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Mining platform
In cryptosolartech we develop cryptocurrency mining, sustained with renewable energy, obtaining our own with the help of 3.000 equipments, thus mining in two different variants to optimize profitability. In addition we can self-supply the farm with our own energy from a photovoltaic plant installed in the province of Seville (Spain), this energy can also be distributed as a service for electricity companies.



Price in ICO1 CST = 0.07 €
preICO start16 Apr 2018
preICO end30 Apr 2018
ICO start1 May 2018
ICO end14 Jul 2018

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The basic reason for why the investment in solar energy can be profitable is given due to the drastic decrease of the materials for its construction, as well as the improvement of the electrical equipment performance, added to the constant expenses increase in power generation.

The objective of this study is to obtain financing for the 45.000 kW photovoltaic electricity generation plant.

The opportunity to have access to capital to fund miner & solar projects via Token Generating Events will be the future to move efficiently in the capital markets and also to get benefits in the short, middle and long term that in any other conditions will not be possible for all participants involved in the cryptorenewable ecosystem.
CryptoSolarTech solves a multitude of problems in all-in-one offering: Solar sector development, Miner KPI’s as power costs, structuring projects more transparent, feasible, descentralized,
secure, with less costs, and traceable transactions from beginning to the end to the business asset-backed.
Cryptosolartech will mine our cryptocurrencies, in a farm with 3.000 equipments based on profitability optimization and market opportunities principles.
Cryptosolartech supply indirectly the miner farm the energy produced by several photovoltaic plants, installed in Spain. Furthermore, we manage our miner farm and provide renting services to the token holders.
The public Blockchain of Ethereum will be used for the management, generation of income and start-up of the physical assets that make up this project.
Hence, the purposee of the ICO, is to create a mining farm of cryptocurrencies and a photovoltaic plant of solar panels to generate electricity to supply power to the miner farm, reducing the cost of mining to levels near zero.
The ICO will issue 1.260 million Tokens called Cryptosolartoken or “CST”. All Tokens that are not sold during the ICO phases will be burned.
CryptosolarTech has developed a system that permits qualified and not qualified customers to have access to one of the most important fields as the crypto miner sector is and get their benefits, which otherwise would be unaffordable considering the investment that both technologies require to have up-to-date hash power and the increase of mining difficulty over time and technology changes to mine crypto assets. With these technologic synergies the output has to be very profitable for al the steakholders involved.
The solution of this problems is a crowdaccess to the systems leaded by an expert on solar and on crypto miner fields as CryptoSolarTech it is. Let’s do it together!

International climate talks in Paris set an ambitious goal: limiting global warming to 2°C by 2100. Reaching that goal will require investing an additional $1 trillion per year until 2050 in clean energy and other sustainability projects. But current investment levels are still far below that target level, which was also the overarching concern in very recent UNFCCC Cop23 (“World climate conference”) talks in Bonn. As the public sector is struggling to advance the financing the pressure on the private sector is increasing as discussions in Bonn showed.
Electricity and heat from coal, oil, and gas account for 25% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Besides being a leading source of harmful CO2 emissions, fossil fuels are finite, nonrenewable resources. By contrast, renewable energy such as wind and solar power can be continually replenished—and they do not harm the environment.
They also present a strong business opportunity. By 2040 renewables will attract up to 60% of the total investment in global power generation capacity ($11.4 trillion) according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates.
Renewable energy is becoming the preferred way of mining digital currencies like Bitcoin and other Altcoins as prices surge and the industry seeks more computing power or hash power at the best cost of electricity. While traditional fuels like coal remain staples for many utility grids, big miners including Bitmain Technologies Ltd., HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. and
Bitfury Group are tapping clean power in places like Canada,
Iceland and Paraguay -- and luring investors worried about the industry’s carbon footprint. Now you could do it in Spain, the first place of the World that has globally developed and implemented the renewable solar energy system model as we know it today.

Spain has privileged Sun conditions to make the project outstanding in terms of power generation: 2,500 KWh/m2.
For crypto miners, electricity can make up to 70% of the total costs of operations. So it makes sense that miners will go to the places where electricity cost is cheaper, and renewable energy is getting cheaper than other sources of power.
Solar energy, for instance, now costs a few cents per kilowatt hour, making it competitive with coal and fossil fuels. Iceland, where geothermal and hydroelectric energy are plentiful and inexpensive, has attracted several mining operations. In China, where several hydroelectric facilities have been developed to power cities, (they were never built in the Sichuan province and are now used to mine bitcoins). Spain is known in the photovoltaic market for the “Sun” conditions. As a consequence, let’s go without any doubt!
Cryptosolartech will solve the problem of crypto mining cost by using the greenfield solar facilities of their projects, to provide energy to sustain and run the miner plants at an efficient cost of electricity in the long-term period operation. As we known, the electricity cost represents the major cost of the miner plants and with the synergy of the efficient cost of electricity of the solar plants, token holders could have access to profit cryptocurrencies miner by paying a rent to access the facilities at a very competitive price of electricity to do so.This approach to business allow token holders to mine at less cost than the market pay for to do so currently. CryptoSolarTech has a competitive advantage that permits to be the first mover in the mining market and maintain it to the middle and long term crypto market competition.
Financing vehicles and green projects tend to vary depending on their stage of maturity and investor requirements.

Players in the early stages rarely have access to bank loans or the equity market, so they typically rely on grants, government or public loans, private sector loans, and venture capital for financing. Established companies may be able to finance all or part of their projects internally, with available cash flow.
Companies in the middle stage may not be eligible for government support, and most grants are too small to supply the scale of financing needed. Neither do these companies generate enough attention to produce a stable and supportive regulatory environment, which would increase investor confidence. Instead, they may self-fund with internal cash flow, use internal or external loans, or attract private equity from investors.
For players and projects in the late stage, investor security makes large-scale investments possible, enabled by complex equity and debt instruments such as SPVs and green bonds. Companies with proven technologies and reliable returns are especially attractive to investors with explicit fiduciary duties and investment restrictions, such as pension funds. Funding options tend to increase as companies or technologies reach later stages of maturity, markets stabilize, risks decrease, and potential returns become more predictable.
CryptoSolarTech could have access to finance the greenfield facilities through the Token Generating Event, making a new approach to the crypto mining sector that make possible to mine at a more competitive cost of electricity than before, and at the same time resolves many of the concerns about power consumption related to crypto mine and providing a solution for the photovoltaic market growth.
CryptoSolarTech do it possible.


Alex Sicart
Disruptive Technology Advisor
Sebastián Wain
Security Advisor
Josef Ajram
Brand Ambassador & Special Financial Advisor
Joaquin López
Special Blockchain Advisor
Victor Ronco
ICO Advisor
Mariam Khan
International Sales & Customer Service Manager
Eric Morera
Digital Marketing Consultant
Aitor Contreras
Digital Marketing Specialist
David Lesmes
Graphical Designer
Ariel Yabo
Security Coordinator
Daniel Recuenco
CTO & Web Development
Javier Marín Leal
Renewable Energies Specialist
Mari Cruz Álvarez
Renewable Energies Specialist
Alberto Arenas
Renewable Energies Specialist Engineer
Pablo Yabo
Smart Contract Development
Francisco Estepa
Legal Counsel
Diego Rios Padrón
Legal Civil Counsel
Juan Borrajo
Public Works Technical Director
Antonio Trujillo
National Sales Director
Isra García
Marketing Director
Manuel Martínez
Project Manager
Antonio Arranz
Executive Director
Roque Garijo
Renewable Energies Director
Alain Aguirre
Co-Founder & CEO
Pablo Alonso
Co-Founder & CEO


  • Guarantor pre-agreement connection point.

  • Start of the ICO.

  • Application Administrative Authorizations (SICA)

  • Environment Authorization Request.

    Request Authorization of Public Constructions.

    Confederation Authorization Request.

  • End of ICO

  • Aquisition of Land.

    Acquisition of industrial warehouse for the development of mining.

    Acquisition of ASICs.

  • Application for Construction License for photovoltaic plants.

    Conditioning of facilities for the development of mining.

  • Installation of the photovoltaic plant.

    Installation of mining ASICs.

  • Start of photovoltaic activity and mining operations.


Price in ICO1 CST = 0.07 €
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution80% - Project
15% - Team/Bounties
3% - Marketing
2% - Legal & Advisors
Soft cap983.733 €
Hard cap71.400.000 €


Legal entity

Cryptosolartech S.L.


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Pablo Alonso – Executive Assistant to CEO at

Alain Aguirre – Founder at

Antonio Arranz – Empresario at

Ariel Yabo – Security Coordinator at

David Lesmes – Graphic Designer and Illustrator at

Mariam Khan – International Department Director at

Joaquín López Lérida – CEO at


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Updated 13.05.2018

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