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Cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community
Clinicoin is an open source, blockchain-leveraged health and wellness platform, enhanced by a token-based rewards ecosystem. It rewards community users for taking part in health, wellness, and research activities, improving their lives and the lives of others.



Price in ICO1 CLIN = 0.03 USD
CountryUnited States
ICO start21 Feb 2018
ICO end1 Jun 2018

  • TEAM

Clinicoin was created by Mosio, a company that has been innovating in the health industry for 10 years. Several top clients are ready to hit the ground running with the platform. The token sale is open to every country, including the USA, beginning February 21, 2018. You can earn 500 free Clinicoin tokens (CLIN) when you pre-register for the token sale.

Rewards Engine

The Rewards Engine enables the distribution of CLIN tokens between community members. CLIN can then be spent in the marketplace for access to digital health tools, premium content, products, and services. The Rewards Engine will integrate with third party apps through the ClinApps system, so users can earn tokens interacting with apps outside of the Clinicoin platform as well.

Proof of Engagement (PoE) & Validators

Proof of Engagement enables developers of health apps and healthy activity leaders to monetize their contributions to the wellness of others by acting as Validators. There are two different types of Validators in Clinicoin’s Proof of Engagement (PoE) system:

  • Health App Developers
    Developers connect their health applications to the Clinicoin Platform. As Validators, they confirm healthy activities of members who are awarded CLIN tokens from the community rewards pool. Validators also earn tokens for operating these network nodes, while increasing the stickiness of their apps.
  • IRL Validators
    IRL Validators can be exercise instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, team coaches, or leaders of any healthy group activity (like a running club or meditation group). Using Clinicoin, they create activity events which generates QR codes on their smartphone. Everyone who participates in the activity scans the code with their phones to get credit for the healthy activity to earn CLIN tokens. The IRL Validator for that activity earns CLIN tokens as well.

Secure Messaging

Clinicoin enables you to communicate securely with other users, providers, health organizations, researchers, and digital health tools via encrypted messaging. In fact, it’s secure enough to meet HIPAA (healthcare) and 21 CFR 11 (clinical research) standards and provides you a new way to communicate with people and organizations in your health and wellness. Instead of downloading a mobile app for every provider or organization, you add them as a contact in the address book. You do the same for other users or teams you create.

Health and Wellness Marketplace

The marketplace is where Clinicoin members spend their CLIN tokens for access to tools, content, products, and services. To kick-start its usefulness, the marketplace was built with products and services you can get with CLIN from day one, and will be moving towards decentralization, where additional marketplaces can exist as part of the network. A decentralized marketplace is, and always will be, the goal.


Noel Chandler
Co-Founder and CEO
Jay Sachdev
Co-Founder and CTO
Daaron Dwyer
Senior Software Engineer
Carl Inniss
Senior Software Engineer
Charlotte Justice
Director, Customer Success
Mary Beth Shields
Client Services Manager
Shahzaib Khan
Community Manager
Harry Antibus
Strategy & Market Development
Proshonjit Das
Blockchain Developer
Jamie Seymour
Account Executive
Gil Bindelglas
Blockchain Consultant
Mark Schwartz
Legal Counsel
Issey Morita
Marketing Manager, Japan
Ahmad Tahhan
Front-End Developer
Andrea Jones
Community and Social Media
Mobeen Muzzammil
UI/UX Designer
Matthew Fuller
Digital Marketing Manager


  • Clinicoin app (iOS and Android)
    E2EE Messaging (Chat)
    Engagement Activity Logging
    Token Rewards Distribution
    CLIN token genesis
    Token sales begin
    Distribution and initial use of CLIN tokens on the platform.
    Rewards Engine live for self-reported Engagement Activities.
    Existing client integration into the Clinicoin platform.
    Beta Launch

  • WhisperETH/Smart Contract Processing for PoE
    Transaction Processing System (TPS)
    REST API features included for Rewards Engine
    PoE system beta tester confirmations
    Token Distribution Events
    Smart contracts (PoE and hot wallet transactions)
    In App Clinicoin Integration (ClinApp alpha)
    Configuration of Vaults
    Billing Admin Upgrade (semi-automated process)
    PoE Validator Terms and Conditions

  • Live Release
    GUI updates for Token Distribution Events on Rewards Engine
    Distribution Algorithm
    PoE APIs and Validator Processing
    IRL Validator functions
    System mechanics and verification
    Smart contract functions for PoE transactions
    Finalization of Marketplace Categories
    Marketplace Terms and Conditions

  • Initial PoEVs and partners added to marketplace
    Marketplace transaction processing
    Build of beta marketplace offering (digital goods)
    Marketplace vendors onboarding defined
    Marketplace vendor onboarding materials and how to guides
    Enterprise solution (ClinApp access)
    REST API library for additional in-app functions


Price in ICO1 CLIN = 0.03 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USD
Tokens Distribution52.4% - Discount Token Sale
20% - Community Rewards Pool
17.6% - Partners/Developers/Growth
8% - Company/Team
2% - Advisors/Consultants
Soft cap2,000,000 USD
Hard cap26,000,000 USD


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Product or its MVP

MVP not ready, exepted in Q1 2018.

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Blockchain experience

Noel Chandler:

Co-Founder and CEO at

Jay Sachdev:

Co-Founder and CEO at



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Update: 6.03.2018

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