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Crypto Angel

AI Platform, designed to enchance human-thinking, planning and decision-making process
CryptoAngel is a virtual life assistant based on a powerful AI models, that works on an individual input, and outputs the best model that suits particular user needs. Imagine Cortana, Alexa and Siri but way more scalable, intelligent and powerful. The ecosystem is blockchain based, where the developers can upload their models for training and processing in decentralized manner.



Price in ICO1 ANGEL = 0,001 ETH
ICO start16 Mar 2018
ICO end21 Apr 2018

  • TEAM

The goal is to have one central intelligent model called Master-Mind whose possibilities will be limitless. CryptoAngel will have mobile app where you can set your personal goal and the Master-Mind will recommend you the best options for reaching your goal. The cosystem is beneficiary for all the parties involved, developers will be rewarded based on the performance on their model, end users will pay Angel for the model that achieves their goal. Also, the “miners” that will help the processing part of the models will be rewarded accordingly. Nowadays we have many virtual assistances and chat bots but they are domain restricted and black boxed and their performance is limited. CryptoAngel will have the potential to become one of the most powerful AI virtual guides that will be capable of understanding your problems and predict your intentions. Alternatively, there will be possibility of data monetization, all the models will be ranked accordingly to their performance so if someone wants to use your model he can rent or buy it. Furthermore, the data needed for training the AI models can be valued and sell for future data mining task or evaluation.
We are excited about the potential of AI to transform our world in amazing new ways. We are working on a broad business ecosystem to accelerate the development of new technologies and solutions that will make game-changing AI capabilities accessible to a broad community. Our vision is the democratization of AI - a shift that will transform and change our society in fundamental ways. We also believe blockchain provides underlying technology for planetary-scaled decentralized AI, offering a possibility of creating business ecosystem that will accelerate development of AI, leading to data sharing and consequently better models and merge data silos into qualitatively new data sets.CryptoAngel project aims to provide business ecosystem which will accelerate development of generalized and democratized AI in decentralized manner. Business ecosystem is encompassing several crucial participants that drive organic growth of our AI application, where value is exchanged by means of Angel cryptocurrency. CryptoAngel will provide a framework as a tool for external users to build AI models, provide data training sets and to contribute to the development of what we call Common AI in return for Angel cryptocurrency. Common AI is the brain of our internally built system crowdsourced by external domain (subject matter) experts. It is decentralized application consisted of neural networks i.e. AI models, and logically divided into subsets of categories where each category has value for end user. One model can be found in several categories. Our mission is creating worlds decentralized brain by interconnecting all crucial AI market drivers into business ecosystem backed by our cryptocurrency. We are aiming to build environment that is smart to understand your intentions, in some cases predicting them before you even become aware of them. Our idea is putting intelligence on the blockchain, or more specifically, using blockchain architecture to instantiate thinking machines. We are focusing on AI's assistive role, emphasizing the fact that it is designed to enhance human intelligence, it is the idea of a system that supplements and supports human thinking, analysis, and planning, leaving the intentionality of a human actor at the heart of the human-computer interaction. End user will interact with our technology through mobile application. Our application is AIpowered "consultant", virtual advisor which is super smart, interactive and has the answer to almost every question and problem one person is facing around the world. Users will be able to get prompt response for their everyday questions but also to set long term goals and interact with the application to achieve it in due time. CryptoAngel leverages AI technologies, P2P technologies, cryptography, blockchain, and the economic drivers to create world’s first decentralized, generalized and democratized AI application. CryptoAngel's business model is a marketplace for categories of AI models, with a supply and demand side. The supply side of our business model allows external AI developers to contribute to the development of categories of knowledge which will be offered to users of our AI mobile application. The demand side of our business model is driven by usage of our mobile application. It provides generalized AI technology with wide variety of default features and possibility for end user to buy additional categories of knowledge using Crypto Angel currency, which is then distributed to all developers that contributed to the development of bought category.
The Angel cryptocurrency is based upon the ERC20 Ethereum network protocol. Business logic is developed in decentralized manner using Ethereum smart contracts. CryptoAngel uses IPFS for storing models. Each time model is submitted to the CryptoAngel network it passes already described process of validation. Once model is successfully validated new smart contract is created which consists hash of the model uploaded to IPFS. Our business logic maintains which model i.e. which hash will be used as a part of Common AI application. CryptoAngel leverages decentralized mechanisms provided by Ethereum protocol, which will be utilized to set business logic to incentivize all participants of our market driven architecture. Incentivization (compensation) logic is hierarchical smart contract framework consisting of X connected smart contracts. All datasets and models can be uploaded via the IPFS protocol whose hashes will be utilized by Ethereum smart contracts. Crypto Angel is outlined as an input-processing-output computational system. CryptoAngel AI ecosystem is a framework where there are inputs which are processed and turned into outputs.
The inputs are brought into a Data supply portal for processing. The outputs might include taking an action, storing something back into memory, send notifications to users via CA mobile app or into system or smart contracts, conducting a transaction, or making a note or trigger for some sort of future action. Our Data supply portal will include life logging plugins to capture and safely encode all individual’s activities, behaviors, habits, opinions, and subjective experiences and build “personal mindset data file” onto blockchain as a large-scale coordination mechanism “Mastermind” (model of all models) for the integrated data analysis of individuals and populations.


Vladan Podanin
Co-founder and Infrastructure Lead
Stefan Jovanovic
Co-founder and Full-stack Engineer
Marjan Jankovic
Lead Engineer
Dimitar Anastasovski
Blockchain and AI Developer
Petar Korda
AI developer
James Sowers
Blockchain Advisor
Milan Blanusa
Marketing Advisor
Ratko Kupresak
Financial Advisor
Zoran Srejic
Legal Advisor


  • Idea was born.
    Team is formed.

  • Research and Development of the minimal viable products.
    Proof of Concept.

  • Crypto Angel prototype app - 10 Feb.
    White Paper - 01 Feb.
    ICO Launch and Token sale - 24 Feb.

  • Building Crypto Angel ecosystem: TBA.
    Crypto angel blockchain launch. Consensus improvement (Proof of intelligence).

  • Storing of models inside a blockchain. Dataset trading bureaucracy, and smart contract for data sharing implementation.

  • Distributed training of machine-learning models.
    Building Crypto angel AI (personal assistant) TBA.

  • Mastermind (model of all models). End user mind (personalized assistant for each user).

  • Scaling TBA.


Price in ICO1 ANGEL = 0,001 ETH
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution79.5% - Distributed during ICO
18% - Retained by CryptoAngel team
2.5% - Allocated for Advisory team
Soft cap18,000,000 ANGEL
Hard cap88,000,000 ANGEL


Legal entity

No legal entity were found in Serbia.

Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, CryptoAngel Team was created in June 2017.
No other prehistory of project were found.

Product or its MVP
This application is DEMO application created only to demonstrate the possible power of our solution and show the options which will be available after the full system construction is launched.

Blockchain experience

James Sowers
ICO expert advisor – Blockchain Advisory Council
ICO and Blockchain expert – ICObench
Contributor – ICO CROWD
ICO Scount and ambassador – CRYPTO SPECIALIST LLC


No escrow information were found.


Updated 15.02.2018


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