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LIGER brings the best processes, swifter transactions and smartest thinking to the table. Its advanced features of safety and anonymity are ready to win hearts and games. A new age platform, reliability and a proficient team is what separates LIGER from the herd.



Price in ICO1 LIC = 0.025 EUR
preICO start18 Apr 2018
preICO end16 Jun 2018
ICO start17 Jun 2018
ICO end1 Aug 2018

  • TEAM

LIGER seeks to use the tamper proof Blockchain technology to bring the Trust factor back between the Service Provider / Merchant and the Better. LIGERs objective is to make Betting safe, transparent and intermediary free. LIGER seeks to build a large community of Betters and Service Providers who use the LIGER Crypto currency for peer to peer transfer of content. The LIGER functionalities are designed and enabled in such a way that establishes one to one contacts amongst the User, Service Provider and potential adopter. Each stakeholder gets rewarded through a series of authenticated online contractual obligations getting fullled.

LIGER will use the Ethereum Blockchain technology to develop its Ecosystem. Since the Blockchain technology is typically managed by peer-to-peer networking with each adhering to a protocol for validation of each fresh transaction, it provides for secure and instant transaction between the payee and payer. It also opens up possibilities of growing and sharing the bounty for every community member at each step of the Community and business growth through the unique Staking and Token Burning mechanism undertaken in the Liger Business Model.


LIGER seeks to build a utility of choice for the Offline and Online Casinos, Online Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting using the Blockchain technology.

  • Establish as preferred mode of payment: LIGER seeks to establish itself as the preferred mode of payment for Offline and Online Casinos, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting Websites. The role that LIGER envisages for it self is in wide acceptance across merchants leading to increased demand at the Exchanges.
  • Launch its own Offline and Online Casinos and Fantasy Sports websites: LIGER will acquire and run 3 - 5 fully owned Offline Casinos. LIGER also plans to part lease tables in existing Offline Casinos to run its own games.
  • Acceptance Across Offline Casinos Liger will ensure that all the major players in the Offline Casino space accept the Liger Tokens as a mode of payment for Gaming. Liger users will be incentivized for using the Liger Tokens through exclusive promotions.
  • Drive trafc to the Casinos through special promotions for the Community members in all Offline Casinos accepting LIGER. This will provide the holders an option to use LIGER at a wide array of Service Providers across the globe.
  • Decentralize the marketplace completely and do away with the Intermediaries. LIGER Community users (Gamers / Service Providers) will be able to do a peer to peer exchange of content against LIGER Tokens. LIGER will actively support a direct contact between the two.
  • Use SMART CONTRACTS on the Ethereum platform and Blockchain technology to maintain complete transparency and fairness in the pay-outs and gaming outcome.
  • Build trust between the Gamer and the Service Provider. Currently, the biggest gainer sin the betting Industry are the Bookmakers. They make money through the losses incurred by their clients. These losses are then divided amongst the Service Providers and the Bookmakers. Liger, through its unique Staking mechanism completely democratizes the Marketplace. Token holders are free to choose to play For or Against the Casino.
  • Liger also brings the thrill of Offline live gaming to your hand held device. Liger allows the Token Holders to place bets on live tables at the Casino and watches the tables and deals from the comfort of their home.


Francis Fitzpatrick
Founder & CEO
Dave Carlson
Piyush Tiwari
Director - Head of Business Technology

Ian Scarffe
Blockchain Advisor / Consultant / Strategist / Investor
Min Bo Shim


  • Business Idea, Core Team & Research

  • Company Regn & Gaming License/ENS as Legal Partners/GT as Auditors.

  • TokenGet as Technology Partners/ICO Marketing & Pvt Placement starts

  • Pre ICO & ICO

  • Exchange Registration

  • Token Staking/Liger's Online Casino/Fantasy Sports website launch

  • Liger's Online Sports Betting & Offline Casino Launch


Price in ICO1 LIC = 0.025 EUR
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution75% - Crowdsale
15% - LIGER Management
5% - Advisors
5% - Bounty
Soft cap4,000,000 EUR
Hard cap41,000,000 EUR


Legal entity

Registered Address is written to be: Palace Court, Church Street, St. Julians – STJ3049 , Malta

But no information were found at international registry websites

Prehistory of project

No prehistory found before ICO project was planned

Product or its MVP

All launches are planned for Q4 2017 – Q1 2019 according to the roadmap.

No other MVP were found

Blockchain experience

Advisor Ian Scarffe has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile

Advisor Giorgi Topuria – CEO of Keplertek

Advisor Min Bo Shim – Head of Marketing, Asia at Sentigraph


No escrow information were found


Update: 30.06.2018

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