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Open blockchain ecosystem for co-funded trade
Change the world of the wholesale trade! Handelion is an open blockchain ecosystem for co-funded trade. Smart cooperation algorithms enclosed indigital contract functionality allow any business to benefit from it. Handelion is developing an ecosystem striving to reach the integrity of an international trade. Handelion is using proven business models, selects the most comprehensive blockchain framework and cooperates with technical and legal advisers around the World.



Price in ICO400 HION = 1 ETH
ICO start15 Dec 2017
ICO end31 Mar 2018

  • TEAM

This crowdfunded ecosystem is going to undermine the co-funded wholesale trade. Transparency, reliability, rapidity and equal opportunities are the core values embodied in the blockchain technology and smart contract functionality. To deliver an ecosystem, the TradeBacking.com team will go for crowdfunding. Terms and conditions of the initial offer will be explained further in this document.
There has been a huge gap of 1.6 billion USD between the demand and supply of trade funding for small and medium enterprises in the World. While investors have been seeking for safe investments with worthy return, SMEs have been desperately looking for financing. At the same time the TradeBacking.com team has been already bringing these two parties together, involving investors’ funds to finance buyers’ deals with manufacturers. The development of blockchain has transferred TradeBacking.com services to the next level.

Our focus is to grant every entrepreneur in the world – a wholesale trader, a manufacturer or an investor – a possibility to grow their business. Any entrepreneur at one point can find himself in need of financing, every manufacturer needs a timely payment and every investor needs a return on his investment, and we are here to make sure everything works.

Our approach will revolutionize the global system of wholesale trade: from financing of SME deals to future transactions with large enterprises. Everything will be done on the basis of smart contracts and distributed ledgers.

The main problem: buyers can lack funds or lack the manufacturer’s or the investor’s trust. The manufacturer will ask for 100% prepayment, so the buyer will have to look for a loan without a proper collateral and even an investor with excess funds will be not willing to finance the deal without a proper collateral. A vicious circle.
It can often happen that the buyer won’t meet the credit requirements of creditors concerning the collateral or the volume of the required credit. Or will have difficulties with performing a required check for the manufacturer, to prove that the buyer is trustworthy. As a result there will be no access to financing and a lot of expenses. The manufacturer will demand a 100% prepayment, due to the lack of trust towards the buyer. And the manufacturer can probably also end up with insufficient sales volume. The investor will have to meticulously check the buyer, who will happen to be the borrower, since the former can’t entrust any funds without proper knowledge of the latter. All this is time consuming and, consequently, loss of money seems inevitable.

The third basic problem is that a lack of integrity of business with the funding institutions. Various parties of co-funded trade use different systems of different scale and complexity, making the cooperation not transparent, risky, expensive as well as time-consuming. Peer-2-peer lending platforms will be able to partially solve the problem, enabling investors to fund directly. But to be scalable, such platforms also will need an integrated ecosystem. Participants of international trade will want to increase the rapidity of transactions.

Traditional investments do not always provide enough yield and capitalization growth. Turning to alternative investments will require an alternative approach towards risk management that often can become expensive and inconvenient. Investors look for alternative investments, but they will need transparency of business.


Michael Dzhondzhua
Communications Director
Boriss Kadish
Software Development CEO
Dmitry Sergeev
Project Manager
Alex Petrov
CIO at BitFury, Technical Adviser
Aldis Ritums
Legal Adviser
Rinalds Egle
Technical adviser
Juris Lopsa
TradeBacking.com Head of Analysis Dpt.


  • ICO successful

  • Start of coding of Handelion

  • MVP delivered.
    Launch of the system

  • Baltic clients reached.
    Started marketing in US

  • 0,01% of SME trade funding niche.
    2k orders. EU, UK & US clients.
    0,5M HAND commissions distributed between HION holders
    (EPT 0,02 HAND)

  • 0,03% of SME trade funding niche.
    8k orders PA. EU, UK, US and Asia clients.
    2M HAND commissions distributed between HION holders (EPT 0,07 HAND)

  • 0,09% of SME trade funding niche.
    22k orders PA. 5,2M HAND commissions distributed between HION holders (EPT 0,18 HAND reached)

  • 0,16% of SME trade funding niche.
    42k orders PA.
    African countries reached. 10M HAND commissions distributed between HION holders (EPT 0,34 HAND reached)

  • 0,24% of SME trade funding niche.
    67k orders PA.
    16M HAND commissions distributed between HION holders
    (EPT 0,54 HAND reached)


Price in ICO400 HION = 1 ETH
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP
Tokens Distribution46% - Marketing
20% - Reserved for team
18% - HAND issuance
15,6% - Development
0,4% - Reserved for HDLT token holders
Soft cap10,665,761 ETH
Hard cap54,818,534 ETH


Prehistory of project

Project was created by TradeBacking.com team.
The idea was born during our work with real buyers, sellers and investors, with fiat money and physical goods. The need for working capital for wholesalers is not new, nor is the investor’s uncertainty in fulfilling the borrower’s obligations.

Product or its MVP


Blockchain experience

No real blockchain experience was found.


The funds collected will be transferred to the multi signature wallet, supervised by an escrow. The escrow will ensure that the funds collected will be managed in the planned manner.

Escrow information by Dzintars Veips (Quinto Capital Partners)  – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dzintars-veips-54501443


Updated 31.03.2018


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