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EXMO, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is launching a token sale to support the ambitious goal of adding a Margin Loan service to its platform. The EXMO platform has been operating since 2013, and it is a cryptocurrency trading destination for the over 1,200,000 registered users from all around the world. The Exchange has showcased fast growth over the years of its existence and an increased year-on-year performance (2017 has seen a 250% surge in our clients’ base).


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Starts in
108 days
10 Sep 2018

Price in ICO1 EXO = 1 USD
CountryUnited Kingdom
ICO start10 Sep 2018
ICO end10 Oct 2018

  • TEAM

Key facts about the Crowdsale:

  • Investors, or EXO token holders, will receive 50% of the revenue derived from margin loans distributed among them in the form of dividends on a monthly basis. The said revenue is to be received from the turnover of funds raised in the course of the Crowdsale. Dividends on EXO tokens are to be distributed among their holders based on the quantity of tokens owned. In the meantime, EXMO Coins must be kept in the EXMO exchange system
  • The key objective behind the Crowdsale is the speedy development of the EXMO exchange platform
  • EXO tokens will be issued by the operating, already profitable business (unlike the majority of other ICO projects), which tends to be a great advantage for both the Exchange platform, and the token investors
  • By investing in the EXMO exchange development, the token holders receive EXMO Coins, and their value will further correlate with other currency exchange rates on the EXMO exchange platform
  • 95% of funds raised during the Crowdsale will be directed into the growth of financial indicators of the Exchange
  • Upon reaching the amount of $250–$300 million in raised investment, the Exchange will aim at acquiring its competitors (M&A). This will be done with a view to increase the capitalisation and scalability in the new markets. Following this strategy, EXMO Coin will be listed on several exchanges simultaneously, which will increase the profit from margin lending (under condition that the acquired companies will offer margin loans)
  • EXMO guarantees the EXO token buyout (see Buyout warranty)
  • Following the Crowdsale, EXO token will be listed on the EXMO Exchange and traded in currency pairs such as EXO/BTC, EXO/ETH.

The EXMO Exchange is launching a new service, which is aimed at increasing its profit with additional fees for using the borrowed funds. Margin loan service will increase the Exchange popularity, and as a result the trading revenue will also increase.

According to statistics, only 25% of Silicon Valley startups succeeded in the past 6 years. Given the fact that they tend to be developing their projects “from scratch” and doing so in the best possible place on Earth for such matters, we might assume that the startup success rate elsewhere might be only about 10%. We are not trying to underestimate the new rising projects potential, though we strongly believe that investing into the existing product and an already successful business has much fewer risks for investors.

EXMO is a universal investment transaction platform, that allows its users to trade between each other using various cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat money. The EXMO business model is built to enable users to easily buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.


Edward Anufriev
Ivan Petuhovsky
Co-founder at EXMO
Sofia Neduzhko
Head of PR
Eugene Pshenychkin
Loan Expert
Alex Kostenko
Project Manager
Fedir Lozovyi
Team Lead
Desmond Marshall
Founder and MD of Rouge Ventures
Artem Afian
Legal Adviser, Juscutum

Simon Cocking
ICO advisor, Irish Tech News, CryptoCoin.News
Giovanni Lesna Maranetto
Banking Risk Professional , Fintech Entrepreneur - ICO Adviser, Blockchain Strategist


  • the Exchange launch

  • the first 100,000 users on the platform

  • at TOP-10 cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe

  • 400,000 registered users on the platform

  • 1 000 000 registered users on the platform

  • PAMM account mechanism implementation

    Margin Loan service added to the platform

    Licenses received: EMI, Сurrency Transactions Execution, FCI brokerage financial license, PCI DSS 2

  • Communication protocol (FIX API)

    Futures contracts added

    Partnership with liquidity exchange systems between cryptocurrency exchanges

  • EXMO among the TOP-3 global exchanges

    Implementation of tools facilitating the cryptocurrency market entry

    The number of traded currency pairs increased to 300

  • Shanghai representative office opening

    The volume of marginal loans exceeds $1B per year

  • EXMO becomes the market leader

    The Exchange’s revenue from margin loans reaches $2B


Price in ICO1 EXO = 1 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution50% Demand for Margin Loans Covered
26% the Exchange Platform Development
10% Marketing
9% Licenses
5% Insurance Fund
(In case the CAP 300,000,000USD is reached)
Hard cap300,000,000USD


Legal entity


EXMO FINANCE LLP – 49 Station Road, Polegate, England

Prehistory of project

The EXMO platform (https://exmo.me/) has been operating since 2013, there are over 1 000 000 registered users from all around the world. The Exchange has showcased fast growth over the years of its existence and an increased year-on-year performance (2017 has seen a 250% surge in our clients’ base).

Product or its MVP

https://exmo.me/ – Trading platform

Blockchain experience

The team of EXMO is comprised of stellar professionals from all over the world-developers from Spain, Russia, India, and Thailand, as well as the best financial minds from the UK, the USA, Lithuania and Singapore. They worked on creation and continue developing one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges.
Andrey Stegno – https://www.linkedin.com/in/angulardev/http://blockstarter.co/
Desmond Marshall – https://www.linkedin.com/in/desmondmarshall/
Appointed expert grade analyst on the following ratings group
– Rouge ICO Index (rougevc.com/ico-index) Top index, investor-designed for serious ICO investors
– Cryptorated.com
– Ratei.co
– ICOBench.com

ICO Advisor to the following global groups (alpha-listing here for easy ref). Copy link for company info.
– Aco.ai
– arbi.expert
– Coinlancer.io
– Coinloan.io
– elpisinvestments.com
– evareium.io
– EXMO.com
– FarmaTrust.io
– HDplatform.io
– Modultrade.com
– Opporty.com
– Reftoken.io
– Silica Nexus (nexus-station.com/fundpage/)
– Spheris.io
– SuchApp.io
– swarm.fund
– TravelChain.io
– Ventureon.hypercube.fund
– WandX.co
– WishFinance.com
– wishknish.com
Simon Cocking – https://www.linkedin.com/in/simon-cocking-20540135/
Advisor – https://friendz.io/
Advisor – https://medichain.online/
Editor in Chief – http://cryptocoin.news/
ICO expert advisor – https://icobench.com/
Giovanni Lesna Maranetto – https://www.linkedin.com/in/giovanni-lesna-maranetto-2310/
Advisor – https://enkidu.io/
External Advisor – https://www.adbank.network/
Chief commercial officer – https://blocktrade.com/


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