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Kora Network

infrastructure for community owned financial systems
The Kora Network is a platform built on blockchain technology that unlocks global growth by linking the value in local ecosystems with global markets. We originate under-securitized assets such as agricultural cash flows, mining, corporate equities and bonds, and many more into security token chains. In doing so, we will create an efficient market, creating trust, security, and transparency.



Ends in
25 days
18 Jun 2018

Price in ICO1 KNT = 0.1 USD
CountryHong Kong SAR China
ICO start18 May 2018
ICO end18 Jun 2018

  • TEAM

The Kora Network will be built on Ethermint, We chose Ethermint because it supports the Ethereum development community, which is the largest in the blockchain space, while also supporting high volumes of transactions and providing flexibility for more extensive user privacy. Producers will compete to be selected by publishing their hardware and network specifications, displaying their digital identity and making the Kora Network compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Only the block producers with the best specifications and highest processing time will be consistently voted for. In this way, we will produce large blocks with significant amounts of transactions in a latency of three to five seconds, leading to the scalability required for legitimate use cases.

Ethermint integrates with the Cosmos Network in order to build an “internet of blockchains.” By integrating with the Cosmos Network, we will be able to connect with parallel blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, the Cosmos decentralized exchange and various others. As a result, the Kora Network will be100% interoperable with other blockchains.

KNTThe native Kora Network token will be referred to as “Kora Network Token” or “KNT” and will be used as the staking unit for selecting block producers, as well as a single medium to pay for costs incurred by the Kora Network. Holding KNT equates to having a partial role in the Kora Network.

When users transact on the Kora Network, they will pay a fee denominated in KNT and set by the validating Block Producer. The Block Producer shares this fee with the holders who voted for them. High transaction fees, which only benefit the block producers and stakers who voted for them, will prevent users from transacting on the Kora Network. The less transactions that occur on the blockchain, the less rewards all block producers and stakers will receive. Thus, KNT holders are incentivized to vote in block producers who keep transaction fees low.


Dickson Nsofor
CEO & Co-founder
Maomao Hu
Co-founder and CPO
Oleh Ostroverkh
Chief Blockchain Architect
Socrates Ayvaliotis
Cryptoeconomic Design Lead
Roman Katsala
Lead Developer
Victoria Mygalko
Product Lead
Gideon O'tega
Africa Operations Lead
Bryan Uyanwune
Business Development Lead
Eugene Fine
Blockchain Advisor
John Edge
Chairman, ID 2020
Dinis Guarda
CEO, LifeSci
Faisal Khan
Leading Banking & Payments Consultant
Nako Mbelle
CEO, Fintech Recruiters
Steven Sprague
CEO, Rivetz


  • Seed Investment

  • Kora 1.0 Development Begins
    USSD, SMS & Mobile App

  • Kora 1.0 Launches on Ethereum

  • User Testing Launched
    in West Africa

  • Core Network Development

  • Pre-Sale

  • Kora 1.0 Launches on
    Permissioned Testnet

  • First Beta Launches

  • Public Sale

  • First Beta meets all milestones

  • Launch Pilot in Africa

  • Asia & Global Expansion

  • Kora 2.0 Launches


Price in ICO1 KNT = 0.1 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution45% - Token Sale
20% - Reserved for growth
20% - Reserved for R&D
15% - Team
Soft cap10,000,000 USD
Hard cap339,753,302 KNT


Legal entity

Registered Address: Hong Kong


Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, first Kora activities started at July 2017. No other prehistory were found

Product or its MVP

Kora Android app is ready to be tested

 Kora: Payments & Money Transfer (Unreleased) – скриншот


Blockchain experience

Dickson Nsofor and Maomao Hu – advisors at SureRemit


Lauren Harrington – Blockchain Advisor at block3


Advisor Dinis Guarda – Chairman/President of Ztudium


Advisor Nako Mbelle – Principal at Fintech Recruiters


Advisor Steven Sprague – CEO/Co-founder of Rivetz


No escrow information were found


Update: 12.04.2018

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