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Real estate platform of the future with blockchain technology
Deedcoin uses blockchain to revolutionize the real estate industry, with the ability to save users over 80% on real estate commission. Replacing the industry standard of 6% commission, every 10 Deedcoin reduce commission 1%, up to a total discount of 5%. Initially sold at $1.50 per DEED, on the average U.S. home, each token saves users approximately $225. DEED tokens can be redeemed in all 50 states.



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138 days
31 Dec 2018

Price in ICO1 DEED = 1.50 USD
CountryUnited States
preICO start19 Feb 2018
preICO end19 Mar 2018
ICO start30 Apr 2018
ICO end31 Dec 2018

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Deedcoin is simple. Instead of hiring an agent randomly, customers can simply choose their local agent and set the rate as low as 1% with Deedcoin. Because real estate runs on percentages, so does Deedcoin. In fact, every 10 Deedcoin = 1% of a property price. To set the commission of a full service local licensed agent from 6% to 1%, it only requires 50 Deedcoin toeliminate the 5%. That is 5% more of your equity kept in your home upon sale. The Deedcoin networkdecentralizes control of the real estate industry by allowing customers and agents to connect directly at customer chosen rates. Because Deedcoin operates over the real estate infrastructure, homes are still listed on regular MLS platforms and Deedcoin discounts (or buyer rebates) reflect on real world HUD forms at property closings. Deedcoin operates in a network model and has already built the user platform with active brokers in all 50 states and over 140 cities. Deedcoin has found a way to operate a next generation full service real estate network at a baseline 1% by solving the customer acquisition problem for agents. The free market sets the price of each commission point through Deedcoin.

Deedcoin for Everyone
Deedcoin is a better option for everyone involved in a real estate transaction. We recommend all purchasers to remember to help their friends and family. Should a Deedcoin holder hear that someone in their everyday life is buying, or selling a property, tell them about Deedcoin. If you have Deedcoin, you are free to transfer them to a new member to help them save money, or earn a rebate for their property transaction.acquisition problem for agents. The free market sets the price of each commission point through Deedcoin. By building the network first, Deedcoin is a USABLE token and is the first token to apply to the real estate industry as a whole by reshaping the agency system.

Deedcoin ( brings blockchain to the real estate sector with a platform beneficial to everyone.
Deedcoin decentralizes control to reduce costs and bring a true free market to the real estate industry, in the same way Bitcoin changed banking forever. By bringing agents and customers into a new direct economy, Deedcoin streamlines real estate to benefit customers, agents, and the future of the $700B real estate industry.
Deedcoin's patent pending (App. No. 62/552,038) platform is already live at and provides a simple way to replace how customers find their next real estate agent. Instead of choosing a random agent charging 6% commission, customers input their property information in our platform, and link up with their local Deedcoin agent to pay a 1% commission. Deedcoin customers use DEED to decide the commission before linking with the Deedcoin agent. Deedcoin integrates fully with the existing real estate infrastructure. All discounts are reflected on the standard HUD forms during a property closing while still utilizing the standard MLS options. Customers have access to a groundbreaking technology dashboard allowing 24/7 access to an agent, or licensed transaction assistant. Deedcoin’s DEED tokens will access our broker partner network that is already available in over 140 cities, representing all 50 States. We streamline real estate to run on 1%, allowing future commissions to be set by the free market based on the price of DEED.

DEED adjust commissions at a ratio of 10 DEED being equal to 1% in commission. Simply think of Deedcoin in multiple of tens. Each 10 DEED are used for 1% of a property's total cost, regardless of the property's price, because DEED functions as a percentage. Deedcoin removes the centralized control of the real estate industry from large powers such as the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and mega-brokerages, along with their antiquated 6% commissions. Initially sold at $1.50 per Deedcoin at the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), a holder saves $225 in commission per token on the AVERAGE U.S. home ($225,000) and $1,000 per token on a million dollar property. In addition to using Deedcoin directly, it can purchased, or transferred like Bitcoin.
Deed coin's initial launch will include the U.S. International expansion of the broker network will occur in the near future due to high commissions being charged worldwide. The funding behind Deedcoin is designed to enhance the platform, market the solution to new adopters, and add more blockchain solutions in the real estate space (both in the U.S.A. and internationally).
Deedcoin plans to initially release a simple token like many others but does not plan to stay on the ERC20 protocol long term. Deedcoin moves an industry customer base to blockchain resulting in cost reduction and efficiency while creating a platform to direct other solutions in the space. The
first iteration of Deedcoin is based on the same economic principles as Bitcoin. Bitcoin in code is very simple, as it transfers. However, the capabilities of Bitcoin are so much more. Storing wealth personally and being able to transfer value without bank fees and control built the very foundation of Blockchain. Deedcoin allows this solution of decentralizing the economic control of a major industry by utilizing the same method. By taking commissions out of fiat, and into token, the free market can now set the price of commissions for every homeowner. Like banks and Bitcoin, the centralized powers can only control fiat currency. They have no power over blockchain economics. Blockchain economics cannot be controlled absolutely by governments and lobbyists. Deedcoin bypasses centralized control in real estate through decentralizing the commission. The institutions driving up commissions lose the central position. This is the first problem to solve but blockchain empowers many more solutions in the industry.


Matthew Herrick
Co-Founder, Director of Product
Charles Wismer
Co-Founder, Director of Operations
Thomas Spangler
Director of Technology
Phillip Mrzyglocki
Media Director
Jin Li
Full Stack Engineer
Ali Zain
Blockchain Programmer
Joe Davies
Community Manager
George Herrick
Business manager
Tim Bukher
Compliance Strategist
Michael Blackton
Business Advisor
Jorge Cordova
Marketing Advisor
Yuri Hideaki
Blockchain Programmer
Matthew McKibbin
Strategic Partner
Ted Moskovitz
SEC Compliance Council
Tiffany Madison
Solutions Strategist
Benji Rabhan
Business Development
Justin Snyder
Regulatory Affairs
Jim Weix
Relations Advisor
Katie Ananina
Outreach Advisor
Jeff Peterson
Marketing & PR Advisor
Mike Stricklin
Media Advisor
Momentum Realty
Deedcoin Brokerage
Thompson B. LLP
Service Provider
Advisory Partner
Origin Protocol
Advisory Partner


  • Idea Creation
    Patent Application
    Website Design

  • Token Prep
    Website Production
    Blockchain Development Whitepaper

  • Broker Onboarding
    Usable Network
    Smart contract live

  • Presale open
    Platform enhancement

  • Establish Headquarters
    Hiring tech teams

  • Training of transaction coordinators
    Cloud based transaction software implemented
    Final Token sale

  • National broker cloud training
    Final testing of all new systems

  • Enhanced systems network completed

  • International network expansion
    to five high-commission countries

  • Launch of Generation 3
    Blockchain MLS


Price in ICO1 DEED = 1.50 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution70% - Token Purchasers
15% - Founders
15% - Company Reserve
Soft cap10,000,000$


Legal entity

Deedcoin INC. register at

Prehistory of project

No real prehistory of project were found.

Product or its MVP

Platform done:

Blockchain experience

Ali Zain
Blockchain Developer at SyncFab

Justin Snyder
Strategic Advisor at Wanchain Foundation Limited



All contributions after the private/presale are held in escrow to be released on an asneeded basis matching the Deedcoin roadmap. Funds will be moved to cold storage with physical key access at a secure banking location with keys held by two licensed staff members.


Updated 04.03.2018

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