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ICO projects escrow platform
ICO HeadStart is a platform that expertly pre-screens ICOs listing the top 3% of the most promising ICOs for you to participate in. Once we list the projects on our platform, it's up to our community to select their favourites. Here's where the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ kicks in! The projects that receive sufficient votes to reach their soft cap, will be successfully funded.



Price in ICOpre-ICO: 1 MOAT = 0.0000260744683 ETH; ICO: 1 MOAT = 0.00004171914 ETH
preICO start8 Dec 2017
preICO end20 Dec 2017
ICO start26 Mar 2018
ICO end23 Jun 2018

  • TEAM

Our platform works in a decentralized manner with the amazing advantages of blockchain technology and provides the highest security standards in the ecosystem for our community of backers and creators. You’ve read all about the ‘why’ of our platform in previous chapters. In the following chapters, here’s what you will learn about ICO HeadStart:

  • It is the first platform where backers and creators pay 0% fees without any additional costs
  • It offers the community the best available ICO proposals, which have been screened and certified with the ICO HeadStart™ Seal of Approval before they get listed
  • The community is the vital part of the platform. Once the screening process is finalized, the decision is up to the community. The community has decisive power to determine whether an ICO will be supported. ICO HeadStart™ just creates the structure and democratizes access. The combination could potentially beat the limited resources of any individual typical market participant such as a hedge fund
  • The ICO HeadStart™ ICOnomy is powered by its own token, the MOAT


Escrow Contracts

One of the ways ICO HeadStart regulates ICOs, is to release Bitcoin and Ether to a successful ICO creator in a timed manner linked to reaching goals and not just all at once, which is the current practice. We will hold the received Bitcoins and Ethers that are aimed for supporting an ICO in timed release escrow in exchange for project tokens. Basically, this service holds Bitcoin and Ether till a certain deal is finalized or milestones have been achieved.

The community within ICO HeadStart™ determines the success of an ICO. Once the community has accepted a certain project, Bitcoin and Ether gathered will be held in timed release escrow and will only be released when pre-agreed stages are reached. Based on the quantity of gathered Bitcoin and Ether, the risk assessment, the roadmap of the campaign and most importantly, the ICO HeadStart Scorecard Analysis, a specific timed-release agreement will be defined for each individually listed ICO project on the platform. The execution of the transfer of the cryptocurrencies will be performed by multiple signatures to ensure that never one person controls the release of those cryptocurrencies.


Smart Contracts

ICO HeadStart will also use smart contracts to create the safe and transparent mechanism for our ICOnomy. These smart contracts are a perfect match for the decentralization of the ICO HeadStart platform.

Smart contracts provide an innovative alternative to the everyday regular contracts we use to handle business. A smart contract is a programmed agreement that is written in a programming
language and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. It works without the intervention of third parties such as central brokerage entities. The uniqueness of smart contracts is that the rules and
conditions governing such a contract are programmed in the contract itself. The coding of smart contracts has given life to a new sort of peer-to-peer marketplace that will substitute existing
systems. It also ensures a high level of certainty that agreed steps will autonomously occur once the smart contract comprising the agreed actions is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.


Nawid Habib
Founder & CEO
Aleksandar Martinović
Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Martin Bylsma
Chief Operational Officer
Clyde Tjauw Foe
Advisor and Co-Founder


  • Global ICO Market Analysis
    Business Plan Development

  • Platform Development

  • Seed Funds Received
    Smart Contract Development
    Operational Team Development

  • Videos and Other Supporting Media

  • Smart Contract Audit
    White Paper

  • 30 Days Countdown
    Events and Media

  • 12 Days PRE-ICO

  • Developing Website Processes
    Developing Web Office Processes/Functions
    Further Establishment Strategic Partners

  • Marketing Development
    Visual Content Development
    30 Days ICO (starting 26th of March 2018)

  • 30 Days ICO (ends on 24th of April 2018)
    Launch ICO HeadStart
    First Live Projects ICOnomy

  • Goal: MOAT Listed on Multiple Exchanges

  • ICO Fundraising Events
    Development Creators and Backers
    Platform Tools Development – Compliance, Legal, Marketing

  • Online ICO University

  • Mobile App Development


Price in ICOpre-ICO: 1 MOAT = 0.0000260744683 ETH; ICO: 1 MOAT = 0.00004171914 ETH
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution46.75% - MOAT reserve
33% - Reserved for Founders, Operational Team and Advisory Board
12.5% - ICO
3% - Seed Investors
2.5% - pre-ICO
2.25% - Bounty
Hard cap33,000 ETH


Legal entity

Question about legal entity was deleted from telegram chat. No legal entity could be found

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of HeadStart project were found

Product or its MVP

No MVP were found

Blockchain experience

Advisor Oliver Isaacs – Advisor at Dragon Coin and Moonlite


Whitepaper mentions that funds of other ICOs will be held till a certain event needs to be invested.

But there is no external escrow service found which holds HeadStart funds.


Update: 14.03.2018

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