centered on medical institutions.
Instead, all objects will be able to exchange information at equal positions and build a transparent and
secure medical tourism service market with high accessibility that could not be achieved with existing systems.
Medipedia will connect with the platform, based on medical tourism information accumulated on the platform, to solve the problems of existing medical consumers, medical providers, and external participants. It will further enable the development of a variety of medical delivery services and will provide an opportunity for all participating participants to gain rewards and ultimately create a self sufficient medical platform.

Medipedia, Innovation of the medical service provision ecosystem
Decentralization of the medical treatment information
The Medipedia team believes that decentralization of information is essential to solve the problems of the existing medical tourism sector. Most existing medical information is concentrated in hospitals and medical institutions, so the medical consumers aren’t able to obtain transparent information and can only access the information processed by the hospital.
For example, in May 2018, an investigation was carried out in the National Medical Center, a state-run medical institute, on the smuggling of medical drugs such as morphine, a prescription drug, and their use by the staff.
The reason why these accidents did not appear on the surface at the time was because all information was
under exclusive operation and possible to manipulate. Medipedia believes that if centralized and closed medical information is transparent and decentralized, it will solve the problems of medical tourism as well as problems of the existing medical field.

Why Blockchain? How does it solve current problem?
Using the blockchain technology, all economic activities that occur within Medipedia’s platform are stored as hash values and are accessible to all who have economic activity. In other words, information that has been moving from the existing medical institution can be moved transparently between all objects as well as medical institutions and patients.

Decentralized Medical Tourism Service Information System
Medipedia uses blockchain, the symbol of decentralization, to establish a medical tourism service provision system with established patient rights. By connecting the medical consumers to reliable medical providers through the medical tourism services that meet the purpose and needs of individual medical consumers, it is possible to reduce the unnecessary economic loss of medical consumers and improve the quality and satisfaction of medical tourism services.
Accessibility & Reliability
Medipedia stores medical providers that provide all medical services in a distributed database, allowing participants to have convenient access anywhere, anytime via an Internet connection. Currently, medical consumers must make contact by themselves to obtain service information from a number of medical providers, but Medipedia provides better accessibility to the medical tourism services by concurrently receiving the service information from all medical providers subscribed to the Data Pool required by the medical consumers.
Medipedia also stores personal information, medical institution information, and medical information in a
decentralized data repository. In order to prevent data loss, the backup data is continuously generated and maintained, and the hash value for the recorded data is recorded in the blockchain. Thereby, the integrity of the data is verified and recovering the original data using the backup data in the case of modulation is possible. The medical consumer can ensure the integrity and reliability of the patient information stored in Medipedia by making it impossible to modify or delete his / her own medical records after creating it at the time of initial platform account creation. As mentioned above, deliberate misrepresentation and omission of medical information can lead to penalties to medical consumers. In addition, the medical provider allows medical services to be provided only by medical personnel whose credentials have been certified through the Medipedia platform system. After identifying the medical practitioner provided and verifying it through the blockchain increase the credibility in the provided medical information.

Maximum Security
According to HIPAA’s privacy rule, all personal information of medical consumers is kept encrypted. The
medical consumer records the personal medical information, encrypts it, stores it on the platform, and grants access only to the medical service provider of the desired medical service. However, if a medical consumer deliberately omits his / her medical information to use the medical service, he / she is penalized and prohibited to use the service until the correct medical information is written. The individual medical provider, after verifying the medical records of the medical consumer, provides his medical care information and prices in the issued cryptocurrency. Finally, the patient reviews the information provided by the provider and decides from which provider he / she will receive the service. To prevent price wars between medical providers, Medipedia prevents medical providers from accessing the price of medical services from other providers. Also, when a medical consumer directly contacts a medical provider to discuss prices, he / she will be penalized upon detection.

Medipedia records all the medical service information, history of provision, and access to the personal information of medical consumers by the provider in the blockchain. Within the existing medical service information system centered around the medical providers, it is impossible to know whether the medical consumer is receiving exactly the information they want. In particular, foreign medical consumers have little information about medical services and because they are considered as the minority compared to the medical provider within the current medical service market, they must use the service by paying high medical fees. However, Medipedia can provide a more transparent medical service market by establishing a medical consumer-oriented medical service environment that unifies medical information for medical consumers and prevents medical providers from identifying from which environment the medical consumer is from.

Interoperability & Comparability
Medipedia is an open platform. Based on the medical services stored in the platform, various applications can be freely connected. This allows external participants and medical providers to use the SDK and API provided by Medipedia to develop their own applications. It will also support applications and API and SDK that enable medical providers and external participants to collaborate. With this high degree of freedom and scalability,

Medipedia can have higher interoperability than current medical service market system.
Medipedia also creates and manages a pool of medical providers by the medical service provided. When a medical consumer requests a desired medical service, the request is sent to the pool of medical providers simultaneously.
The medical provider that receives the request posts the medical services it can provide to the medical consumer in the format created in the Medipedia platform. This information is highly objective and provides a higher level of comparability to medical consumers and can provide the right medical services for them.

How to provide medical services – How do you connect good doctors with blockchain?
The ultimate goal of the Medipedia team is to provide the right platform for patients to meet good physicians.
Medical consumers will be able to find the doctors they want using information that will be stored on the
platform in the future. For example, when searching for a doctor who has a high procedure success rate, a
medical consumer can find and use desired information through various channels such as review or procedure tracking information.

How do We classify good Doctor
There are many ways to distinguish good doctors. Each individual can define a good doctor through various
objective and subjective factors, such as how friendly the doctor is to the patient, the size of the hospital, the success rate of treatment, or the degree of career of the doctor.
In other words, medical consumers on the platform can select information that meets their criteria, which will find good doctors that meet individual standards.

How do We Build Trust
Medipedia will also introduce the Medipedia Point Rewards System to maintain the reliability of medical providers and medical consumers and to link highly reliable objects. This will be described in detail later in the Medipedia Rewards System.



Taeyong Kim

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Yun Seob Lucas Kim

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Lingraj Mahanand

Chief Technology Officer

Kyoung Sik Ban

Chief Operating Officer

Yeri Cha

Chief Community Manager

Adi Wahyu Setiawan

Community manager

Nikolozi Gogoladze

Community manager

Qiao Xiaohuan

Community manager

Caroline Brown

Community manager


Partners & Investors

Foxtail Marketing

Marketing Agency


Marketing / Web Development


  • 2018 June
    Initial White Paper publication
  • 2018 July
    Proof of Concept release Medipedia patent apply Pre-sale process
  • 2018 November
    Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • 2019 February
    Medipedia Platform API & SDK release - External participants application development
  • 2019 June
    Medipedia Platform Alpha release - Platform alpha with basic functions and external participation applications - Support for selective medical services (plastic surgeons, comprehensive screenings, dental groups) - Medipedia Core for data network release
  • 2019 October
    Medipedia Platform Official Version release - Support for all medical services - Support for additional applications for external partners
  • After 2020
    support other applications and additional API & SDK release - Additional internal partner support applications (Healthcare Alliance) release - Additional external participant support applications (tourism & travel agency services and medical tourism insurance) release Medipedia Global alpha platform launch in Thailand, USA - Promoting partnerships with medical industry companies


  • Platform: Separate Blockchain
  • Price: 0.01 USD
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Token distribution: 50% Supporters 20% Founding Team 10% Advisors and Early Investors 12% Business Development 8% Research
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD

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Blockchain experience

Dr. Alexander Ressos, TEP – https://ressos.com/


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