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Energy Premier

A blockchain based electricity trading & bidding platform
The future of electricity trading - Energy Premier Coin (EPC). It's a faster, cheaper, safer way to trade electricity. Participate in a $ trillion global market that's growing. Sign up today to participate and enjoy a 30% bonus.



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20 Sep 2018

Price in ICO1EPC = $ 0.0003
preICO start7 Feb 2018
preICO end20 Sep 2018
ICO start21 Sep 2018
ICO end31 Oct 2018

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Nowadays, technology is rapidly developing in all areas, including the area of energy market. The process of providing energy to the retail energy market through blockchain is spreading everywhere. For that reason, we offer you our software platform Energy Premier — an innovative system for electricity bidding that benefits both suppliers and consumers of electricity.
Our team is composed of professional members with proper experience who are dedicated in bringing you the best and safest place for electricity bidding. We are all committed to improve the energy trading through the Energy Premier platform.

We offer you a safe, trustworthy, reliable place for buying and selling electricity. Through the platform, our mission is to give direct access to the retail energy market to the suppliers, while at the same time to give suitable prices to the consumers. The platform is easy to customize according to your needs. All information about all offers and requests are put in one place.

Energy Premier is focused on developing a place where electricity bidding will take only 30 minutes from your time, and you will not have to spend a lot of time working on electricity. We utilize blockchain and smart contracts that bring flexibility and transparency without place for corruption. Blockchain is the world’s leading database software that is distributed and is not managed only by one user. This enables Energy Premier to help to the suppliers and consumers to automatically conclude contracts in easy and safe way and these contracts cannot be changed by another user. The use of the blockchain technology makes Energy Premier completely trustworthy and reliable platform.

There are many advantages for both target user groups: suppliers and consumers. For example, suppliers can access many consumers and their offer requests in one place. Also, the bidding process is taking place in real time. Suppliers can take part in the retail market without any employee. They are able to find requests for bids and offers based on their own criteria.
On the other hand, consumers can also access many suppliers in one place. They are free to choose their own offer terms for suppliers, for example payment, consumption, etc. Group requests bring many benefits to the customers, such as the possibility of obtaining lower price by aggregating demand. In addition, consumers are able to create their own request, or to join in a group request that often has more chances for better offers.

Every Energy Premier user knows how much energy is traded, at any moment. Our platform is connected to the global energy markets and offers direct access to the energy market. All suppliers and consumers can connect from everywhere.

Our platform provides individual and group bidding that is traded with our Energy Premier (EPC) Token. The EPC Token is a requirement for trading on the Energy Premier platform, and it offers cheaper and faster trade.
Each supplier has to own EPC tokens for successful electricity bidding. There are thousands of suppliers in many countries that make high and strong EPC token trade and usage.

On Energy Premier platform, all users can start their energy bidding in real time based on the EPC tokens. The EPC token increases energy that suppliers and consumers can use, and its value is growing simultaneously with the growth and development of Energy Premier.

Our software is already developed and it functions properly. We have first built the Energy Premier software before reaching to investors and launching an ICO, in order to provide quality and reliability to our users.

We offer an energy portfolio for the suppliers to be able to calculate the lowest percentage of imbalances in the final price, without any risk. Also, energy suppliers are able to participate in the energy market without employees through blockchain and tokens. We are focused on being the first platform that provides direct access to the market for all energy retailers. We believe that our platform will become a global leading electricity bidding platform, because we offer you a friendly, safe, trustworthy place for bidding based on smart contracts through blockchain.

We have developed and structured our token model for cheaper and faster trading on the Energy Premier platform. It is called EPC — Energy Premier Token, and it is available on the Ethereum platform.

The electricity trading using EPC tokens is affordable, low-cost and easy. In order to participate in our bidding sessions and to be able to trade on the platform, you must have EPC token. Our EPC token model grows simultaneously with the growth of Energy Premier.

Apart from trading, the EPC includes smart contracts process and trade handling, smart-meter integration and payment, smart grid electricity trading and capacity management. We are dedicated to make our token model the token with which the electricity trade is performed in the world. For that reason, we are emitting 200bn tokens — equal to the amount of MWH consumed each year in the next five years.

Why use the EPC tokens?

· Cheaper trading — Our business model is built on taking a share of each electricity deal/transaction on the platform. So, when a supplier and a consumer are trading, that share is the EPC equivalent of $0.07 per MWH.

· Faster trading — Through blockchain, we offer you faster trading using EPC tokens. Trading through blockchain ensures secure transfer and that is how we are eliminating the potential for fraud. Blockchain guarantees that the tokens are sent to a recipient and that they are delivered within seconds.

· Launch your own EPC bids — Both suppliers and consumers are able to launch their own real time energy bidding on our platform.


Viktor Delov
Development of electric power trading. Excellence in power trading operations
Kevin Karl Castlunger
Expansion across geographies. Formation of key market partnerships
Luka Prelevic
Strategic positioning of Energy Premier. Market partnerships. Business model innovation
Blagoja Petrushev
General Management of software development. Platform stability and compliance. Tech innovation
Thor Morten Wangen
Promotion of the Energy Premier story - Communication to consumers - Scaling of user base
Ankit Chawla
Innovation on the product. Design of new features. Implementation of customer feedback
Jovan Lazarevic
Expansion of Energy Premier and EPC token into gas and other commodities trading and bidding
Stefan Spasovski
Development of UI & UX platform aspects. Excellence in customer journeys and retention
Vojislav Boskovski
Development of machine learning algorithms for time-series analysis and prediction
Dragana Mladenovic
Social Media Manager
Giulia Cian Seren
Chief Marketing Officer
Faton Behadini
Financial advisor. Development of financing packages for platform users
Tomoaki Sato
Advisor, Blockchain Engineer
Boyan Josic
Expert in the cryptocurrency market
Brett Freeman
ICO Advisor - Commercial Strategy and Marketing


  • Development of the platform.

  • Testing of the platform.

  • Preparation for Crowdsale.

  • Open invitation to community members for crowdsale.

  • Crowdsale.

  • Distribution of the tokens.

  • Blockchain features implementation.
    Start of promotion.

  • EPC as payment method on platform.


Price in ICO1EPC = $ 0.0003
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution60% - Crowdsale
8% - bonus for platform users
20% - Team
7% - Advisors
5% - Initial contributors
Hard cap34,050,000 USD


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Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, development of the platform was started in April 2016.
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Product or its MVP

Blockchain based electricity trading & bidding platform – done:

Blockchain experience

Tomoaki Sato:

Founder, Blockchain Engineer –

Founder at


Boyan Josic:

Founder & CEO of




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