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Social media app and global payment system based on the blockchain technology
The social media penetration has changed the way people live; now the same shift is happening in the way people make payments. Presently at the crowd funding stage through means of Initial Coin Offer, KahnChat is a simple solution for both social connectivity and modern style of payment which supports both Crypto Currencies and fiat currencies.



Price in ICO1 KCH = 0,002 ETH
CountryUnited Kingdom
preICO start1 Feb 2018
preICO end3 Feb 2018
ICO start4 Feb 2018
ICO end28 Feb 2018

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Presently at the ICO stage, KahnChat, is an all inclusive solution for both social connectivity and online payment. KahnChat is designed to cover various payment services, helping it users make payments at a breeze and communicate deeper.

KahnChat is a set to be registered in the U.K giving it all the necessary legal framework backup and access to a team of dedicated who a driven by the passion to create a change. KahnChat relies on the cryptocurrency technology for fast, anonymous and secured money transfers for online purchases.

The Pre-ICO Sales are scheduled to start from 1st Feb - 3rd Feb with only 1 ETH to participate, and KahnChat is awarding the early supporters with an extra 25% bonus on the purchase during the Pre-ICO Sales period with just one condition 'Registered Interest before 20th Jan 2018'. It’s not many days left but it still time to catch the plane before it takes off.

The Problem

The social media penetration has changed the way people live; now the same shift is happening in the way people make payments.

The user needs a mobile payment solution which allows making fund transfers without knowing the recipient bank account details, making virtually unlimited payments, communicating with the seller/company/artist/services, and more. All this without the need to download multiple apps or interact with slow websites.

The user needs an All-In-One app that takes the very best of other existing apps and combines them with more features aimed at simplifying the daily life of the user.

The Solution

KahnChat app is a perfect digital payment solution for all user demands. It has a number of features, including:

  • Making payments digitally in cryptocurrency for shopping at any online/offline store
  • Transfer of funds to any KahnChat user
  • Sending text messages
  • Chatting via voice or video to single or multiple parties
  • File sharing and a lot more

There are also a number of user-specific features including the option to add friends from the address book or by scanning a person’s QR code. Users can share stories and updates including pictures and videos with optional further engagement through comments. Users will be able to create groups, invite friends to groups, follow famous artists by scanning his or her public QR code for latest updates and news, and more. Basically, it is a complete social networking app with the facility of integrated digital payments.


Dr. Ulrich Hatje
Mr. David Kan
Guowei Zou
Senior Engineer
Haiyu Zhang
Software Engineer
Junfeng Liu
Software Engineer
Weijian Zhang
Software Engineer


  • KahnChat idea birth
    Discussion with the third-parties service provider, developers and businesses

  • Kahn Technology Ltd formation in the United Kingdom
    White paper preparation
    Website development
    Smart contract development
    Team formation
    Pre-ICO marketing

  • Brand awareness
    Token sales
    App development in XMPP technology

  • Team recruitment for expansion
    Payment Institution License application
    Official Account feature development
    Digital wallet development with blockchain technology
    User and businesses web features development
    API Development
    Corporate version – Staff management development
    Corporate version – Customer support platform development
    Social media blockchain technology research and development

  • Launch KahnChat app (non-blockchain) version
    Launch KahnChat digital wallet
    Launch API features
    Discount Voucher feature development
    Point-of-sales software and hardware development
    Social media blockchain technology research and development
    Marketing and promotion

  • Launch Discount Voucher feature
    Continue to develop extra features for KahnChat app
    Continue blockchain technology development
    Marketing and promotion

  • Launch Corporate version customer support platform
    Launch Staff management
    Launch Discount Voucher management
    Mini program platform development
    Marketing and promotion

  • Launch Point-of-Sales software and hardware
    Launch KahnChat app blockchain technology version
    Mobile gaming platform development
    Marketing and promotion

  • Launch Mini program
    More business application integration to app
    Live streaming platform development
    Marketing and promotion

  • Launch Mobile gaming beta version
    Marketing and promotion

  • Launch Live streaming platform
    Marketing and promotion


Price in ICO1 KCH = 0,002 ETH
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution50% - Marketing Promotion
20% - Wages/Contractors Fees
10% - Sales Related Expenses
5% - Administration
5% - Securities Deposits
3% - Equipments & Tools
2% - Legal related expenses
Hard cap64,000,000 KCH


Legal entity

Kahn Technology Ltd – http://www.bizstats.co.uk/ltd/kahn-technology-ltd-11073626/

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project were found.

Product or its MVP

MVP not ready, expected in Q3 2018

No other MVP information were found.

Blockchain experience

Dr. David Meszaros International lawyer, business & legal consultant at http://meszaroslaw.com/


No escrow information found.


Update 14.03.2018

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