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Fidelity House 4.25/5 (1) - Platform to build Social Media on the blockchain

Today FidelityHouse is a Social Content Network that allows users to be updated on their own interests, publish contents earning on views and be part of a fun and innovative community. The consolidated experience of the italian project, born with zero marketing budget, thanks to the unique performance together with important recognitions, become in a few years one of the leading websites in Italy with 750 million page views per year.

Token sale ended

  • Token: FIH
  • Price: 1 FIH = 0.0002 ETH
  • PreICO start: 14 Dec 2018
  • PreICO end: 20 Feb 2019
  • ICO start: 21 Feb 2019
  • ICO end: 13 Apr 2019
  • Country: Switzerland
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Today, FidelityHouse is a content aggregation platform that combines crowdsourcing journalism and social media oriented information. It is a Social Content Network that changes the way people make “information”, making it more simple, multimedia, social and fair.

The registered user is welcomed by the Community which is the real engine of FidelityHouse, where it can meet people with the same interests, follow the worthiest authors or contribute by posting interesting contents for other users. All original contents published are remunerated in relation to visits received, in FidelityHouse Coins, FidelityHouse cryptocurrency. The highly social graphic design makes the user at ease and ensures a comfortable user experience enhanced by the ability to customize the feed and to be, therefore, constantly updated only on what really interests.

The success of FidelityHouse in Italy is told by many achievements: the project, born with zero marketing budget and became soon one of the main websites in the italian panorama, reaching 750 million page views per year and getting important awards worldwide. One example is the recent entry of Horizon Group (owner of FidelityHouse) in the FT1000, the Financial Times’ list of 1000 European companies with the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue, placing at 490th in Europe and 42nd in Italy.


FidelityHouse’s mission is twofold and integrated:

  • To provide independent authors or Community members and digital publishers a large set of innovative services relating to the intellectual property allocation and protection;
  • To become one of the main original and high quality content aggregation platforms internationally, able to attract and retain authors and industry influencers, changing world’s media, making it more engaging, personalized and highly social.

FidelityHouse wants to put the author in the middle of a disclosure system that rewards original and quality contents, which allows anyone to get involved and pass on his knowledge to other members of the Community who have the same interests, to give a chance to the author to improve and achieve a certain topic expertise which gives it greater visibility and increased revenue opportunities. Author, information, Community, interests, topic expertise: these are the keywords that define the heart of FidelityHouse, a system that is supported by the cryptocurrency FidelityHouse Coin and the blockchain technology, that is the basis of the innovative services provided by the platform. Sustainability of the business model and innovation are not two antithetical concepts: blockchain, file systems and distributed databases, decentralized applications let us go beyond the limits of Web 2.0 and reinterpret services, engineering again the relationship between society and technology through a fundamentally different model of interaction between the parties. By leveraging these technologies, FidelityHouse wants to create a new paradigm of trust and transparency in the process of value creation, placing itself at the service of the user, with intellectual property protection and value certification services first and in the future also as a marketplace of expertise with the objective to become the first user generated value platform of Web 3.0.


Francesco Fasanaro

CEO & Founder

Alessandro Benini

Co-founder - CMO - Project Manager 

Alessandro Bellato

Co-founder - CTO - Cloud Architecture - Cyber Security - Blockchain Design & Business Model

Riccardo Benelle

Marketing Consultant

Filippo Marcassoli

Marketing Consultant

Luca Del Torchio

Marketing Consultant

Giuseppe Bronzino

Sales Director

Vittorio Ferrari

Business Developer

Michele Carbonara

Business Developer

Stefano Giomo

Software Architect - Machine Learning Leader

Filippo Ferrazini

Product Developer

Giacomo Rocco

Product Developer



  • 2011
    FidelityHouse project is born Best Web Innovation Ika Award for FidelityHouse
  • 2014
    New headquarters
  • 2016
    Success Story by Facebook for Business
  • 2017
    Enabling Google AdExchange for programmatic adv
  • 2018
    Financial Times 1000 Europe’s fastest growing Companies OPE (Open Public Equity): Hard Cap oversubscribed in just 24 hours


  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 FIH = 0.0002 ETH
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Token distribution: 50% - PRIVATE, PRESALE and ICO 15% - FOUNDERS 12.4% - RESERVE FUNDS 7.6% - REFERRAL SALES 9% - TEAM 6% - ADVISORS
  • Soft cap: 50,000,000 FIH
  • Hard cap: 500,000,000 FIH

Proof Points

Legal entity

Registered Address: Via Calgari, 2 Lugano 6900 CH


Prehistory of project

Horizon Group

Product or its MVP

Fidelity House

Blockchain experience

Advisor Vladimir Nikitin has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


Advisor Simon Cocking has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


Advisor Nikolay Shkilev has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


Advisor Francesco Nazari Fusetti – CEO and Founder at AidCoin


Advisor Giacomo Arcaro – Expert of CGSICOBENCH
Advisor at CryptoLancers , BQT , VTUUR , Profede , ICOVision ,
Founder of ICOBooster


Advisor Giovanni Casagrande has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile






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Update 19/11/2018


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