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Impresso 3.5/5 (2) - CV Validation in Recruitment and Networking App

We anticipate a high demand of DApps where blockchain will revolutionise the way recruitment, job hunting & networking is done. Here are some of the benefits candidates, networking platforms, recruiters, and companies will get when using IMPRESSO

Token sale starts in:

  • Token: XIM
  • Price: 1 XIM = 0.77 USD
  • PreICO start: 4 Jan 2019
  • Country: Switzerland
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The World’s Broken Workplace – 85% of workers worldwide hate their jobs when surveyed anonymously, according to a Gallup poll released last year.

Impresso Labs is a blockchain and mobile application based company providing profile and CV data validation for the recruitment and networking industry. IMPRESSO the App allows for a user’s educational, skills and career data validation for job seekers and professional networking. Validated data stored on the blockchain will provide both security and privacy with access rights belonging to the user. Hiring companies and businesses will have the opportunity of having access to this data for better informed recruitment and business decisions. The future of work published by McKinsey Global Institute underlines a dynamic revolutionary change that has started today in the industry of work. IMPRESSO plans to support these change by providing validated and secure data for tomorrow’s job seekers, professional networkers, hiring and recruitment companies.

Our target markets are in job hunting and applications, company and recruitment agencies and professional networking with focus on the growing blockchain community. As much of the research on this whitepaper will show that IMPRESSO will fulfill some major gaps and challenges faced in these markets today from process efficiency, the right person for the right job and company, saving time and money. Although in this multi-billion dollar landscape there are many different solution providers, IMPRESSO is uniquely position due to its use of new technologies and innovations we have already started to adopt quick and aggressively. For example we are the only ones that will not only launch a blockchain product that will revolutionize the way users store their career data but also a compelling mobile app that looks like a cross breed between a famous professional social networking platform and a very a great dating app.

We shall primarily be focusing on delivering our services within the blockchain industry, to help sustain and provide valuable resources to our ever growing industry/ ecosystem.  Which consists of an international user base of companies, candidates and educational institutions. Through the means of community building, social media, search marketing, paid advertising and cross-promotion with our partners/affiliates, will help us position ourselves as the leading career & educational data validator.

Impresso Labs currently under the parent company XOBAEDI Sarl is located on École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)’s innovation park. Post ICO Impresso Labs will be registered independently as an S.A (like an Inc.) and continue to be located here in Switzerland with plans to have 2 locations abroad to be closer to our potential business partners in the USA and Asia. The IMPRESSO team is made of developers, HR, business, technical and cryptocurrency specialists. Being located in EPFL and Switzerland also gives IMPRESSO valuable and accessible resources to new blockchain technologies. Impresso Labs plans to start generating revenues from year 1 (2019) these revenues will increase over time as more services and developments get materialised. By the end of year 1 we hope to have reached 200K users on the platform and between 1-2M by year 3. Our ICO is to raise up to $54M with a soft cap of $3M to get us started. With our users being able to use the platform with token transactions by the end of year 1.


Ivan Solomichev

Blockchain Lead Developer

Agata Balcerowska

Business Development Director

Alexandra Stefan

Art Director

Nicholas Rogers

SEM & Crypto Project Developer

Carole Markwalder

Media Relations Manager

Mehdi El Moujahdi

Social Media Marketing Manager

Chloë Bernard

Int. Marketing Coordinator

Jian Yuan Lok

Market Research Analyst

Dasha Mai

Marketing & Community Developer

Bojan Tasevski

UXUI Developer

Fatima Vigil

Events & Marketing Developer


Blandine Brito

Content Marketing Manager

Tibor Duris

Legal Counsel

Naomi Lim

Crypto Investor

Stefan Bivetti

Financial Advisor

Anastasia Royer

Senior Legal Counsel

Partners & Investors


  • Q4 2018
    Private Sale. Launch of APP MVP.
  • Q1 2019
    ICO Launch. Company incorporation from Sarl to SA. XIM listed on exchanges. Start working on 2 new development sites.
  • Q2 2019
    Release Alpha version of Mobile App.
  • Q3 2019
    Revenue from business collaboration and services. Beta version of App with prototype of token economics.
  • Q4 2019
    Target 200K Users.


  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 XIM = 0.77 USD
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, Fiat
  • Token distribution: 76.72% - Token Sale 18% - Team & Advisors 5% - Enterprise Dev. 0.28% - Bounties
  • Soft cap: 3000000 USD
  • Hard cap: 54000000 USD

Proof Points

Legal entity

Company address:

EPFL Innovation Park, Route Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

No Legal Entity information.

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project

Product or its MVP

GooglePlay Application

Blockchain experience

Blockchain Lead Developer Ivan Solomichev – Blockchain Developer at mercato

SEM & Crypto Project Developer Nicholas Rogers – Community Project Developer at Electra.Project



No escrow information.


Update 29.11.2018


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