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Online lottery based on the Etherium blockchain
LuckyToken is the crypto lottery through which the participants can earn 100 000$ without a payoff. Anyone who is interested can win this money in 13 days after the lottery will be finally launched.



Price in ICO1 LUC = 0.75 USD
CountryUnited Kingdom
ICO start5 Mar 2018
ICO end5 May 2018

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LuckyToken offers both investors and common users the opportunity to participate in lottery prizes on more profitable and transparent terms than any other lottery in the world allows.
The market of online lotteries is extremely promising today due to the large number of participants and the entertainment component of the lottery itself.

Despite the huge popularity, available lotteries do not give confidence in the transparency of the accumulation and distribution of the prize fund.

LuckyToken - a decentralized lottery, which is characterized by absolute transparency of all processes occurring on the platform, and the total impossibility of fraud.

The use of blockchain technology gives LuckyToken a number of advantages over classic lotteries:
1. Transparency. The lottery mechanism and prize payments are clearly displayed on theEthereum blockchain and are available for viewing to everyone.
2. Anonymity. Despite the fact that the blockchain is an open database, it only shows thenumbers of electronic wallets. Personal data is not required.
3. Distribution of funds. Transparent mechanism of the blockchain lottery LuckyTokensuggests the possibility of tracking the funds received from ticket sales: 50-60% of one LUCis a prize fund *.
4. Availability. To participate in the game and receive a prize, a player must only register onthe website and have an Ethereum wallet.
- All transactions are displayed in the open registry (blockchain) therefore any player can make sure that all prizes are awarded in full concordance with lottery rules, instantly, without any third party involvement. All payments are clearly displayed. The platform doesn’t require any state issued IDs, licenses, or registration for playing, your digital wallet is enough to participate.

- Over 100 million people play Lottery every day in the world. On average about 1 in 14 people win. Pretty impressive, no?
- The reason we bring up Lottery is that LuckyToken is a tokenized "Lottery" in the sense that the rules of the game are absolutely the same: the player chooses 5 arbitrary natural numbers ranging from 1 to 75, and also one additional number ranging from 1 to 15. Having guessed correctly the five numbers, the player receives the first prize, and if he also guessed the extra number, he/she wins the jackpot. The smaller number of matches also has its own prize categories. However, the main difference between regular Lotteries and LuckyToken is that LuckyToken is blockchain-based and therefore not subject to manipulation.
- The online lottery market today is extremely promising due to sheer number of participants and the entertainment factor. But despite overwhelming popularity, the lotteries currently available are not equipped to ensure the transparency of prize funds accumulation and distribution. But because of innovative technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, we now can handle these critical issues. LuckyToken is a decentralized lottery, the main advantage of which is the absolute transparency of all processes taking place on the platform and the complete and utter impossibility of fraud.

Rules of the game -

  • The rules of the game LuckyToken are simple. The first thing you need to do is to get an Ethereum ewallet and register on the LuckyToken platform. To
    register, you will need a name and emailaddress.
  •  After that, you may purchase the desired amount of LUC for Ether. The cost of 1 LUC is equivalent to $1.00, which is the price of a single play. 1 LUC is not just a lottery ticket, it is a full token, which can be exchanged for another currency or used to pay for goods and services.
    Question: how many bets should you make?
  • The increase in the mathematical probability of winning one of the prizes in the Mega-game and the mathematical expectation of profit with a conditional average jackpot of $ 5,000,000
  • Once the tokens are purchased, a player uses his personal cabinet on the platform to choose an available game - there are three games available any given week, held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays:
  • -Mini-LuckyToken - every Wednesday at 10:00 AM GMT; a player is required to correctly guess 5 basic numbers out of 49, and 1 extra number out of 15. In this game the biggest prizes are awarded for a small number of correctly guessed lots: having guessed only one additional lot and spent only $1.00 per ticket, a player receives $3.00 - the odds of such a win is 1 to 15. Having guessed at least one additional lot of the main five lots, the player will be awarded $12.00, two additional lots - $30.00! Note that the first prizes in the mini-game are relatively small, and the jackpot cannot be more than the equivalent of $1 million.
    - Big-LuckyToken - held every Friday at 10:00 AM local time; the player is required to correctly guess 5 basic numbers out of 59, and 1 additional out of 15. This game is the "golden middle" of the LuckyToken. The odds of correctly guessing the numbers are higher than in Mega; the jackpot and the first two prizes are three times higher than the similar prizes in the Mini. The minimum second prize is about $3,000, the first prize is at least $15,000, and the jackpot can reach $3 million.
  • - Mega-LuckyToken - the main game of the week, the "MaxiMilion" of the LuckyToken, is held on Sundays at 10:00 AM local time. Players are required to guess 5 basic numbers out of 75 and 1 additional number out of 15. The "small" prizes are completely equivalent to the original MaxiMillion, and the first two prizes and the jackpot do not have any prescribed restrictions and depend only on the size of the prize pool. The minimum jackpot is the equivalent of about $300,000, and the maximum jackpot can be in excess of $ 10 million.
  • After selecting the game and making a bet, the player agrees to the terms of the smart contract, which lists the date of the game, the chosen combination of 5 + 1 numbers, the price for playing (1 LUC), the amount of the potential winnings, and the terms of the game. In the case of a win, the system automatically transfers the winnings based on the smart contract, having previously made a request to choose the currency denominating the prize: LuckyToken or Ethereum.



  • LuckyToken conception development

  • Website and smart contract development

  • ICO

  • Random number algorithm development

  • Development of smart contracts for participation in the lottery, payment of prizes, storage of the Jackpot funds

  • LuckyToken platform development

  • Marketing strategy development and testing

  • Development and Alpha-testing of mini-, big- and mega-Luckytoken algorithms

  • Marketing strategy implementation and project launch announcing

  • Involving advisors for the final edition of the project

  • LuckyToken platform and mini-, big-, mega algorithms beta-testing

  • LuckyToken platform launch. Launching games for the first investors. Start of regular sales


Price in ICO1 LUC = 0.75 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution60% - for the the lottery jackpot and the prize fund
20% - marketing budget (including 10% for bounty program)
20% - management fee and token development


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Updated 15.04.2018

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