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Movies streaming and film funding platform
CRYPTOFLIX are the first media company on the Blockchain to exploit this huge void in the paid content market, which is only achievable by circumventing the normal payment options and using digital currency. We are also the first Media company - both on the Blockchain and outside - to dare to offer free online content with educational purposes via films and TV to everyone, regardless of their location, origin, or socio-economic status.



Price in ICO1 ETH = 2500 FLIX
ICO start15 May 2018
ICO end15 Jun 2018

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CryptoFlix – a Blockchain film streaming platform to give everyone, everywhere legal access to movies and to educate humanity across borders.

Imagine a new platform, where movies of yesterday, today and tomorrow, local and international are available to stream legally on a phone or tablet at low cost – even on slow internet speed and where it is possible to access educational films and TV for free.

This platform is called CryptoFlix, and the cryptocurrency revolution has made it possible for the CryptoFlix team to carry out this project – now. Check out our progress on

The economic divide on our planet is getting larger, and there is a growing demand for access to culture and movies online in less developed countries. Millions have no access to the hardware and internet speed needed to stream movies through existing platforms and also their lack of access to banking or credit cards limits their ability to take advantage of the vast possibilities of the internet. This leaves many with no other choice than to watch pirated versions of movies, downloaded illegally. Our vision is to make CryptoFlix a closed network film streaming platform, which will accept payment for feature films, TV by our own FLIX Tokens as well as common cryptocurrencies and which will also offer films and TV for educational purposes to private individuals across the planet, without borders. It will initially be launched in underdeveloped, high population countries.

The featured paid content on the platform will be selected from current and past mainstream movies, ranging from modern-day Classics, studio movies to independent English and foreign language movies – but there will always be a strong local focus on the platform – access to local movies is a priority in CryptoFlix.

We will access the free content through agreements with content owners, publishers and public TV stations which have produced and broadcasted hundreds of thousands of hours of documentaries and educational programs. We will also set up a Charitable Trust to offer content owners the maximum allowable tax deductions on donations towards the free educational streaming on the CryptoFlix platform. We aim for this content to be made available for the good of all people – especially those who do not have access to good public education.

Furthermore, through the introduction of the CryptoFlix Film Market, we will offer token holders to invest in the projects of top quality producers, sales agents and other industry elite players and suppliers which will provide FLIX Token holder with a unique opportunity to generate returns on their FLIX Tokens.

Through the development, patenting and use of new technologies, we ai to facilitate users to stream movies legally by making it cheaper than
downloading pirated versions. We can combat piracy through the transparency of the Blockchain and by using new and groundbreaking technology to watermark the movies individually. We will keep the door open to 1) include a CryptoFlix in-house production company to produce high-quality exclusive films and TV programs, as well as educational content for the platform and 2) broaden the paid and free
content with downloadable eBooks.


Stefan Steen Larsen
Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez
Educational Content Ambassador
Bastian Noreen Larsen
Full Stack Developer
George Thomas
Blockchain Developer
Gabriela Y. Rios
Marketing Manager
Manmeet Singh
Strategic Advisor, Asia
Peter Rommel
Producer, Advisory Board Member, CryptoFlix
Edward Arentz
Film Distributor, Advisory Board Member, CryptoFlix
Mike Boutwell
IT Architect, Advisory Board Member, CryptoFlix
Jonathan Brathwaite
Legal Advisor


  • Concept Created

  • Platform Development Initiated

  • ICO Announced

  • Content Sourcing
    Regional Partnership Search
    Further Platform Development
    Begin Development of Anti-Piracy Technology
    Payment Solution Partnership Search
    Legal Market Due Diligence

  • Launch CRYPTOFLIX Alpha
    Further Content Sourcing and Uploads
    Begin Technology Patent Process

  • First Public Market Launch of CRYPTOFLIX Platform
    Launch Water Marketing Technology
    Launch Charitable Trust
    Source Film Market Project and Partners

  • Launch FILM MARKET
    Further Market Rollouts

  • Focus on Content Sourcing
    Marketing in Current Markets
    Rolling out Platform into New Markets


Price in ICO1 ETH = 2500 FLIX
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution57% - ICO
20% - Industry Reserve
18% - Team&Advisors
5% - Bounty&Campaign
Soft cap2,000 ETH
Hard cap22,800 ETH


Legal entity

Legal entity was not found.

Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, concept was created in Q3 2017. No other prehistory were found

Product or its MVP

Cryptoflix platform was developed. By the way, movies are not clickable and it seems to be just a website without any key features.

Blockchain experience

Advisor Manmeet Singh – Managing Partner at Blockseed Ventures Limited


No escrow information were found


Update: 31.03.2018

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